Mask mandate ending in New York, Tompkins County this week for fully vaccinated people

first_img Your local health and human services news is made possible with support from: Tagged: andrew cuomo, Coronavirus, COVID-19, mask mandate, tompkins county, vaccination TOMPKINS COUNTY, N.Y.—Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the end of New York’s mask mandate, beginning on Wednesday, May 19. The move follows last week’s announcement by the Centers for Disease Control that masks and social distancing are no longer necessary indoors and outdoors for people who are fully vaccinated. The CDC’s guidance last week has led several states to announce the end of their various mask mandates, though there were several caveats to the initial guidance—one of which was that local and state mask mandates still applied. Cuomo had declined to end the mask mandate last week, though pressure had mounted over the weekend from county executives statewide eager for the economy to continue to reopen. Like the CDC, New York State’s guidance still says that unvaccinated people should continue to wear masks for the protection of others. Matt Butler is the Education & Public Health Reporter at the Ithaca Voice. He can be reached by email at [email protected] More by Matt Butler Matt Butler In New York, Cuomo’s office said that there would still be mask mandates and social distancing requirements in place at the following locations: “Pre-K to 12 schools, public transit, homeless shelters, correctional facilities, nursing homes, and healthcare settings will continue to follow State’s existing COVID-19 health guidelines until more New Yorkers are fully vaccinated.”Tompkins County, where masks have been a relatively quiet issue since the beginning of the pandemic, will also follow the lead of Cuomo and the CDC. “Tompkins County will follow New York’s guidance for mask wearing and social distancing,” said Tompkins County Director of Communications Dominick Recckio. “We will be updating the Health Department’s website and sharing the new guidance with the community on Wednesday when it goes into effect.”In terms of tangible change, it may be difficult to assess exactly how much Cuomo’s announcement will change mask usage, particularly considering a crucial piece of information in the state’s press release on the announcement: “Department of Health strongly recommends masks in indoor settings where vaccination status of individuals is unknown. Mask requirements by businesses must adhere to all applicable federal and state laws and regulations.”More details are available at this link for what Cuomo’s announcement applies to, particularly large and small events, and it’s likely the local impacts will be even further clarified on Wednesday when the Tompkins County Health Department’s guidance is posted. last_img read more

Alleged gunman in El Paso mass shooting pleads not guilty to capital murder

first_imgiStock(EL PASO, Texas) — Patrick Crusius, the alleged gunman in the El Paso Walmart mass shooting that left 22 people dead and dozens more injured, pleaded not guilty on Thursday.Crusius, 21, who wore a suit and glasses, only spoke to enter his plea and responded “Yes, Sir” to questions from Judge Sam Medrano Jr. on the pronunciation of his last name and if it was spelled correctly on paper.His arraignment in Judicial District Court in El Paso was his first court appearance since the Aug. 3 massacre.He is accused of being the sole gunman to carry out the attack and was indicted for capital murder by a grand jury in Texas back in September.El Paso County District Attorney Jaime Esparza said he will seek the death penalty.Crusius allegedly cased the Walmart — located near the U.S.-Mexico border — prior to the mass shooting, which is among the deadliest in modern U.S. history.He allegedly told investigators following his arrest that he set out to kill as many Mexicans as he could after driving from his home in Allen, about 650 miles east of El Paso.Calls to Crusius’ lawyer were not immediately returned.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Eliminating stress-women in leadership positions in credit unions

