Nintendo NES modded to become 8bit breathalyzer

first_imgThe Nintendo Entertainment System is a favorite amongst modders, but the mods usually involve getting the console to work either by converting it into a handheld unit, or going big and turning a controller into a coffee table. We’ve also seen the NES turned into a guitar, a controller becoming a belt buckle, and most recently a new game created based on the Fitzgerald novel The Great Gatsby.Batsly Adams, an electrical engineer from New York, decided on a NES project that isn’t just for fun, it actually has a serious purpose. The end result is called DrunkenNES and sees the NES acting as a working breathalyzer.Adams needed to both mod the hardware and write some software to get DrunkenNES to work. The device the user blows air into consists of a modified wired controller, NES cartridge, and breathalyzer mechanism. The breathalyzer sits inside the cartidge which has been attached to the controller unit. The user then blows into the hole in the base of the cartridge for several seconds to record a reading.The software on the NES, written in machine code by Adams, then anaylzes the reading to see how inebriated the person is. With the help of Emi Spicer for graphics, and Kris Keyser for audio, the result is brought up on screen giving the user a rating such as “Buzzy Bee” or “Party Kitten” along with a representative character as far as we can tell. There’s also an Alco-Hall of Fame to show who tops the chart for most intoxicated.While a lot of fun, it also acts as fun way to actually check after a party if you really are in a fit state to drive home. Blowing air into a NES cartridge is actually fun and amusing compared to the alternative of being stopped by the police and having to do a bunch of tests with someone watching your every move.Read more at Motherboardlast_img read more