Giving back because of what Harvard gave them

first_imgFrom lifelong relationships to memories of the Houses, there are innumerable reasons alumni choose to support Harvard. Every year, more than 30,000 alumni give back in celebration of reunions, as volunteers, or through annual gifts, and they aren’t shy about sharing why.At the recent Volunteer Voices event in New York, nearly 100 honored alumni celebrated why Harvard connections are so important to them. Their sentiment ranged from the humorous to the heartfelt. “I’ll always love Harvard because it gave so much to me,” read a handwritten sign held by Ken Swan ’56.Many focused on the people they met while students. Former Weld roommates Christina Shelby ’04 and Georgia Shutzer ’04 posed together and held matching signs proclaiming, “It’s where I met my best friends.” Harvard College Fund Co-Chair Nicholas Sakellariadis ’73 and his wife, Julie ’78, held signs pointing to each other: “It’s where I met her (him).”Others emphasized their gratitude for the opportunities Harvard gave them. Erika Hamden ’06 proudly held a sign that said, “It turned me into an astrophysicist!” Deborah Elitzur ’96 wrote, “Harvard has opened up new worlds for me, offered me new perspectives, and is allowing me to fulfill my dreams.”Some pointed to more intangible experiences in the Houses. Eve Rosenbaum ’12 and Shannon Cleary ’12 were wistful for Marshmallow Mateys and the times when “HUDS made my meals.” For Kevin Chan ’07, it was about the place he called home: “Lowell House is the best House.”This affection and loyalty was evident in signs like that of Sadie Sanchez ’98, who wrote that she gives to Harvard because “I want to pay it forward.”This attitude is common among reunion volunteers, who this year have taken on more than 5,000 peer solicitations and are helping to close in on an ambitious goal of raising $50 million in immediate-use funds by June 30. These efforts give Harvard the resources to fuel remarkable innovation, maintain mission-critical financial aid, and inspire new initiatives in teaching and learning.Jamie Harmon ’93 was motivated to volunteer as co-chair of his 20th reunion because of the impact that Harvard had on him and his peers. “I learned so much from my roommates and classmates. It was exciting to be around such talented, smart people,” he said.“Harvard takes bright young minds and turbocharges them,” he said. “The College raises students’ sights and shows them that they can do anything.”Jane Hatch ’88, who serves as participation co-chair of her 25th reunion, volunteers because she feels a personal responsibility to make sure Harvard remains affordable to all. “Without financial aid,” she said, “there was no way I could have come to Harvard.”For both Harmon and Hatch, returning to Harvard is one of their favorite ways to connect with the College. Hatch is grateful for the circle of women with whom she remains very close. “I’ve also made new friends with classmates that I didn’t know then,” she said.When Harmon comes to Cambridge, he never fails to visit Harvard Yard. “It’s one of the places where I feel most comfortable,” he said.To view the “Giving Back” stories slide show.last_img read more

Vermont Yankee tritium leak still sought

first_imgAccording to a statement from Entergy Vermont Yankee Sunday night, the source of the tritium leak has not yet been definitively identified nor has the status of the situation changed much at the Vernon site. Vermont Yankee engineers and technicians continue their investigation into the source of tritium in the plant s groundwater.The last inspection of the Advanced Off Gas concrete pipe tunnel using a boroscope revealed little change in conditions over the past week. Any water in the tunnel continues to be collected in a sump and removed.  Plans continue to test for leakage paths to the ground from the tunnel floor using pure water. This will help determine if and where the tunnel theoretically may be leaking water into the ground. This test will be performed after excavation exposes the tunnel floor so that technicians might be able to observe any leakage paths. Water used during the test will be collected and processed through plant systems.Tritium concentration monitoring is ongoing.  Contingency plans to relocate well (GZ-10) located in the excavation area are underway in the event that the excavation affects the ability to use this well. Engineers and vendor experts approved the design of the engineered shoring for excavation work yesterday and excavation in the AOG area commenced last night. The design assures protection for workers and accounts for nuclear safety. As the excavation proceeds, shoring is being installed to hold back the dirt wall to prevent the possibility of a cave in. As of noon today, the excavation has reached the seven foot level. Sunday afternoon, workers expect to excavate down to 11 feet. At that point, excavation will stop temporarily so that additional cross bracing can be welded in place. An engineered solution to capture potential leakage encountered at the unearthed AOG tunnel has also been prepared if it is needed. The enclosure above the excavation area is in progress and will be completed after the shoring is moved into place and excavation has reached 15 feet. The installation of the two new deep monitoring wells is complete and they are in the process of being developed (GZ-13D and GZ-14D). Digging for two additional shallow groundwater monitoring wells continues. The information from these new wells will help engineers and hydrology experts better understand groundwater flows beneath the site. While this investigation continues, it is important to note that there has been no tritium levels found in any samples taken from drinking water wells or the adjacent Connecticut River.For more details on the tritium investigation, the Vermont Department of Health has a thorough status report on the investigation at this web link: is external)Source: Vermont Yankee. 2.21.2010last_img read more