first_imgKnow when to uplug.  Building relationships and nurturing them is important for the success of every business.  Having an online presence is important as well since that is the first place people go to when they want to find out about you.  But remember, life and business will go on without you if you choose to unplug.  Recharge your battery. The changes you make for your business and yourself can seem tiny but with each one the changes can result in monumental growth. According to the American Institute of Stress-80% of workers feel stress on the job and nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress.  It is important to focus on ways to eliminate stress, so you and your business can remain healthy. Being healthy should be a goal for everyone and that does mean your business and YOU.Leading by example. Stress is often dictated by leadership culture.  I always said I would never ask anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do and that included everything from emptying the trash to setting up meetings to providing customer service and then some.  Your team should know about the direction and results of the business but you don’t have to share your personal challenges with them like the argument you had with your spouse or that your children were less than cooperative that morning. Remember your personal life is called personal for a reason. Take a break when you need it and let your team know that you do encourage down time…just don’t forget the up time. Time to be social.  We all work so many hours and often hear comments about not having time to do anything we love to do or that we forgot what we loved to do.  Create social time and sometimes that can also be part of creating more production.  When you are in sales and have a sales team, you can incorporate the fun and production by having a pizza night.  We used to do this once a month.  I would bring in pizza and invite everyone in to brainstorm, bond and build.  We would all sit around a conference table and talk about what was working for them, what were the challenges and celebrate all of their triumphs.  Inevitably someone would talk about what making phone calls and then pick up a phone and “demonstrate” how they did it. Many of the agents would start making calls and by the end of the night, we would have 10, 20 and sometimes 30 appointments set for the following week.  Production was high and the next time we met, so was the excitement. We took the stress right out of calling, scheduling appointments and selling. Open communication will create a win-win situation– A leader is someone who provides this environment and that too helps reduces stress.  When you are kept in the loop, you feel like you are a part of the team. There’s nothing worse than being blindsided by a decision that was made that involves you and you were not included.  This works both ways as well.  You too will be kept inside the circle of trust.One of the biggest stressors is your work space.  If you are in an office, think about what your team sees when they drive up.  Close your eyes and imagine walking into your building.  Can someone be successful there or is it a place that no one wants to go? Is it a place that is welcoming to everyone or does it make you feel like that square peg trying to fit into that round hole. If you work in a home office, it’s no different. If walking into your office gives you that feeling of wanting to walk right back out, make some changes.  Clean off your desk, file your papers, add a funky light or even a purple stapler. Have a picture of someone or something that makes you smile.  It won’t cost a fortune to do but again, it will add some additional zero’s to your bottom line.Eliminating stress doesn’t have to have a million dollar solution. It starts with the leader and is passed down to the rest of the team. But, let’s not forget the leader of the pack.  You have to take care of you. You can’t hire someone to do that. You need to do it yourself. Here are a few ideas that keep you at the top of your ToDo List: Stay healthy.  Eat well, exercise and get plenty of sleep.  Your engine needs to have regular maintenance and that will be evident in how you show up. Have a plan.  A business plan is something that will give you the road to travel and get you to your desired outcome. You can see what only you can do and what you can delegate to others.  Prioritize your list and watch how productive you really become. Schedule personal time.  It’s not do as I say, not as I do.  If you are encouraging your team to take time off, so should you.  Be strict with your calendar and when it shows personal time, that’s what it means.  To start, put yourself on your calendar as an appointment. You wouldn’t miss an appointment now would you?  Remember busy people like to work with busy people so don’t think you will lose business by taking care of you.center_img 64SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Judy Hoberman Men and women sell, manage, recruit and supervise differently.  Judy Hoberman, creator of “Selling in a Skirt”, shares essential insights about gender differences and how to embrace and use those … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Severity of TB case in health scare downgraded

