VIDEO Your weekend movies scifi geeks and tanned magicians

first_imgCinema trip this weekend? brings you snippets from new releases to help you decide where to put your money…Earthbound(RippleWorldPictuers/YouTube)For fans of: Geeky sci-fi, alien encountersAvoid if: You’d rather not worry about being an alienWhat happens when you think you’re an alien? Rafe Spall plays a sci-fi fan called Joe Norman who believes he’s from outer space, but is having a tough time convincing those close to him. Is it all just fantasy though, or is there more to Joe’s claim? Filmed in Ireland, you can find out more about the film here (including Joe’s thoughts about planet Earth) No reviews yet critics rating: 85 per cent Audience rating: 97 per cent want to seeThe Incredible Burt Wonderstone(MovieclipsCOMINGSOON/YouTube)Steves Carrell and Buscemi play perma-tanned magicians (Burt Wonderstone and Anton Marvelton, respectively) whose career is going down the pan. Jim Carrey,  meanwhile, plays their nemesis, the long-haired, buff and hip musician, who the oldies try to outdo on the magic circuit. We suspect this movie is Carrey’s. Maniac(HorrorTrailerAddict/YouTube)For fans of: Murder, blood, slasher flicksAvoid if: You prefer FrodoBut… but I thought Elijah Wood was innocent and sweet? Wrong. In this movie he plays a crazy serial killer (hence the name), who gets his kicks murdering young women. Frodo fan? Avoid. Horror fan? You’ll enjoy this one.center_img critic rating: 46 per cent. Audience rating 98 per cent want to seelast_img

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