Watch Toyota-Save Mart 350 highlights

first_imgVideo highlights from the Toyota-Save Mart 350 are available now on’s Race RePlay.Check out highlights from pivotal moments of the race including key green flag action, pit stops, cautions, restarts, checkered flags, burnouts and post-race interviews.  Share your favorite videos to friends on your social networks. Race RePlay is your one stop for a complete collection of highlights from this year’s Sprint Cup series season. CLICK HERE for’s Race RePlaylast_img

The Six Rules All Musicians Must Follow When Sitting In With Other Artists

first_imgSit-ins are an exciting and entertaining experience for both a band and its fans. A skilled guest artist can add a big spark to a set and give fans a fresh perspective on their favorite band’s music. They are also an ideal way to get a horn player to be in your band without having to pay them.I have sat in with a lot of bands. This is a symptom of being a good enough player that groups want me to play with them, while also being annoying enough that they don’t want to have me around for an entire gig. It is my cross to bear.Jumping on stage with someone else’s band is extremely rewarding. It can also be nerve-wracking. You have to bring your “A” game while also being mindful to not step on the toes of the other musicians. A well-executed sit-in can really take a show to the next level. It’s also a great way to connect with new musicians and expand your musical horizons. Here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to sitting in.1. Don’t Ask – It’s almost never a good idea to ask a band if you can sit-in. If they really want you up there, they’ll let you know. This is the cardinal rule for sit-ins in my opinion. Asking a band to play puts the musicians on the spot and can come off as awkward and desperate.2. Be Involved – During the show, try to avoid getting caught up gallivanting backstage, drinking the bands booze, and telling dumb jokes to the opener while they try to check their Snapchat. It is important to be actively involved with the music mentally even when you’re not on stage. If you’re not ready when it’s your time to play, you will end up in a mad scramble to grab your instrument and get up to the mic/amp/drums before the entire audience begins to ponder if this would be a good time to take a long bathroom break.3. Be Prepared – Warm up and tune before you get on stage. No one likes the player that spends the first two minutes of the song trying to get in tune and figure out what’s going on. The next thing you know it’s over and everyone is all like “yeah maaaaannnn…..sounded goooooood…..killin”. They’re disappointed, though. You can see it in their eyes. It’s the same look your parents had when you first told them you wanted to be a professional musician.4. Show Off – Don’t be shy. You’re up there for a reason. Use some of your flashiest (but still musical) licks to create a big moment in the tune. Try to add to the song without destroying its original intent. Basically, do the opposite of what Kenny G did when he recorded over “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. Also, don’t be going crazy over the singer. They hate that.5. Don’t Pretend – Some sit-ins are more off-the-cuff than others. If you don’t know the song, don’t do that annoying thing musicians do where they attempt to learn the melody on stage as they go by playing it wrong over the guy who is playing correctly. All this achieves is making you both sound bad. If you don’t know the tune just stand there and wait for your turn to solo. Less is more….especially when you have no clue what’s going on.6. Find the Biggest Guy in the Band and Attack Him – The first thing that you should do when you are playing with a new band is attack the biggest and strongest member. This will the show the rest of the musicians, and the crew that you mean business and are not to be messed with. The first time I sat in with the Werks I did this to Rob Chafin and he still won’t make eye contact with me to this day. It is important to never show fear backstage or on the bandstand or you could become a target for rival gangs.Following these simple steps will lead to some great guest appearances. It’s actually pretty simple. Don’t hold up the show, be prepared, and be entertaining without be annoying. If you do these things you might even get asked to play again. You’re still not getting paid though.Turbo Suit saxophonist Nicholas Gerlach has sat in with many artists throughout the years, and for good reason. The man can play! Having performed with groups like Lotus, Umphrey’s McGee, moe. and more, Gerlach has learned a thing or two about what it takes to step in and jam to unfamiliar waters. We asked him to tell us some tricks of the trade…last_img read more

