Historical perspective of planting corn in April

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest How much corn is typically planted in Ohio by the third week of April?  According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service (http://www.nass.usda.gov/Statistics_by_State/Ohio/Publications/Crop_Progress_&_Condition/index.asp), for the week ending April 13 no appreciable acreage of corn had been planted in Ohio (1%), which compared to 0% last year and 7% for the five year average.The table below shows corn planting progress (percentage of acres planted) in April and May for the past 15 years. This historical data shows that the percentage of corn acres planted by April 15 is usually very limited averaging 2% and ranging from 0 to 10%. By April 20, the percentage of corn acreage planted was 10% or greater in only four of the 15 years, and by April 25, it was 10% or greater in only seven of the 15 years. By April 30, the percentage of corn acres planted was 10% or greater in nine of the 15 years but in only 3 of the 15 years did the % acreage planted exceed 50%. In 2005, 55% of the corn acreage was planted by April 25 but snow and freezing rains in late April resulted in considerable replanting in early May.The data also show that in most years, even those with slow starts due to persistent cold weather in April, 60 percent or more of corn acres were planted by May 10, which is within the optimal planting date window. The recommended time for planting corn in northern Ohio is April 15 to May 10 and in southern Ohio, April 10 to May 10.Progress of corn planting, Ohio 2000-2014.Date200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014 ——————————————————-% corn planted—————————————————— April 10–21000010000400April 152322202101401000April 203324112663021702710April 255741830551910644514412April 30722743445943221895816024May 5336411835766683533166917379May 1062851585657679824622773824635Source: USDA/NASS, Annual Statistics Bulletins, 2000-2013; USDA/NASS, Crop Progress and Condition Reports, 2000-2014last_img

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