Laughing at men with men

first_imgLet me start by putting a disclaimer for this story- ‘The ideas put across are only in accordance with the event and no personal affiliations are attached!’So here is a show which talks about the plight of men and questions why only women fraternity in India get the maximum sympathy or are the soft targets for any ill. The good news (saviour)- they do this by tickling the funny bone.Titled Two and a Laugh Men, the stand-up show aspires to bring change in every man’s life. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’‘That is correct, We are going to create history. And Why do we need a special show dedicated to the life of men – because no one addresses problems that men face, because everything in this world revolves around women, because men are the easiest victim,’ said Nishant Joke Singh, who will put up an act of a pseudo pregnant man.Explaining his act, Nishant says, ‘I don’t understand why people call pregnancy as good news? I personally want to kill that person who came out with celebrating this time. Can you imagine the frustrated state of man’s mind who is devoid of sex for nine long months!’ Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix‘Secondly the state of pregnancy is as harsh on the man as on the woman. Which is justified in the following instance- the other day my wife gave alms to a beggar and a few seconds later had an attack of mixed emotions. She was calm, dumb and angry at the same time, basically implied that she was three Gandhis (Mahatma, Rahul and Varun) all together’, added Nishant.Another performer for the day is Abijit Ganguly, who is in a relationship for a century now, because dealing with his girlfriend is equivalent to that. If being single pisses you off, then one has to know these facts about being commited- first, a girlfriend’s ‘Bye…tc’ is a politically correct way of saying ‘Bye…f*** off’, secondly, the statement ‘We go shopping and we pay bills’ transforms into ‘He pays the bill’,’ explains Abijit. The third performer for the day is Amit Tandon who would put across what happens to a man after marriage. ‘My act would encourage people to not have kids, hence population control is one of the side effect of my act,’ said Amit.The show is a 90 minutes humour act combined with an attempt to revolutionise man’s position in this women dominated world for the sake of Man-kind. ‘There will be 10 minutes of stand up by three of us, later followed by live impromptu question-answer sessions by engaging the crowd,’ said Nishant.last_img

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