The Android Plushie Army is on the way

first_imgThere is one critical element to the success of Android that a lot of people forget about: the logo. iOS and Android may go toe-to-toe on features and hardware, but there is no denying that cool things have been done with the Android logo. There have been figurines, stickers, shirts, and even stuffed toys (aka plushies), unfortunately most of these end up looking like chubby, green pillows with strange little white patches and dangly bits. It’s not easy to translate that simple icon into a real-life plushie, but the team at Cruzerlite seems to have pulled it off. Not only have they made a single nice looking plushie, but they have made an entire army of them.The gallery below depicts the Google Bugdroid in a variety of costumes. Some of them resemble recent Android versions like Ice Cream Sandwich and the upcoming Jelly Bean, while others take the Bugdroid on whimsical adventures through being a pirate, a couple of superheroes. There’s even one that plays for team APK, which is a nice hat tip to Android’s executable file type.Most of these are “solid” plushies, except for the Jelly Bean model which you can unzip at the neck and store some candy inside. Others, like the Ninja, have swords that can be taken out of their sheaths and used to help pose your plushie in a menacing way.The team at Cruzerlite plans to release these plushies in a blind bag, encouraging users to assemble a full collection.There’s currently no mention of pricing, and the availability has been stated as the dreaded “soon”, but I think it is fair to say that we should expect the Cruzerlite website to start offering the blind bags very soon.Jelly Bean BugdroidJelly Bean BugdroidNinja BugdroidKill Bill BugdroidFlash BugdroidBlue BugrdroidSuper BudgroidGreen BugdroidVampire BugdroidAPK BugdroidICS BugdroidPirate BugdroidBlind Badlast_img

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