Fire breaks out at ESIs medicine room in Sealdah none injured

first_imgKolkata: Three fire incident across the city triggered tension on Thursday and Friday.On Thursday night, a fire broke out at the service dispensary room (medicine room) of ESI Hospital in Sealdah. Another fire broke out at an empty Puja pandal at Survey Park. In another incident of fire, several shanties were gutted on Thursday evening in Dum Dum Cantonment area. No one got hurt in any of these incidents. According to the police, on Thursday around 10:15 pm, some staff of ESI Hospital saw smoke billowing out of the medicine room. The hospital super, police and fire brigade were immediately informed. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeWithin a few minutes, three fire tenders reached hospital and controlled the fire within 10:35 pm. Due to the fire, several medicines got damaged. A refrigerator where medicines used to be preserved also got damaged. Sources informed that the fire may have occurred due to some electrical disorder. In another incident on Thursday, several shanties were gutted near wireless math area at Dum Dum Cantonment. Four fire tenders doused the flames within a short period of time. Some residents of those shanties felt ill due to smoke but no one sustained burn injuries. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedOn Friday afternoon, another fire broke out at Survey Park in the afternoon. Police informed that the Puja pandal of Trikon Park Puja committee was getting dismantled. Around 12 pm while untying ropes from bamboos, a worker noticed flames close to him. He immediately warned others and all of them maintained safe distance. Locals informed police and fire brigade. Two fire tenders were pressend into action to control the fire. Though the flames did not spread, smoke from the inflammable materials was quite dense. No injury was, however, reported in the fire. The cause of fire was not confirmed but it is suspected that somehow a spark came in touch with the straw which was used to make the pandal.last_img read more

Django 212 fixes major security flaw that reveals password hash to view

first_imgOn Monday, Django 2.1.2 was released, which has addressed a security issue regarding password hash disclosure. Along with that, this version fixes several other bugs in 2.1.1 and also comes with the latest string translations from Transifex. Users password hash visible to “view only” admin users In Django 2.1.1, the admin users who had permissions to change the user model could see a part of the password hash in the change form. Also, admin users with “view only” permission to the user model were allowed to see the entire hash. This could prove to be a big problem if the password is weak or your site uses weaker password hashing algorithms such as MD5 or SHA1. This vulnerability has been named CVE-2018-16984 since 13th September, 2018. This issue has been solved in this new security release. Bug fixes A  bug is fixed where lookup using F() on a non-existing model field didn’t raised FieldError. The migrations loader now ignores the files starting with a tilde or underscore. Migrations correctly detects changes made to Meta.default_related_name. Support for cx_Oracle 7 is added. Quoting of unique index names is now fixed. Sliced queries with multiple columns with the same name will not result in crash on Oracle 12.1 anymore. A crash is fixed when a user with the view only (but not change) permission made a POST request to an admin user change form. To read the release notes of Django, head over to its official website. Read Next Django 2.1 released with new model view permission and more Python web development: Django vs Flask in 2018last_img read more