BRO Athletes |Chris Harnish Takes on the Iron Cross XIII

first_imgThe past decade has seen an explosion of new “challenge” events geared towards being inclusive to more athletes, while adding unique features. Mud runs and warrior runs have replaced the venerable trail run, while trail ultra-marathons continue to grow. In the cycling world, the Gran Fondo has emigrated from Europe to America, with new events popping up all over the country, while the sport of cyclo-cross has experienced an enormous surge in popularity in the last decade. But before all the boutique events, there was the Iron Cross. Billed as North America’s original ultra-cross race, the Iron Cross could be described as part Gran Fondo, part off-road adventure, mixed with a little cyclo-cross to create a day of awesome views and challenging fun. It’s no wonder why I jumped at the invite to come up and race the lucky 13th edition!Iron CrossThe Iron Cross was hatched in 2003 by longtime road racer and cycling advocate, Mike Kuhn. The guiding principles of the event are: 1) take care of every racer, and 2) there’s no such thing as too much suffering! From its humble beginnings, though, the Iron Cross has become known as one of the premiere ultra-cross events in the U.S. And while the race has evolved, and grown out of its original course venue in the Pine Grove Furnace State Park to its brand new home starting in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the heart of the race remains delivering an event for every racer, and, as I can attest, loads of suffering. The CourseStarting and finishing in downtown Williamsport, the race winds itself out of Williamsport in just a few short miles. No sooner have you left town than you’re hitting the first of six big climbs, making your way upward 5 ½ miles past Racoon Mountain. There is little time to rest, however, as you head onto the open roads and the potential for serious head and crosswinds for about 3 miles before hitting the mile long “wall” on Route 44. The climb averages 9 percent, but has pitches between 15 and 23 percent. From the summit of Route 44 you are treated to a spectacular view and a 3 ½ mile descent that plunges you down nearly 1,400 feet to Elimsport, not far from your first aid station. Early in the race, many tend to ignore Aid 1, like me, but it’s a great feature for those wanting to travel lighter on the first climb.3 The Run upThe course then grinds its way up the road before hitting the dirt once more with the 1.6 mile 3rd Gap climb, which averages about 7 percent, but stings with a few pitches above 15%. Any thoughts of relief, though, are premature, because the course hits a series of rollers for nearly 5 miles before reaching a steady 4 mile downhill section that passes aid station 2. At the halfway point, Aid 2 is good place to restock your fuel, or pick up personal items delivered by the race. Once past Aid 2, the race tackles some of its best suffering in the final half, starting with the 4 mile climb up Walters Road.On paper, Walter Road is the easiest of the big climbs, averaging just 5 percent with pitches of just 15, but at more than 2 or more hours into the race, this climb seems to go on forever. With so many miles left, I opted to ride conservatively, which extended my pain to more than a half an hour. Once at the top, you’re treated to a combination of rutted dirt fire roads and some rocky, technical single-track descents, before beginning a slow single-track grind to a hellishly steep torture session masquerading as a “run-up”. There is nothing runnable about this march up the mountain. I also learned thats its impossible to shoulder my 29er. According to Strava, it took me 16 min to plod the half mile hill. Strava also says the average grade was 21 percent, with several spots nearly 40 percent! But all this brutality had its reward, in the form of the long-supported Larry’s Tavern, which featured fresh venison and ice-cold beer. I passed on the meat, but gladly refreshed myself for the final 15 miles. And if that wasn’t enough, I was treated to my first snow flurries of the fall.4 Larry's Tavern PABSTAfter an easy 5 miles down to Aid 3, I thought the better part of valor was to stop and fill up my bottle and grab some food. I have to give props to Kuhn and huge props to all the race staff, because the rest areas are fully stocked and these folks were awesome help on a frigid day. While the 3 min stop may have cost me time, it was far better to avoid a major bonk in the last hour. As it turned out, the screaming fast descent from Aid 3 and Jacks Hollow, was followed by a painful 2 mile climb up Lorson road and then a series of rollers before the final 5 mile plunge to Williamsport. As the race hits the final 5 k, the Iron Cross throws in some tricky off-camber cyclo-cross fun before dumping you onto the flat, fast run to the finish, and some hot food and cold beer of your choice!Post-race ReflectionsIt’s been a long time since I’ve competed in any mass start bike races, so this was a great way to come back to the sport. I honestly cannot say enough about the event, because it has everything you want. In an era where many races look to cash in first, and leave you wondering how you will find the route or carry your gear, Iron Cross gives you the support from the start. You can leave drop bags that are delivered to each aid station, or you can drop stuff off as you go.  The staff is friendly and helpful, and the course simply amazing. The prizes are pretty awesome, and even if you’re not an award winner, you still go home with cool shwag. And most of all, you get as much suffering as you can dish out! And while this year’s race was a bit frosty for me, it was great to catch up with an old friend, and get to revisit much of what I’ve always loved about the sport of cycling.5 40+ PodiumMy Iron Cross by the numbers32o F was the temperature at the start; I never saw anything above 40.65.1 miles4:53:00 was my finish time6,873 ft of climbing3042 kJ expended208 W Norm Power*I also consumed 3 Honey Stinger Bars, 3 Waffles, a bag of Stinger Chews, 2 L of Skatch Lab Matcha and Lemons drink mix, 1 L of coke, and a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. As well as an entire 14” pizza and a Fat Tire ale after the race.last_img read more

