Garbage piles up in front of Region 3 RDC

first_imgWhat was once a clean and well-kept area located just in front of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Region Three, Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara (WCD), has now become a sore sight with the frequent buildup of garbage. Dumping in the area has now become the norm for minibus drivers, conductors and touts who assemble at the location daily for passengers. Persons in the area and those who would usually assemble at the bus stop in the afternoons are complaining of the condition of the area.More garbage one month after the area was cleaned by the RDCAt the site, there are water bottles, beverage bottles, plastic cups, food boxes and other trash, which according to bystanders, are being dumped at the location by the bus drivers, conductors and touts who dwell in the area on a daily basis.One person told this publication that she has witnessed this, explaining that “they blatantly finish drinking and eating their stuff and fling them there…Just filthy!”Another woman, Cynthia Rose, stated that on one occasion while sitting in one of the Route 32 buses awaiting other passengers, she observed a bus driver eating his lunch and then casually throwing the waste into the already large pile.She said she pointed out to him the error of his ways but was met with verbal abuse.“So I seh man, out deh already ain’t looking good, why y’all doing this, this is the public road plus in front of the region RDC. Who tell me to seh that? He ask me if that is my problem and went off” Rose complained.Following the incident, she revealed that she was one of the persons who lodged a complaint with the RDC about the situation.“I ended up coming out of the bus and I went over there to the region [RDC] and I tell them about the situation. A day I pass and I saw people working to remove the garbage but watch again, same thing. They need to do something serious about this because it ain’t looking good,” the woman complained.A clothes vendor, who plys her trade close to the littered area said that the situation is affecting the outlook of her business surroundings.“Imagine people have to walk around that (pointing to the garbage pile) to come in my place, it ain’t looking good man, them really need to stop this, is big people man” the woman urged.Just last month, after several complaints were made to the RDC and the Regional Executive Officer (REO), Jennifer Ferreira-Dougall, the area was cleaned.However, this has not deterred the trash throwing which will now see the Council seeking to take stricter actions.When contacted, Regional Chairman, Julius Faeber revealed that a meeting will be held within the Council to seek a way forward.He noted that the RDC will most likely be looking to have the area policed which will see charges being filed against persons found littering.“We will need to put policing in place there and charge somebody with littering because the situation keeps recurring” Faeber said.last_img read more