Special Guests Added To Exciting Bernie Sanders Benefit Ft. Members Of Phish, Dead & Co And More

first_imgNext Monday, April 18th, a host of incredible musicians will descend upon The Hall At MP in Brooklyn, NY for “Get Out And Vote For Bernie,” a benefit show for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. With the New York primary scheduled for April 19th, funk group Kung Fu will be hosting the festivities, with previously-announced guest appearances from Jon Fishman (Phish), Oteil Burbridge (Dead & Company/Allman Brothers Band), and Natalie Cressman (Trey Anastasio Band).We’re excited to announce that some additional artists and personalities have been added to the event. Musically, Kat Wright will add her indomitable vocals to the mix, Jason Hann of SCI/EOTO will be joining in, and DJ Logic will contribute his signature style to the performance. Not only that, but comedian/activist Jamie Kilstein will be talking about Sanders and his campaign. Kilstein has appeared on Conan, but also has spoken on programs like Up with Chris Hayes and Countdown with Keith Olbermann.The lineup continues to grow, as more and more personalities are feeling the burn. With some opening support from LoveDeep, and plans for a webcast soon to be announced, we can’t wait for you to “Get Out And Vote For Bernie”!Details about the event can be found here. You can also contribute to the Bernie Sanders campaign by visiting his website.last_img read more

Neal Schon Promises More Shows And Music From Reunited Santana Lineup

first_imgWhile guitarist Neal Schon has been occupied with the band Journey for the past 40+ years, he was also an integral member of the original lineup for Santana. With that band’s newly minted Santana IV album (read the review here) and first performance since 1973, it’s safe to say that Schon’s fretwork is in high demand. Considering Journey has a major summer tour schedule ahead, fans have been curious just how long the Santana reunion will last.Fortunately, Neal Schon answered those questions and more in a new interview with Billboard. In it, Schon talks at length about his renewed passion for the Santana band chemistry, and their future plans for the road ahead. When asked if the band was considering more shows, Schon said, “Definitely. I think that’s just completely inevitable.”He continues, saying, “It’s like The Force has risen again. There’s so many people who want to hear it, and what I’m hoping is that management opens their minds and eyes and sort of listens to the demand that’s out there. There’s a lot of fire, a lot of legs and a lot of people who want to see us all over the world.” While Journey has some big plans for 2016, the band might take a hiatus in 2017 to allow for Schon to work in Santana. “It’s something I really want to do, so maybe we (Journey) take a hiatus for a year,” Schon says. “Arnel (Pineda, Journey’s singer) would like to take some time off, so instead of doing two years in a row of hard Journey, maybe we do one year and we give it a rest and let it sit for a second. Sometimes when you come back it’s really fresh. So put aside some time for me next year because I’m going there and I’m going to do it. It’s a no-brainer for me. It’s something I have to do and it’s something that’s truly got some legs.” There’s also talk of recording more music! “When I listen to all the facets that are in that band, rhythmically, and what you can do, I have so many endless ideas,” he says. “You can go anywhere with it — you can go blues, you can go Latin, you can go Caribbean, you can go all African, you can go Cuban. Some bands, when they’re really in tune, it’s just like that. I think it’s a combination of the people that make the chemistry that just things erupt out of. That’s definitely what we have here.”With great new music and enthusiasm for this classic reunited band, the sky is the limit. It’s an exciting time to be a fan.last_img read more

Stevie Wonder To Perform A Free Concert In Support Of Hillary Clinton

first_imgWith the presidential election less than one week away, legendary musician, songwriter, and political activist Stevie Wonder is throwing his support behind Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Wonder will perform a free concert at Philadelphia’s CODA Nightclub this Friday, November 4th as a part of the Clinton campaign’s “Love Trumps Hate” concert series. While the concert is free, it requires an RSVP, which you can find at this link. Only one RSVP per person, and an it does not guarantee entry to the show, so make sure to arrive early to give yourself the best shot to get inside the doors of the small nightclub.last_img