Honduran Service Members Conclude Course with Colombia and US

first_imgBy Iris Amador/Diálogo October 26, 2018 The International Comprehensive Action and Development Certification concluded after three weeks of instruction at the Colonel Hernán Acosta Mejía Air Base in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, September 28th. The course falls within the U.S.-Colombia Action Plan for Central America and the Caribbean (USCAP), a cooperation program among the countries of the hemisphere to strengthen regional security. Colombia manages the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM)-sponsored initiative. Colombian Army officers taught the course to 26 students of the Honduran Armed Forces. To put their knowledge to practice, participants carried out a medical brigade in Ojojona municipality, Francisco Morazán department, a day before completing the course. “Through these activities, we can strengthen the institutional image of the Armed Forces while contributing to the progress and development of locations lacking basic necessities,” said Colombian Army Captain Helber Quintero, instructor at the Colombian School of International Missions and Comprehensive Action. Cap. Quintero led the team of four Colombian instructors who taught the course. “The mission was to train Honduran service members to plan, prepare, execute, and evaluate campaigns to benefit communities,” he told Diálogo. The group of 18 Honduran officers and eight recent non-commissioned officer graduates put together a team of doctors, dentists, psychologists, nutritionists, and hairdressers to provide free medical services, medicine, social assistance, and recreational activities to Ojojona inhabitants. Members of the Red Cross, the Permanent Contingency Commission of Honduras, the Honduran National Police and fire department, and other volunteers participated in the combined and interagency brigade. Municipal officials and members of the Honduran Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion joined the effort, contributing 500 bags of supplies. “The activity had a large impact with the inhabitants,” Honduran Army Captain Gilberto Aguilar, a course participant, told Diálogo. “[Its success was due to] good instruction, the officers’ commitment, institutional integration, and the support of the community.” Medicine and laughter More than 1,400 people received medical and social assistance. Children enjoyed an afternoon snack and played in inflatable bounce houses. Soldiers, decked in clown outfits, brought laughter and smiles, and added to the fun with animal-shaped balloons. “We had more attendees than expected,” said Capt. Aguilar, whose leadership and organizational skills made him top student in the course. “We brought [local] leaders and parents of local schoolchildren closer. We found that people want to help. Sometimes we only need someone to coordinate and help them get organized.” Colombian instructors packed neon shoes, paint, and red noses in their luggage. According to Capt. Quintero, “The idea is to break with the traditional views civilians have of soldiers. To watch service members carry out such activities with children was something new. People value this, because they weren’t expecting to see soldiers share these experiences.” Advocates and friends Working with children is just one of several operational means to get closer to the population. The course included training activities focused on the elderly, agricultural practices, such as those the Colombian Army uses to substitute illegal crops with legal productive crops, and others. “Raising military awareness means reaching people’s hearts with these activities, so they can see that a soldier is a friend to them,” Capt. Quintero said. “Unified actions impact the security of communities and the country’s stability in general.” The Honduran Armed Forces carry out civil-military activities in different areas of the national territory throughout the year. On this occasion, however, the students of this course executed the Ojojona initiative on their own. In addition to medical services, parents handy with electricity helped repair the school’s power system and implemented a waste recycling system. Thanks to the military students’ actions, the team was able to get about a dozen electrical appliances they raffled off to the population. “People left happy,” Capt. Aguilar said. “Some children stayed with us the whole day. We gave them an afternoon snack and they didn’t want us to leave.” This is the trust-based relationship the course tries to foster among soldiers and their own communities. Upon completing the course, taught in Honduras for the first time, participants said they hope to strengthen ties through sports events, cultural programs, and other recreational activities, such as movies in the park. Senior leaders of the Honduran Armed Forces thanked SOUTHCOM and Colombian representatives. The training, they said, will have a multiplying effect to fulfill one of the Armed Forces’ most important roles: mitigating critical needs of large parts of the population. Colombian Army Staff Sergeant Elkin Contreras, a course instructor, said the initiatives allow people to know that their soldiers “protect them with more than weapons.”last_img read more

