Klay Thompson showing another side to his personality

first_imgOAKLAND – The Warriors’ unassuming star often barely talks. He shuns the spotlight so much that he smiles when he does not have to grant interviews. Teammates often muse that it remains hard to read him.Yet, Klay Thompson also has shown this season another side of his personality. Thompson has thumped his chest after throwing down a dunk. He has raised his hands after making a 3. He has yelled out after making a defensive stop.“It’s not like he’s always stoic. He’s stoic a lot of the time, …last_img

Braille Aids directory launched

first_img18 August 2004The University of South Africa has launched a Braille HIV/Aids directory to help visually impaired and blind students to access knowledge about the disease.The directory provides information on support and care services available for infected people, where these services can be accessed, and who to contact about the disease and other related issues.Speaking at the launch in Pretoria on Wednesday, Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang her department was not able to communicate adequately with people with disabilities, but was working on it.The Health Department collaborated with Unisa on the Braille directory, and has also developed audio cassettes for the blind with key messages on the pandemic.An international adviser to Perkins School for the Blind, Aubrey Webson, said disabled people – especially those who were poor or who lived in remote areas – were vulnerable to HIV/Aids.He called on tertiary institutions to commission research on the disabled in order to understand their plight.“Although strides are being made to improve the lives of the disabled, especially the blind, scientific data is still limited, and blind people do not have access to research material at universities”, Webson said.Education Minister Naledi Pandor, who also attended the launch, said her department was involved in distributing Braille equipment to 30 special schools throughout the country through the Telkom Foundation.Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

Entrepreneur gives tips for success

first_imgEmmanuel Bonoko, founder of the Ebonoko Foundation and Ebonoko Holdings, is the KIA Young Business Achiever of the Year, winning the award at the 2017 BBQ Awards.Emmanuel Bonoko believes in the power of networking and using social media to make an impact. It has helped him grow his business. (Image supplied)Brand South Africa reporterEmmanuel Bonoko, an entrepreneur who has a heart for youth development and education, was named the KIA Young Business Achiever of the Year at the 2017 Big Time Strategic Group BBQ Awards on 20 October.He is the founder of Ebonoko Holdings and the Ebonoko Foundation, which aims to bring about transformation through education, leadership, empowerment and serving others.In a recent motivational talk Bonoko advised youth to “use social media to impact lives, not to impress. Use it to brand yourself and to make yourself accessible to possible business opportunities.”Speaking at the Standard Bank Youth Expo, he said that before you went to pitch an idea or concept in a boardroom, the investors checked your online profile. “They check what you stand for, who are you and what are your values,” he said.“Social media can open doors for you.”Known for his book drive, which he runs through his foundation, Bonoko was included in the list of the 2016 Forbes Africa 30 under 30. His book drive delivers books across South Africa to prisons, non-governmental organisations and community centres.Speaking about the KIA Young Business Achiever award, Bonoko said it was blessing to be appreciated for his work. “It’s an indication that behind the scenes we put in much effort.“I always say, ‘Young people don’t admire what you see on social media; behind the scenes there is commitment, hard work, tears and prayers involved. Embrace the process.’”Where it startedHis foundation was his first baby, he said. He set it up when he was a first year BCom student, majoring in marketing. It was a stepping stone to greater opportunities.“The foundation over the years has done extremely well in empowering the youth across South Africa in education, mentorship, training and developing them to find their own passion.”Through his success and networks formed through the foundation, Bonoko was able to establish his marketing and consulting company, Ebonoko Holdings. It offers business strategy development, public relations, events management and brand management, and has property investments.Entrepreneurial adviceBonoko has some tips for success:Small things count a lot – keep putting in more effort and learning from others.Never be ashamed to struggle; there is absolutely nothing wrong with working hard to get where you want to be in life.Young entrepreneur, you must create a personal identity with which you will be identified. Being humble, ethical and caring should be part of it.Adapt with trends and brands in the market.Arm yourself with education for your credibility.Sources: Ebonoko Foundation and Ebonoko HoldingsWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

