Pokemon Go will print even more money with sponsored locations

first_imgPokemon Go is already raking in millions of dollars for Nintendo, but pretty soon it’s going to be printing money like nobody’s business. Get ready for sponsored locations.They’ll be similar to something you may have seen in another AR game, Ingress. That’s no accident: Niantic is also the company behind Pokemon Go, and CEO John Hanke says that the “second component to [their] business model” will be coming to the game in the near future.The premise is simple: the insane number of Pokemon Go players roaming the streets falling into ponds, discovering corpses, and getting mugged can also be a significant source of foot traffic to a business. It’s not hard to see why a business in a metropolitan area would want to get in on the action. Pokestops are already proving to be a huge draw in some areas, though it’s not always a welcome one (…police stations, Holocaust museum, etc.).The amount of money this could bring in for Nintendo and Niantic is astonishing. Some analysts figure that Pokemon Go could generate more than a billion dollars a year. That’s assuming they can keep the momentum going.That shouldn’t be too hard, though, since there are players all over the globe chomping at the bit for their chance to sign in and throw away vast piles of money on in-game purchases. If Nintendo and Niantic can sort out their server problems (and you better believe they will when there’s billions of dollars at stake) then they’ll have no trouble finding corporate types willing to throw cash at them on a pay-per-visit basis. Every Pokemon’s dream is to find a trainer that let’s them get lit AF. Photo Credit: NobodyEpic on Twitter<><>last_img

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