Eliminating stress-women in leadership positions in credit unions

first_imgKnow when to uplug.  Building relationships and nurturing them is important for the success of every business.  Having an online presence is important as well since that is the first place people go to when they want to find out about you.  But remember, life and business will go on without you if you choose to unplug.  Recharge your battery. The changes you make for your business and yourself can seem tiny but with each one the changes can result in monumental growth. According to the American Institute of Stress-80% of workers feel stress on the job and nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress.  It is important to focus on ways to eliminate stress, so you and your business can remain healthy. Being healthy should be a goal for everyone and that does mean your business and YOU.Leading by example. Stress is often dictated by leadership culture.  I always said I would never ask anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do and that included everything from emptying the trash to setting up meetings to providing customer service and then some.  Your team should know about the direction and results of the business but you don’t have to share your personal challenges with them like the argument you had with your spouse or that your children were less than cooperative that morning. Remember your personal life is called personal for a reason. Take a break when you need it and let your team know that you do encourage down time…just don’t forget the up time. Time to be social.  We all work so many hours and often hear comments about not having time to do anything we love to do or that we forgot what we loved to do.  Create social time and sometimes that can also be part of creating more production.  When you are in sales and have a sales team, you can incorporate the fun and production by having a pizza night.  We used to do this once a month.  I would bring in pizza and invite everyone in to brainstorm, bond and build.  We would all sit around a conference table and talk about what was working for them, what were the challenges and celebrate all of their triumphs.  Inevitably someone would talk about what making phone calls and then pick up a phone and “demonstrate” how they did it. Many of the agents would start making calls and by the end of the night, we would have 10, 20 and sometimes 30 appointments set for the following week.  Production was high and the next time we met, so was the excitement. We took the stress right out of calling, scheduling appointments and selling. Open communication will create a win-win situation– A leader is someone who provides this environment and that too helps reduces stress.  When you are kept in the loop, you feel like you are a part of the team. There’s nothing worse than being blindsided by a decision that was made that involves you and you were not included.  This works both ways as well.  You too will be kept inside the circle of trust.One of the biggest stressors is your work space.  If you are in an office, think about what your team sees when they drive up.  Close your eyes and imagine walking into your building.  Can someone be successful there or is it a place that no one wants to go? Is it a place that is welcoming to everyone or does it make you feel like that square peg trying to fit into that round hole. If you work in a home office, it’s no different. If walking into your office gives you that feeling of wanting to walk right back out, make some changes.  Clean off your desk, file your papers, add a funky light or even a purple stapler. Have a picture of someone or something that makes you smile.  It won’t cost a fortune to do but again, it will add some additional zero’s to your bottom line.Eliminating stress doesn’t have to have a million dollar solution. It starts with the leader and is passed down to the rest of the team. But, let’s not forget the leader of the pack.  You have to take care of you. You can’t hire someone to do that. You need to do it yourself. Here are a few ideas that keep you at the top of your ToDo List: Stay healthy.  Eat well, exercise and get plenty of sleep.  Your engine needs to have regular maintenance and that will be evident in how you show up. Have a plan.  