By Alfred R Forno FFWPU Indonesia The focus that

first_imgBy Alfred R. Forno, FFWPU IndonesiaThe focus that Indonesia is trying to aim is increasing regular membership as guided by International Headquarters centering on three main areas of Witnessing, Raising Future Leaders and Creating Environment for Witnessing as well as laying the foundation for Heavenly Tribal Messiah initiative. Within October and December 2017, we were able to complete two times 7-Day Workshops at Jakarta Headquarters, and mid-January a Blessing Ceremony in Medan sub-chapter.7-Day Workshops on Peace and UnificationAll together around 30 people participated in the workshop held in October 13-19, 2017 where mostly participants are from Islamic background. Some participants coming from Medan area later joined the program of CIG Special Itinerary Worker Visit with Rev. Sa Kwang Kee sent by True Parents from Korea. Participants felt that this workshop was very special and great which they have never attended before as they learned many new things regarding true history of human kind and religions. And that enabled them to understand others who are different from themselves, appreciate and love each other more than before as taught in True Parents’ Principle. Furthermore, they felt that the atmosphere brought about during the workshop was very beautiful as it was like a family environment where they all, including the workshop staff, looked at each other as brothers and sisters, and lived substantially the Bhineka Tunggal Ika (=Sanskrit for Unity in Diversity) which is the official motto of Indonesia; that is because of the power of the Principle. One participant from Medan particularly, who is spiritual, testified during one-on-one sharing that before he joined this workshop, after attending the 4-day Youth Leadership Training we conducted before, he even had felt that True Father was the Messianic Figure long awaited by humanity.The 7-Day Workshop held on December 17-23, 2017 was again attended by mostly Moslem participants, and one participant from Hinduism. Although this time there were not so many participants, all together around 10 including staff, this workshop was very special. One international participant from Gambia, Africa, who studied as a foreign student in one of the universities in Jakarta, was interested in joining the workshop and therefore he came. Moreover, one of our VIPs (Peace Ambassador) from the Office of President’s Special Envoy for Middle East and OIC came at the closing ceremony to give congratulatory remarks and to give certificate to the representatives.1-Day Seminar and Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival (IPBF)On January 14, we conducted 1-day Seminar for Principle education and Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Medan area, North Sumatera-Indonesia. This initiative was very significant as guided by the vision and direction of Dr. Yong, the Group Chairman of Asia- Pacific region, that we should conduct more blessing programs more constantly as the condition to mobilize the spirit world to assist in the process of restoration in the nation, continent and the whole world. Following that direction, we were able were able to conduct this blessing even though only in a small scale. The program was so wonderful, where couples were so inspired, parents were grateful because their children inspired them for this event that turned out to be a beautiful and moving program. The interesting part was especially when the Indemnity Stick ceremony was performed by couples. One couple testified that they felt a relieve after the indemnity stick ceremony, as if all the past mistakes and burdens were taken away from them.We are going to hold more blessing programs and workshops (such as 3-day and 7- day workshops and further) as to increase the number of members and to raise future talents and leaders following True Parents’ direction. Aju!Victory to the providence of God and True Parents. Mansei!last_img read more