How many downloads does it take to become a top iOS apps

first_imgFor many independent app developers, reaching the top of the iTunes charts is a sure way to fame and fortune. Well, maybe not fame, but certainly the fortune part is accurate. But how successful does an app have to be in order to reach that seemingly insurmountable peak? According to app tracking firm Distimo, it’s not actually as many as you think.For a free app to reach the top 25 apps, it has to be downloaded 38,400 times. A paid app only needs to be bought 3,530 times to break into this exclusive club. These numbers have come down slightly in recent months, probably because Apple has taken measures to stop download bots from being used to boost app rankings. Overall downloads have dropped by almost 30% since these anti-spamming rules went into effect.Distimo’s numbers are based on data accumulated from monitoring the US App Store during the month of April. In addition to the overall charts, Distimo evaluated the top charts in various categories. It found that reaching the upper echelon of a category like Games requires roughly 75-times more downloads than getting the top spot in, say, News.This analysis also confirms again that free apps get many times more traffic than paid ones. Many developers have begun concentrating on monetizing free apps with ads and in-app purchases. Distimo does remind us that the top spot might be the best way to get noticed, but even hitting the top 25 can bring a ton of new downloads. It’s also considerably easier to reach that level than to knock Angry Birds off its perch at the top.via InsideMobileAppslast_img read more