A business plan is something that will give you the road to travel and get you to your desired outcome. You can see what only you can do and what you can delegate to others.  Prioritize your list and watch how productive you really become. Schedule personal time.  It’s not do as I say, not as I do.  If you are encouraging your team to take time off, so should you.  Be strict with your calendar and when it shows personal time, that’s what it means.  To start, put yourself on your calendar as an appointment. You wouldn’t miss an appointment now would you?  Remember busy people like to work with busy people so don’t think you will lose business by taking care of you.center_img 64SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Judy Hoberman Men and women sell, manage, recruit and supervise differently.  Judy Hoberman, creator of “Selling in a Skirt”, shares essential insights about gender differences and how to embrace and use those … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Subsea 7 and Royal IHC Splash Seven Vega

first_imgSubsea 7 and Royal IHC have launched the fully integrated reel-lay vessel Seven Vega. The ceremony took place at IHC’s shipyard in Krimpen aan den IJssel, The Netherlands, and was performed by Monica Th. Bjørkmann, Vice President for Subsea 7 in Norway.Stuart Fitzgerald, Executive Vice President Strategy and Commercial Subsea 7 said: “The vessel marks an important investment for the future. When delivered in early 2020, Seven Vega will be one of the most capable and cost-effective reel-lay vessels in the market and a global enabler for Subsea 7. It has been designed to deliver flowline technologies that address the growing market trend towards longer and more complex tie-back developments. The vessel’s cutting-edge pipelay system focuses on crew safety, operational efficiency and flexibility. This system will be capable of installing complex rigid flowlines including pipe-in-pipe systems and electrically heat traced flowlines in water depths up to 3000m.”Dave Vander Heyde, CEO Royal IHC: “We are very proud of achieving this milestone for this impressive project. Our partnership with Subsea 7 has again proven to be successful and we are pleased to add more value to their advanced fleet. The integrated approach of IHC to vessel design, will give Subsea 7 an industry leading asset that sets a new standard in offshore pipelay.”IHC designed Seven Vega in close cooperation with Subsea 7. The high-specification vessel will be capable of installing complex rigid flowlines including pipe-in-pipe systems.Several innovative features make Seven Vega the most technologically advanced vessel to date. Its compact dimensions are a result of the creative positioning of its three engine rooms and main reel, efficient use of the superstructure, and low air draft pipelay tower. The smart use of space opens up a large aft working deck, while the optimised mass distribution minimises the ballast water requirement.The design of the reel-lay system was focused on crew safety, operational efficiency and flexibility. The twin tensioner pipelay ramp tilts to allow pipeline installation from shallow waters to depths of up to 3,000m. The large multi-level workstation optimises the efficiency of operations in and around the firing line, while the creative positioning of the main and auxiliary reels – recessed into the main deck – offers payload flexibility.In addition, the all-electric main crane allows lift parameters to be adjusted promptly without having to manually adapt the active heave system. By having fewer components, maintenance and energy consumption are also reduced.Seven Vega has an overall length of 149m, a breadth of 33m and a Class 3 dynamic positioning system. Its reel-lay system has a 600t top tension capacity consisting of a 32m main reel and a 17m auxiliary reel with a maximum storage capacity of 5,600t and 1,600t respectively. SEVEN VEGA is fitted with cranes offering a lifting capacity of 250t and 50t, and mutiple smaller cranes alongside two side-launching work-class ROV systems.This reel-lay vessel is the ninth vessel IHC will deliver to Subsea 7. The delivery represents a fully integrated pipelay vessel equipped with a pipelay system designed, engineered and built by IHC.last_img read more

