LaLiga and the Federation are accused of disloyalty in the trial of the ‘Miami Plan’

first_imgLaLiga and the Federation follow the gresca and different accusations have been crossed, with witnesses involved, obstacles and unfair competition during the trial for the ‘Plan Miami’. The employer’s demand to the RFEF for trying to play a First Division game outside of Spain, after the failed attempts of Girona-Barcelona and Villarreal-Atlético, will be resolved by Judge Ana María Aguado. Who has listened to both parties and their witnesses for more than three hours. The agency chaired by Thebes is afraid to see its international expansion slowed and a decrease in television revenues; while the institution led by Luis Rubiales warns that if the Miami Spain Plan is carried out, it could be harmed in his candidacy to host a World Cup.María José López, a lawyer from LaLiga, argued the employer’s intention to take a match of the 380 of the league competition outside in the strategy of international expansion and to increase the value of audiovisual rights: “It is imperative to maintain the level of international income. The positioning cannot be lost, because otherwise the balance is broken. In addition, taking a game outside its headquarters is allowed, since the applicable regulations allow it. ” “The RFEF has said that it is necessary to maintain the balance, but denies it to LaLiga. They have had unfair conduct. LaLiga followed all the procedures well in advance, but the FEF requested requirements outside the norm. It worked unfairly. and hindered the rules of the game and the market in which LaLiga competes “he added.And is that the accusation told the Federation to take advantage of its negotiations with Relevent, the promoter with whom they have an agreement for 15 years and that would be responsible for bringing a First Division match to the United States, as he said Boris Gudner, executive of the American firm, negotiated to bring the Spanish Super Cup to the United States. “LaLiga concurs in the same market as the Federation and these must be sanctioned because they have taken advantage of the bond that has been created with Relevent. In the negotiations that they had with our partner, the Federation is presented as the only provider of Spanish football able to remove it outside our territory. They intend to replace one project (the one in LaLiga) with another (the Super Cup) “, said the employer’s lawyer.In addition, the employer pointed to that tournament organized by the Federation as an activity similar to the one they pursue: “The disloyalty is evident in comparison with the Super Cup process. They celebrated it two seasons ago in Tangier and there is no writing processed by the clubs. LaLiga does meet the requirements of each team accepting the request. The Federation did not consult FIFA. “ In addition, Óscar Mayo, director of LaLiga, pointed to a conversation that would have kept Thebes and Rubiales in Morocco as a signal for them to venture with the Miami Plan: “Rubiales told him that playing the Super Cup in Tangier opened the door for LaLiga to also play outside”. “If we want to remain competitive and grow we have to do it outside of Spain, here the value of our rights is quite saturated. It is not just a game in Miami, but everything that generates,” says Mayo.Tomás González Cueto, lawyer of the Federation, denied LaLiga’s accusations and accused of creating an artificial need: “A league game has never been played outside its territory. Never ever. When FIFA heard about the Premier project in 2008 it lasted nothing. They knew the repercussions it could have for its project to host a World Cup. The same situation in which Spain is located. FIFA understands that the regulation does not endorse these types of matches and hopefully this is not the first time. ““The criteria established by FIFA for the protection of football integrity are not met. It affects the equality of the competition and we have contributed the letters of Barcelona and Madrid asking the FEF not to allow the celebration of that game in Miami “continued. “LaLiga has tried to justify its expansion in the United States by a party. When they only see 8%. The Miami game is a whim and a test of strength with the Federation. It is an artificial necessity.”Regarding the Relevent negotiations and the US market, Cueto said: “Relevent wanted to ‘cast’ an authorization in the negotiations. The RFEF goes face to face even if they risk being split at times. It will be an irreconcilable enemy. Who wants to negotiate with an organization that has behaved as it has behaved”. “We cannot be accused of obstruction when deadlines are met. The Federation is not going to take the party to the United States.” In addition, he warned of a possible consequence of being allowed to play outside the stadium of the corresponding team: “Many clubs might be tempted to sell the right to play at home. It does not guarantee equality. The Federation has to ensure this. LaLiga is not a sports manager, just an organizer.”Tomás González Cueto was very clear about the only scenario in which the Federation would open his hand to accept to take a game out of Spain: “We will be the first to support LaLiga if FIFA changes the rules.”last_img read more