1 What do you do at Skyscanner I am the UK a

first_img**1. What do you do at Skyscanner?**I am the UK and Ireland Country Manager in the marketing team. I try to increase the number of users to the site.2. What kind of flight geek are you?Resistant Geek; I have fought hard not to become too geeky about flights, but can’t help it when friends and family are booking!3. What best generally describes your travel style?My dates are usually fixed, but I’m flexible on where I go.4. What’s your ideal holiday?I like to make the most of my holidays, so a mix of relaxation, historical / cultural places to visit and sports activities are my ideal trip. I’ve seen a fair bit of west coast USA (having lived there for a spell); Barcelona is probably my favourite city (outside of the UK of course!) and my most recent trip was to Lapland.5. Who’s your ideal travel companion?George Clooney. What girl wouldn’t want to travel with him?6. Do you fly with children?Only because the airlines say that I have to fly with my daughter between the ages of 0 and 4. Otherwise I would have happily put her on a different flight!7. How do you decide where you want to go?I like to visit different places each time I go away. I usually start with a country, then research the best places to go within that country.8. How do you decide when you want to go?Unfortunately I have to stick to the school holidays, which usually means paying twice as much!9. What annoys you most about planning holidays?All the choice! I find it so hard to actually make a decision on where I want to go. I spend too much time researching my holidays, as there is just so much information out there now.10. What are you doing in your job at Skyscanner to sort that?Skyscanner is fantastic for saving time; in minutes you have all the flight information you need, in one place.Before you had to research which airlines flew to your destination and then check each one separately. The most important part of my job is to ensure that everyone is aware of our fantastic site.11. What’s your favourite thing about the Skyscanner site?Just one thing? That is hard! If pushed it would be the month view. I often fly home to Belfast and I can quickly see when the cheapest flights from Edinburgh to Belfast are by selecting the month or the year price views.12. What’s your dream feature?To be able to select all the aspects of a holiday I love (for example hot weather, good food and interesting cultural sights) and having Skyscanner telling me where to go.13. Favourite websites apart from Skyscanner and why?I love travel sites; I use Lonely Planet all the time. I also like the travel sections in The Times and the The Guardian for ideas. But my favourite thing on the web is Spotify. I don’t know how I lived before without it.14. What’s the geekiest thing about you? Your secret geek shame?I love Sudoku puzzles when I’m travelling. I have even been known to buy a Sudoku puzzle book for going on a long flight…..shhh!15. Worst travel experience?Gosh, I have had a few. Having to land in Gander, Northern Canada on my way to New York, (not somewhere you want to spend too much time in January); waking up in a New Orleans youth hostel with cockroaches crawling everywhere; going down with food poisoning the day we checked out of a hotel and having to lie ill on the lobby sofa for hours. You choose!Meet more Flight Search GeeksReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map Introducing the flight search geeks that make Skyscanner work RelatedFlight Geek of the Week – Scot CarlsonFlight Geek of the Week – Scot CarlsonFlight Geek of the Week: Benjamín Pérez UleciaFlight Geek of the Week: Benjamín Pérez UleciaFlight Geek of the Week – Eileen McLarenFlight Geek of the Week – Eileen McLarenlast_img

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