Jayne Herrera Beutler not GOPs safest or most vulnerable

first_imgGreg Jayne, Opinion page editor I don’t know. Seriously, I have no idea. But that does not stop people from asking.Because of my deep political knowledge and brilliant insight, I keep hearing the question: Could Jaime Herrera Beutler lose in November? The answer: Nobody knows.Before we go any further, this is not meant as advocacy one way or another. I am familiar with Herrera Beutler’s work as a Republican congresswoman from Washington’s 3rd District but have not yet studied her challengers. I have not spoken with Democrats Carolyn Long, David McDevitt, and Dorothy Gasque, or Republican Earl Bowerman.Heck, filing week isn’t until next month, so we can’t really be certain who will end up running for the position.Therefore, I have no idea who will receive my vote. And I certainly have no idea who will be recommended by The Columbian Editorial Board. Sometime between filing week and the Aug. 7 primary, the board will interview the candidates and recommend two for the primary election; we then will recommend one candidate for the Nov. 6 general election.But the fact that the general election is still 192 days away has not prevented voters from thinking ahead. Chaos in Washington, D.C., has generated interest in the midterm elections, and that leads to questions about Herrera Beutler.In normal times, Herrera Beutler would be considered safe in political parlance. She took office after a close race in 2010 and has won re-election three times since with at least 60 percent of the vote. One reason is that people like her; another is that the 3rd District was reconfigured in 2012, making Herrera Beutler’s district more conservative.last_img read more