first_imgJul 5, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – Experts have concluded that the Atlanta man whose case of drug-resistant tuberculosis triggered an international health scare in May has a less dangerous form of the disease than was previously believed. The change in Speaker’s diagnosis was good news for him and his fellow airline passengers. But the lengthy Jul 3 news conference pointed up the lack of a foolproof test for distinguishing between MDR and XDR TB and put the CDC on the defensive concerning its testing procedures and response to the situation. May 29 CIDRAP News story “Airline trips by resistant-TB patient trigger alert” Cohen said the CDC became formally involved in the situation on May 18, when Georgia public health officials told the agency that a patient with MDR TB had traveled out of the country. The CDC began trying to locate Speaker at that point, though XDR TB wasn’t diagnosed until May 22, according to the CDC timetable of the episode. Much of the news conference focused on testing issues. The CDC concluded Speaker had XDR TB after testing a bronchoscopy sample that had been taken in March at an Atlanta hospital, said Dr. Mitchell Cohen, director of the CDC’s Coordinating Center for Infectious Diseases. The test involved the “agar proportion method,” which is approved by the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute, he said. Against public health officials’ advice, Speaker, 31, flew from Atlanta to Paris for his wedding and honeymoon on May 12, when he was believed to have MDR TB. After learning on May 18 of his trip, the CDC tried to locate him and warn him not to travel on commercial flights because of the risk of exposing others, according to an agency timetable of the events. On May 22 a CDC test indicated he had XDR TB. The patient, Andrew Speaker, has multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR TB), not extensively drug-resistant TB (XDR TB), experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Jewish Medical and Research Center (NJMRC) reported at a press conference on Jul 3. A few days later, on May 29, the CDC publicly announced the incident in an effort to alert people who had flown on the same transatlantic flights as Speaker so they could be tested for TB. Soon afterward, Speaker was flown to National Jewish Medical and Research Center in Denver, which specializes in treating respiratory diseases. Previously, Speaker’s doctors were considering removing part of one of his lungs to cure him. Now, said Daley, “We’ve put surgery on hold for the time being while we build a strong treatment regimen with drugs that we didn’t have available before.” “This discrepancy or discordance of results happens all the time in drug susceptibility testing, including reference labs,” he added. “It’s not a new thing. It’s a frustration that we have to deal with. I don’t know why the first result at the CDC showed XDR TB and ours did not. There are a number of ways this can happen.” Speaker, in a statement read at the news conference by NJMRC spokesman William Allstetter, described himself as “incredibly relieved” by the change in diagnosis. “The truth is that my condition is the same as it was in early May, back before there was a huge health scare,” he said. He has been described as not yet having any symptoms of the slow-growing infection, which was discovered as a result of an injury-related x-ray last January. “This was repeated at the CDC and they confirmed our findings of multidrug resistant disease,” Daley said. However, he said NJMRC is still waiting for test results on a sample taken from the bronchoscopy specimen in March. The cure rate for fully susceptible TB is 95% to 97%, versus about 70% for MDR TB, Cohen reported. “With XDR, the chances of being cured are probably 30 to 40%,” he said. He added, “Many people out there who may have been exposed have been hearing that no drugs are available. . . . Now we know that there is something we can do for them.” “The original sample is no longer available for retesting. All subsequent samples from induced sputums have shown MDR [TB],” Cohen added. Daley said NJMRC used three types of tests, including the agar proportion method, on at least three samples from Speaker. “Out of all the cultures doing it three different ways, the results were consistent,” he said. “We were very sure of our results that this is MDR, not XDR.” In response to a question, Cohen at one point said the test that led to the XDR TB diagnosis actually revealed a mix of MDR and XDR strains, with XDR the smaller proportion. He added that the test does not yield a “yes or no answer” and is very complicated, in part because of how slowly TB organisms grow. In response to questions, both Cohen and Daley repeatedly affirmed that the public health response is the same for MDR and XDR TB. “From a clinical perspective this [difference] is important, but from a public health perspective, no, there’s no difference between MDR and XDR,” said Daley. The CDC still wants those who were on transatlantic flights with Speaker to get follow-up TB tests, Cohen said. The agency previously recommended that those passengers undergo initial skin or blood tests and then be retested 8 to 10 weeks later, since an initial positive test could reflect an earlier exposure to TB. CDC transcript of Jul 3 teleconference Dr. Charles Daley of NJMRC said the earlier XDR diagnosis indicated that only two drugs would be likely to help Speaker, but the change to MDR means several more may work. “We went from at the end of May basically two drugs to now all but three or four,” he said. The finding means it will be easier to treat him because more drugs are likely to work, but the CDC would have issued an international alert even if it had known the true diagnosis when Speaker was traveling in Europe, potentially exposing other airline passengers to the deadly disease, officials said. Cohen noted that MDR TB is resistant to the most commonly used drugs (isoniazid and rifampin) and can be spread to others. “Therefore the public health actions that CDC took in this case . . . are sound and appropriate,” he said, adding that the World Health Organization’s recommendations regarding TB and airline travel are the same for MDR and XDR forms. In his statement, Speaker acknowledged that health authorities must take difficult steps to protect the public at times, but added, “With great power comes great responsibility. In the future I hope they realize the terrible chilling effect they can have when they come after someone and their family on a personal level. They can, in a few days, destroy an entire family’s reputation, ability to make a living, and good name.” Speaker has had several negative sputum smear tests for TB, suggesting that his chance of spreading the disease to others is fairly low, according to the NJMRC. He is still under an isolation order from Denver public health authorities, officials at the news conference said. He also expressed hope that the change in his diagnosis will calm the fears of those who flew with him and that the whole episode will focus more attention on TB, which he said accounts for a quarter of the world’s preventable deaths. Cohen stressed that although MDR TB is less dangerous than XDR, it is still difficult to treat, requiring 2 years of “relatively toxic” drug treatment. “It’s very different from drug-susceptible TB,” he said. See also: Daley later disagreed about the test showing both MDR and XDR strains. “They did not find XDR and MDR really in the specimen,” he said. “It’s a very technical and complicated test and in trying to simplify it, I’m not sure that happened.” But Speaker and his wife changed their itinerary to elude health authorities and, after several flights in Europe, flew from Prague to Montreal. They then rented a car and re-entered the United States. The CDC finally located him on May 25 and ordered him into isolation, the first such action by the agency since 1963. CDC’s XDR TB page read more