Listen To Brooklyn Jam Band Escaper’s Funky New Single “Castles” [Premiere]

first_imgBrooklyn based five-piece instrumental rockers Escaper showcase an excellent sound, fusing influences of rock, funk and jazz into their danceable spacey jams. The band recently joined the Ropeadope Records roster, and are set to release their debut album in 2017. Back by the potent melodies of Will Hanza (guitar), the funky tight rhythm section of Andrew Nesbitt (drums) and Jay Giacomazzo (bass), and the lyrical textures of Adam Ahuja (keys) and Johnny Butler (sax), there’s no telling how high this band can climb.The members are all experienced musicians, cutting their jibs with groups like Breakneck Boys, Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, and even Beyonce. When they come together, their sound is a reckoning force of funky fusion music. With the new album due out soon, we got with Escaper to offer up a first taste of this new exciting release.Listen to the debut single “Castles”, streaming below.Escaper also recently turned heads at the Brooklyn Bowl, performing at the Billy Breathes Phish tribute show alongside Aqueous, Jimkata and many more. Check out a live video of their performance of “Castles” in the embedded YouTube below.Be sure to keep up with this exciting young band on their website!last_img read more

Robert Randolph, Members of Umphrey’s, The Motet, & More Throw Down For Super Jam Afterparty [Watch]

first_imgUmphrey’s McGee‘s New Year’s run in Chicago has been off to a solid start. Previously at the Riviera Theatre, Umphrey’s moved over to the Aragon Ballroom last night and will hit it again tonight to welcome in 2017. Last night, the Motet joined in on the fun, kicking off the show as support and having drummer and bandleader Dave Watts out during UM’s cover of Rage Against the Machine’s “Bombtrack.”Once the house lights went up, however, the night was far from over. Post-show, band and audience members alike moseyed over to the official FiyaWrapper afterparty at the Concord Music Hall. Featuring Robert Randolph (Robert Randolph & the Family Band), Joel Cummings (Umphrey’s McGee), Garrett Sayers (The Motet), Dave Watts (The Motet), Maurice Brown (Tedeschi Trucks Band), Nicholas Gerlach (Michael Menert Band), Alex Wasily (Nasty Snacks/Pocket Radio), and Emily Clark, the stacked super-jam kept the party going late into the night. Check out videos from the afterparty below, courtesy of Kevin Higley!last_img read more

JAZZ Is PHSH ‘Weigh’ In At The Aggie Theatre With Members of Snarky Puppy, Kung Fu, & More [Video]

first_imgBrothers Matthew and Adam Chase brought their JAZZ is PHSH tribute to the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins, CO last night, joined by a stellar lineup consisting of Chris Bullock and Justin Stanton of Snarky Puppy,  Scott Flynn of ODESZA/Pretty Lights Live Band, Chris DeAngelis of Kung Fu, and Josh Thomas of With Lions. Talking Heads, reggae-infused tribute Talking Dreads opened up the evening.JAZZ is PHISH opened up with a funky “Tweezer,” followed by very lumpy-headed “Carini.” It took a good second for those in the crowd to recognize “Ghost,” as the band did a nice job of re-working various parts of the song. As the rest of the band left the stage for a couple of minute, Chris DeAngelis played an amazing “Split Open and Melt” bass solo, before the rest of the group rejoined him on stage for “NICU.”The uber-talented horn section of Bullock, Stanton, and Flynn shined throughout the night, especially on numbers like “46 Days,” “Bathtub Gin,” and “First Tube.” And Josh Thomas has proven to be an asset to the JAZZ is PHSH lineup, showcasing some serious skills on the keys. The group encored with a short, but sweet, “Cars Trucks Buses” before leaving the stage for the final time.Matt and Adam Chase have created a truly unique Phish-inspired project, which continues to get better and better as time passes. JAZZ is PHSH plays Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver tonight. Check out video from the performance below:“Cars Trucks Buses”:“First Tube”:JAZZ Is PHSH – Aggie Theatre – Fort Collins, CO – 1/20/17 SetlistTweezerCariniGhostWeigh46 DaysAlumni BluesSplit Open And Melt (Chris DeAngelis Bass Solo)NICUBathtub GinMazeFirst TubeBrotherMeatGolgi ApparatusE: Cars Trucks Buseslast_img read more

