Colin MLB should let steroid users in the Hall of Fame if

first_imgThe Major League Baseball announces its Hall of Fame inductees today, renewing the yearly debate if players who are suspected of using steroids should be allowed into the Hall.The list of candidates under the cloud of steroid suspicion is headed by Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Both are unquestionably Hall of Fame talents, and both are suspected of using PED’s during their career.In terms of Hall of Fame voting, Bonds and Clemens’ induction, or continued exclusion from Cooperstown is essentially the statement from the baseball writers on their overall position regarding letting in suspected users.Today, in The Herd, Colin said that while the Mitchell Report outed steroid use in baseball, it was incomplete, and consisted of a random sampling of anecdotal players. No one can say definitively who used steroids and who was clean.“I have always said I would let all these steroid users in the Hall of Fame, because I don’t have a complete list. And if I don’t have a complete list, I’m just going to go on numbers. I’m not going to keep someone out of the Hall of Fame just because they showed up on a list.”Colin believes that without being able to determine whom all of the users were, the best thing to do is to induct players, even those suspected of using, into the Hall of Fame, based on their career numbers alone.“To me, if your numbers are good enough, you’re in.”The reality is, steroids happened. Great players used steroids. Some of them are already in the Hall of Fame. Baseball should stop trying to attain complete purity and just let the best players in. Close the chapter on the steroid era and move on. Every other sport already has.last_img

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