Strip club set to open doors in central city

first_imgBay of Plenty Times 26 Nov 2011A strip club offering risque burlesque dancing through to full-nude strip is set to open its doors in central Tauranga in the new year. But one family advocate groups says while adult entertainment can’t be stopped, the CBD is not the place for a strip club. Showgirls will open above the bar Rehab and Takara Japanese Restaurant on Hamilton St, between The Strand and Willow St.…Family First national director Bob McCoskrie said strip bars belonged in red light districts, not among restaurants where families dined. “You can’t stop the industry but it should be a special place away from the general shopping area. The term red light district is there for a good reason. To warn families (and) make sure they’re not exposed to it,” he said. Mr McCoskrie said strip clubs objectified women. “The research shows that viewing that type of pornography is not in their best interests or the best interests of the men because it objectifies the woman and it leads to stereotyping woman as simply sexual beings.” read more