Framed Walls and Air Barrier Membranes for a Pretty Good House

first_imgStephen Sheehy is the author of a construction blog documenting the process of building a Pretty Good House in rural Maine. GBA has been publishing a serialized and slightly condensed version of Sheehy’s reports. The first installment was published June 15. Establishing and protecting the air barriersNovember and December have been rainy, snowy, cold, and wet. Still, things have progressed. The house will have two distinct air barriers. This is essential, since a great deal of heat can get wasted if air flows through the building envelope. Modern houses are as airtight as possible. Ventilation is provided by mechanical means. (More on that later.)[In this double stud wall design, there is a 5-in. space between inner and outer framed walls. The 2×4 studs in both walls are 24 in. on center. The cavities in the outer wall, and the space between the two stud walls, are insulated with dense-pack cellulose. Cavities in the inner wall are insulated with fiberglass batts.]On the outside, the sheathing seams are taped so that the sheathing layer acts as an air barrier. The house was covered in housewrap, carefully taped as well. We left off the bottom two feet or so of sheathing so the crew could tape the interior membrane to the top of the foundation.While it was open, Jeremy, our electrician, ran wiring for exterior lights and receptacles from the outside. This minimizes the need to penetrate the air barrier created by the taped sheathing. In Image #3 (below) you can see the exterior stud wall and the green tape that attaches the white interior membrane to the concrete slab.The membrane is the second air barrier. It is designed to block air flow, but will permit water vapor to pass through. If any moisture gets inside the framing, it can dry by passing through the membrane to the interior or it can pass through the sheathing.Here’s a photo of the membrane from the inside (see Image #4, below). Note that we will be able to run wires for interior lights, receptacles, and pipes for sinks, showers, etc. without penetrating the air barrier. The fewer penetrations, the better, since every penetration needs to be carefully taped.Still, some penetrations are unavoidable. We’ll need to run vents to the outside for the ventilation system, wires and pipes for the heat pumps we’ll be using for heat, and so on. We also will need to carefully cut lots of holes so the insulating subcontractor can blow cellulose insulation into the cavity between the outside frame and the inside frame. Those holes will all be taped after the insulation is blown in.Once all of the rough wiring and plumbing are installed, more insulation will fill the space between the membrane and the interior finish drywall. Here is a link to Part 5 of this blog series: Windows and Floors at a Pretty Good House in Maine. BY STEPHEN SHEEHY Pretty Good, Not So Big Maine HouseSite Work Begins for a Pretty Good House in MaineAt a Pretty Good House in Maine, Siding and Septic Now that we have some walls, we can get an idea of what the house will look like from the inside. Adding the roof trusses, and a descent into winterThe trusses went in on Halloween. The following Sunday we had eight inches of snow accompanied by 50 mph wind gusts. I guess the guys did a good job bracing the structure, because it didn’t budge.The next step was to sheathe the building, and that’s almost done.Tom’s crew will also frame and sheathe the room for the hot tub and the porch on the south side. Both rooms are outside the conditioned space, but will be insulated and have pretty good (double-glazed) windows.center_img RELATED ARTICLES Construction blog: The Potwine Passivhaus in AmherstConstruction blog: Kicking the Tires on a Passivhaus ProjectThe Pretty Good HouseThe Pretty Good House, Part 2Martin’s Pretty Good House ManifestoGreen Building for Beginners Not much going on while we waited for the roof trusses to be fabricated. Once the trusses were on schedule to arrive, Tom’s crew started framing. Then, just as the framing started, we had a week of heavy rain that pushed everything back. The delay was more than just a week, since the crane that was scheduled to lift the trusses had to be rescheduled.While it rained, the Intus windows arrived from Lithuania. Tom and crew unloaded them and we’ll store them in the barn until we’re ready for them to be installed. They are extremely heavy and were very well packed for the trip across the Atlantic.This week, with the rain finally over, we’re back in action. The exterior house walls are all framed. There are four different truss designs for the roof: one for the garage, one for the steep roof sections (8/12 pitch) and two for the section over the living/dining areas (3/12 pitch.)The walls need to be perfectly straight and perfectly plumb (vertical) so the trusses fit, along with everything else.Typically, braces are attached by nailing wood to the subfloor and then attaching bracing to the walls. Since the floor is 4,000 psi concrete, it is difficult to attach bracing to it. The guys used their imagination and considerable experience to figure out how to brace the walls without putting any holes in the concrete. Framing the porch, and on goes the roofWhile we waited for the roofing sub to install the standing-seam roof, Tom’s crew framed the porch that runs almost the entire length of the front (north) of the house. Originally, we had planned a simple framed roof, but we discussed it and decided to do a post-and-beam style porch roof, with exposed pine boards as the sheathing under the roof.We used hemlock beams milled locally. As I’ve pointed out, a Pretty Good House should use local materials if possible. We specified 7×7 beams, planed smooth. The 2×6 decking was also obtained locally. The ceiling in the tub roof is the same 2×6 decking. Even though the room isn’t heated, we’ll insulate the walls and Tom’s crew placed 2 inches of foam insulation on top of the 2×6 decking.After the porch was done, the roofer arrived to install the standing-seam steel roof. The steel comes on a big roll and each piece is individually cut to fit. The roofer brought a big crew, so it took less than three days to finish. Fortunately, the bit of snow that fell during the installation could be swept off easily. Each seam is folded over to make a tight seal, using a special tool that runs along the seam, folding as it goes.Next up is window installation and concrete floor polishing. Let’s hope the weather cooperates. This is Part 4 of a blog series describing the construction of Stephen Sheehy’s house in Maine. The first installment was titled Pretty Good, Not So Big Maine House.last_img read more