Fenchurch seeks trusting partners

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Naomi R. “Cookie” Childers

first_imgNaomi Ruby “Cookie” Childers, 74 of North Ft. Myers, Florida and formerly of Moores Hill passed away at Ft. Myers.  Cookie was born February 25, 1942 in Ohio County, Indiana the daughter of Dale and Martha (Dickerson) Cutter.  She married Herbert “Red” Childers February 26, 1960 and he preceded her in death April 26, 2013.  Cookie had been employed at Schenley Distillers, US Shoe Factory, P&G and Campbell Hausfeld.  She was a member of the Hogan Hill Baptist Church and the Ladies Legion Auxiliary.Cookie is survived by daughter, Julie Childers Mesch of Milan, sisters Doris Canfield of Florida and Thelma Palmer of Rising Sun, 3 Grandchildren, 1 Great Grandson, several nieces and nephews and a host of friends.Funeral services will be Saturday October 29, 12Noon at the South Sparta Community Church 13975 W. County Line Road, Moores Hill with Rev. Tom Holt officiating.  Burial will follow in South Sparta Cemetery.  Visitation also Saturday 11-12 at the church.  Sibbett-Moore Funeral Home, Moores Hill entrusted with arrangements.  Go to to leave an online condolence message.last_img read more

USC women’s golf team welcomes Stephanie Endstrasser’s return

first_imgThe No. 6 USC women’s golf team will utilize its third straight different lineup this weekend at the University of North Carolina Women’s Fall Preview.The three-day event, which will take place at the Country Club of Landfall’s Pete Dye Course this Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Wilmington, N.C., features the season debut of returning senior All-American Stephanie Endstrasser for the Women of Troy.Endstrasser, a native of Austria, transferred to USC from Purdue for the spring semester of her sophomore year and instantly became a fixture in the lineup. She placed in the top 16 in five of her seven tournaments, peaking with a third place finish at the 2008 NCAA Championships West Regional, and was named a Second-Team All-American.Her junior year, however, was plagued by inconsistency, with a third place finish at the 2008 Mason Rudolph Championship being her only finish in the top 30. She only made the roster for six of the team’s 12 tournaments, and did not play in the conference, regional or national championships, having been beaten out of a spot by then-freshman Inah Park and then-junior Caroline Kim.Endstrasser looks to bounce back and become a consistent part of the lineup again.“This is my first time traveling with the team in a long time, and I decided to keep my expectations low,” she said.Endstrasser spent the offseason at home attending summer school while playing golf every day, but only played in two tournaments. This tournament is her first competitive event in months.“I just want to go out there and have fun,” she said. “I hope I’ll be a part of the competitive roster for the rest of the season.”To do that, she’ll have to beat out some of her teammates this week, including returning All-Americans Belen Mozo and Lizette Salas, as well as Kim and Park. Mozo is playing her second tournament this season following shoulder surgery over the summer, and Salas is returning to the competitive roster after missing the last tournament to attend a wedding. Kim and Park have both competed at the first two events of the season.Endstrasser’s return to form would give the Trojans seven golfers to fill five roster spots, and would give coach Andrea Gaston the depth she was hoping would be provided in the fall season. This tournament is especially crucial in developing depth, as the National Championship will be held in the same location in June 2010.Other teams scouting out the course include No. 1 UCLA, No. 2 Arizona State, No. 3 Purdue and four other teams from the top 10.last_img read more