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Shares Remarkable “Jack Straw” From Their 100th Show [Pro-Shot Video]

first_imgDon’t miss Joe Russo’s Almost Dead when they join Lettuce, The Floozies, The Motet, Manic Science (Break Science x Manic Focus), The Main Squeeze, and Organ Freeman, as well as artists-at-large Oteil Burbridge and Antwaun Stanley of the extended Vulfpeck family. [Buy Tickets] Earlier this month, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead hit their home venue, Brooklyn Bowl, for six shows in ten days, a residency that created a seemingly endless stream of memorable moments and impressive jams that left fans begging for more by the time all was said and done. Each night seemed to get better and better, as the band locked in and loosened up and took their fans for a wild ride through the Grateful Dead‘s catalog.One particularly stand-out moment from the run came on its very first night, March 9th, 2017, which also happened to be the band’s 100th performance under the “Almost Dead” moniker. The band were in a festive mood, opening the night with “Beat It On Down The Line” and “Bertha” on their way to delivering two sets filled with Dead classics. They included a ridiculous “Mama Tried” -> “Help On The Way” -> “Slipknot!” -> “Throwin Stones Jam” -> “New Minglewood Blues” segment that rocked the Bowl to its core, as well as a raucous “Music Never Stopped” -> “Third Stone From The Stone” -> “Music Never Stopped Reprise” that blew the audience’s mind.However, the true standout moment from the evening came near the end of the second frame, when Marco Benevento took the band to uncharted territories with a euphoric and energetic solo on “Jack Straw.” The band harnessed the energy he was creating and built the tension to epic proportions, as the crowd roared with approval. It was a classic JRAD at Brooklyn Bowl moment, something that could only happen with that band at that venue.Thankfully, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead has released a pro-shot video of this version of “Jack Straw” for this week’s edition of “Rad Tracks,” and that video is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.last_img read more

Strings & Sol To Bring Yonder Mountain, Greensky Bluegrass, Railroad Earth, And More To Mexico

first_imgBluegrass-centric tropical destination concert vacation Strings & Sol is back for the sixth year, returning to the all-inclusive Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa. The event will take place on the beautiful coastline in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico from December 8-12, 2017. This year’s lineup will feature Yonder Mountain String Band, Greensky Bluegrass, Railroad Earth, Leftover Salmon, The Infamous Stringdusters, and Fruition.Greensky Bluegrass and Yonder Mountain String Band will perform three shows each while additional artists will have two performances respectively, all scheduled over the course of four, jam-packed nights. The live music performances are guaranteed to be an extraordinary experience for guests, set in a variety of unique venues – beach main stage, poolside gazebo, and an open-air palapa – all steps away from guestrooms and all-inclusive amenities.This year, Strings & Sol will be offering a limited number of fans the option of staying just down the beach from the main stage at Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa. Dreams is a well-appointed, all-inclusive resort that is located less than 1 mile from Now Sapphire. Keeping the event at a limited capacity while offering a second resort option is a contemporary opportunity for guests. If staying at Dreams Riviera Cancun, guests can easily connect to Now Sapphire throughout the day and night either by a quick beach walk or door-to-door shuttle. Experience the best of both worlds with all the action of Now Sapphire at your fingertips and a whole other resort full of amenities to add a new element to your vacation.From artist-hosted workshops, poolside-contests, and beach jam sessions, to theme nights, casual artist interactions, and an autograph signing, this event is the ultimate experience for fans. Furthermore, guests can book off-site excursions through the Strings & Sol website to explore the beauty and culture of the surrounding Mayan region extending from Cancun to Tulum. Talk about a vacation!Strings & Sol is again partnering with charitable organization Positive Legacy, encouraging artists and fans to participate in a day of service and cultural connection in the community of Puerto Morelos as a way of giving back. The ongoing Positive Legacy project in this region has been the “Urban Garden Initiative,” a mission to bring the practice of community gardening to the local high school. The goal of the project is to share in the practice of gardening and create a local, sustainable fresh food source. Details for this year’s Day of Service will be announced in the coming months.For more information, head to the Cloud 9 website.[photo by Josh Timmermans]last_img read more