Shocking Vivek Dahiya reveals he was a compulsive gambler took three years

first_imgVivek Dahiya and wife Divyanka TripathiinstagramOne of the most popular names in the television industry today is that of Vivek Dahiya. The actor, who is known for his dapper looks and phenomenal acting, has been associated with spreading awareness about addiction.The actor has been constantly working towards spreading awareness on the ill-effects of any sort of addiction and how it takes a toll on one’s life. In a recent interview with TOI, Dahiya has revealed that he himself was additcted to gambling during his college days in the UK.Talking about it, the actor said, “I got addicted to gambling in 2006, when I was barely 19 years old. I had started working part-time at a retail store while I was in the second year of college. One day, a friend took me to a casino, and call it the beginner’s luck or something else, I won money that day.”Dahiya further revealed that he started visiting the casino regularly after work. He added, “I became a compulsive gambler and there were times when I would bet my month’s salary.”Talking about how it all came to an end for him, Dahiya revealed that one night while he was coming back after losing a lot of money at the casino, the driver of the taxi he had taken started talking to him. The driver told him how he had earned a lot of money through hardwork and bought several taxis but owing to his addiction of gambling he lost all the money one night and came on the roads. The driver also told Vivek that his wife left him with their children.This came as a shock to Vivek who immediately realised what no one had been able to make him understand yet. Though Vivek still visits casinos with his wife, he stresses, “I know where to draw the line. Now, I do it just to enjoy myself for a short while.”last_img

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