An athletic thirteenth in income that now looks for “survival”

first_imgAll in all, the financial effort to maintain the workforce was already considerable and very demanding. In fact, Lucas’ march midway through the exercise served to alleviate the end of the exercise. Atlético reinvented itself again in the summer, many footballers came out for the clauses and brought others along with very important expansions of capital players. In September Gil Marín, CEO of Atlético, announced a record budget for the current fiscal year of more than 500 million and the limit for staff spending for financial control of LaLiga was set at 348.5 million. Now the scourge of the coronavirus forces, says the club, to “safeguard the future” of the club. Atlético’s economic promotion race is now slowed by the Coronavirus pandemic. The Madrid club has announced a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) with “the objective of guaranteeing survival.” The rojiblanco growth curve exhibited during the last seasons at the income level is in danger due to the crisis caused by the virus. The data from the 18-19 season indicated that Atlético, according to the Deloitte report, remained as the thirteenth team in revenue from the Old Continent. Just behind Borussia Dortmund and ahead of Inter Milan. Atlético posted revenues last season of 367.7 million, for 377.1 from the German club and 364.6 from Lombard. The Madrid club has been installed in that position in the ranking that Deloitte offers since the 15-16 campaign. In the last year, he had recorded 21% in his income account. The commercials, in particular, had done so by 11%, pointing to the new sponsorship contracts, always citing the aforementioned entry which meant how Atlético had also benefited greatly from UEFA’s policy regarding broadcasting rights, after having participated during the last season in the knockout stages of the Champions League. Deloitte also underlined the role of the new stadium and its possibilities to increase the amount of income. Atlético had increased their income by 191 million in the last five years. Of the 177 of 2015 to the 367 of the last campaign, of which 209 came by broadcasting rights, 57% while, 27% come from commercial activity. Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​for example, are close to 50% in commercial income and their dependence on television rights is 35%. This is where Deloitte puts the emphasis and considers the key to ensure growth without ups and downs. It is necessary to reduce the dependency on broadcasting income and to exploit other assets (merchandising, content, facilities, etc.). The leading clubs on that list do so. For Atlético, the resumption of the championship and obtaining a place in the next Champions League are imperatives to maintain their status. It has, for example, negotiations for renovations in progress and transfer payments such as that of Joao Félix deferred.last_img read more