High Performance Walls, Part 4

first_imgZack Semke is the manager of business development at Hammer & Hand, a company specializing in high-performance building with offices in Washington and Oregon. The wall assembly at Madrona Passive House shows how Hammer & Hand’s approach to high-performance envelope construction is evolving. With each project we are working to simplify assembly and hew as closely as possible to standard construction techniques. This is good for our installers in the field and for project budgets. The wall at Madrona Passive House takes advantage of the compressive strength of mineral wool to suspend the home’s exterior insulation with the rain screen battens’ fasteners. With Madrona Passive House’s wall we have simplified the assembly down to six material layers; by comparison, Karuna House and Pumpkin Ridge Passive House both have seven layers, while the Glasswood Retrofit has ten. That’s progress! Air managementThe wall assembly’s air barrier and WRB consists of Zip System sheathing (sheets of OSB with a factory-applied weather-resistant coating) with fluid-applied sealant at the seams. RELATED ARTICLES Creating High-Performance WallsHigh-Performance Walls, Part 2High Performance Walls, Part 3 This is the fourth and last post delving into the anatomy of high-performance wall assemblies, beginning with the Karuna House in Oregon. This week’s post explains our approach at the Madrona Passive House. Heat managementA 3.5-inch exterior monolithic layer of Roxul mineral wool insulation (A) adds R-14 of insulative value to the assembly, while 5.5 inches of high-density fiberglass insulation (B) brings another R-23. The wall’s total insulative value (including insulation, sheet goods, air films, etc.) is R-39 (center of cavity) or R-34 (whole wall). Vapor managementBecause the OSB of the Zip sheathing is a vapor retarder, the assembly is semi-permeable to the inside (B), slowing vapor diffusion from the home’s interior into the assembly. The mineral wool warms the Zip sheathing, preventing moisture accumulation there. And because the mineral wool is very vapor-open, vapor diffusion to the outside is fairly unimpeded. The assembly’s ventilated rainscreen (A) adds drying capacity, and therefore durability, to the wall. Water managementMadrona Passive House’s 1×6 knotty cedar siding (A) serves as the primary barrier to water intrusion. As in the other three wall assemblies described in this series, the rainscreen cavity behind the siding (D) allows water to drain away. The Roxul mineral wool (B) is hydrophobic, so it provides another barrier to water, while the Zip sheathing WRB (C) serves as the final barrier.last_img read more

Choose Excuses or Reasons

first_imgOne of the ways that the human ego protects itself is by rationalizing, by making excuses that absolve you of responsibility for your poor performance.You didn’t reach your sales goal? Your brain provides the excuse. It was the economy, the government, your territory, or your competitor’s price.You mishandled an important conversation by being unduly harsh or obstinate? Your brain rationalizes away your bad behavior by reminding you that nothing you said was untrue, and the person you were speaking with really needed to hear what you said.You skipped your morning workout? Well, you were really tired, it’s just one workout, and you can make it up tomorrow.The one force that overcomes excuses is reasons. With strong enough reasons, your excuses weaken and lose their hold.The people who reach their goals are resourceful and determined enough to find a way because their reasons are stronger than their excuses. For some of them, the reason might be their very survival. For others, the reason might have been their identity; they can’t imagine not being a person who achieves their goals. The reason and motivation may be their own, but it is there, and it propels them ever forward.The people who handle difficult conversations well do so because their reasons for honoring the relationship and the individual are stronger than their need to vent their anger. It may not be easy, but they don’t make excuses or rationalize their bad behavior.The people who are at the gym or on the asphalt have powerful reasons for being there, like their health, their energy, and their vitality. They know that their excuses won’t provide for them what their reasons provide.Your mind will let you find excuses or it will let you find reasons. Which you choose is 100% in your control, and the choice you make rules your results, for good or for ill.last_img read more