Nintendo announces the 10 NES games 3DS Ambassadors can download for free

first_imgWith the 3DS struggling to sell in line with Nintendo’s expectations, the decision to reduce the price of the hardware significantly must have been a difficult one, but the only thing Nintendo could do to encourage uptake. While that was great for those gamers yet to invest in Nintendo’s latest portable, it was a kick in the teeth for early adopters.To counteract any ill will, Nintendo setup the 3DS Ambassadors program ensuring that anyone who did pay the launch price for the 3DS would get 20 free downloadable games from the eShop. Those games become available on Thursday, September 1st, but until now we haven’t been told what the final list of titles are.Although we are still waiting for the full list to appear, Nintendo has at least confirmed the 10 NES/Famicon games Ambassadors will be able to download for free.The games include:Balloon FightDonkey Kong Jr.Ice ClimberMario Open GolfMetroidSuper Mario Bros.The Legend of ZeldaWrecking CrewYoshi’s EggZelda: Adventures of LinkAs someone who classifies as a 3DS Ambassador I have to say I’m quite happy about this. Remember, a number of these games may never see a general release as Nintendo is treating them as exclusives for the time being. If you add up the value of 20 download titles it also makes up for the price differential we paid for the machine.Currently, we don’t know if this list will remain the same outside of Japan, but see no reason for Nintendo to change the titles. We should know for sure by tomorrow as well as what the other 10 GBA games will be. At the moment only Made in Wario, Mario Kart Advance, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Metroid Fusion, and Super Mario Advance 3 have been mentioned.While the Ambassadors program may be enough to keep early adopters happy, unless sales of the 3DS increase significantly over the coming months there’s rumors Nintendo may rethink the hardware. A re-release of the portable device under a new name and sporting a right analog stick may happen in 2012.via Andriasanglast_img read more