Five Secret Easter Eggs in NYCs Google Store

first_img 50 Attorneys General Launch Bipartisan Probe Into GoogleYouTube Fined $170M For Alleged Child Privacy Law Violation Stay on target Guest Writer: Sascha Segan – Lead Analyst, Mobile for PCMag.comGoogle is known for its Easter eggs. Whether you want to do a barrel roll, play Atari breakout or set things askew, the all-knowing, all-seeing search engine likes to have a little fun sometimes.There’s some fun to be had in Google’s new pop-up store in New York City, too, and we don’t mean by setting all of the sample Pixel phones to Pornhub. You could do that, but they’ll probably get reset by the crowd of hovering demo people pretty quickly. The store, at 96 Spring Street in SoHo, is open from now through December 31. You can’t actually walk away with any Google products, but they’re showing off Google Home, Google WiFi, Daydream View VR and the Pixel phones, and they’ll help you buy things online.Take a look at our sister site for a full slideshow tour of the store. Here on, we wanted to point out five semi-secret little Easter eggs we found around the space. Click through for more.View as: One Page Slides1. Outside the Google StoreOutside Google’s pop-up space, monitors show trending search queries. Here’s the secret, though: the monitors have sensors detecting passers-by. Sometimes, they pop up images such as rolling balls, and you can even push them with your shadow.2. Geek Waits for GoogleThere was a short line of Google fans outside the store on opening day. This guy had dressed up his Mac laptop to look more Googley. The Apple store is a block away.3. Inside the Google StoreThe Google store has spaces where you can play with phones, VR, and Google Home.4. Goggle Store Changing WallOne wall in the Google Store is a constantly shifting arrangements of cubes. Sometimes they make a Google logo.5. Google O’sGoogle’s kitchen comes with custom Google breakfast cereal, in Google font. A few days ago this was a box of “Flakes,” now it’s “O’s.” The secret: there’s some sort of small form-factor PC or cable router in there, as I found when I tried to move the box.6. Google Kitchen GadgetsGoogle’s pretend kitchen even stocks the drawers that normally remain closed – with stuff in Google colors, of course.7. Secret Google Home QueryWhen the lights are off in this room, the picture on the wall just looked like colored stripes. But, when you turn a backlight on, a sample Google Home query appears.8. Google’s Secret Conference RoomThis room, behind an unmarked white door, is where Googlers can help you set up your new Pixel.9. Google Dark RoomThis dark room, acessed around the corner from Google’s photo sphere, lets you test the low-light camera capabilities of the Pixel phones.last_img read more