Florence Ann (Tebbe) Sturwold, 98

first_imgFlorence Ann (Tebbe) Sturwold, 98, of Greensburg, In. passed away on Sunday, July 24, 2016 at Crown Pointe Senior Living Facility where she had been a resident since February, 2011. Florence’s family extend a special thank you to the staff and residents of Crown Pointe for their excellent care and compassion during her stay there.  Florence was born on October 27, 1917 in Oldenburg, In, the daughter of William and Anna (Dickman) Tebbe.  She was a homemaker most of her life but had worked at Batesville Casket Company, G.C. Murphy Store & Carol Cook Dress Factory in Greensburg. She was a member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church and love to play bingo, dance, and attend grandchildren’s activities.  Florence married Andrew Joseph Sturwold on December 26, 1944 in Batesville, and he preceded her in death on November 8, 2008.  She is survived by two daughters; Carole Ann (Leon) Nobbe and Glenda (Carl) Nieman both of Greensburg, one brother; Louis Tebbe, Batesville, four grandsons; Steven (Julie) Nobbe, Greensburg, David (Linda) Nobbe, Greensburg, Mark (Ginalee) Nieman, Indianapolis, Jason (Michelle) Nobbe, Austin, TX, four granddaughters; Brenda (Chris) Chapman, Greensburg, Susan (Trev) Wade, Indianapolis, Marsha (Drew) Tindall, Roanoke, IN, Nancy (Josh) Dye, Indianapolis, and 19 great grandchildren.   She was preceded in death by her parents, husband, 2 great grandchildren; Isabelle Nobbe, William Nobbe, three brothers; John, William, and Francis Tebbe, and three sisters; Mary Jane Tebbe, Marian Bischoff, and Monica Ruberg.  A rosary service will start at 12:30 pm on Sunday followed by visitation from 1-5 pm. at Porter-Oliger-Pearson Funeral Home.  A Funeral Mass will be held at 11:00 am on Monday, August 1 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church with Rev. John Meyer officiating.  Burial will follow at St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery.  Memorials can be made to the St. Mary’s Church Building Fund.  Online condolences can be made at www.popfuneralhome.comlast_img read more

$500,000 FIFA funds not Covid 19 Palliative – Akinwunmi

first_img Promoted ContentBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made7 Theories About The Death Of Our Universe10 Absolutely Unique Facts About Kanye7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Better2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them7 Mind-Boggling Facts About Black HolesTop 10 Most Romantic Nations In The World7 Reasons Why You Might Want To Become A Vegetarian7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend BetterCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way7 Breathtaking Train Stations Around The Globe “A lot of people believe the $500,000 we recently got from FIFA is Covid 19 palliative. Actually it is the annual fund due to Nigeria. And it is meant for the running of Nigeria football. It’s not to be shared by stakeholders”, Barrister Akinwunmi explained. Speaking further, the Lagos FA Chairman also corrected the notion that the clauses inserted in the new contract of the Super Eagles Manager Gernot Rohr were aimed at discouraging the Franco-German from renewing his contract. “The conditions in the new contract tabled before Rohr are meant to improve his efficiency and productivity. They are also geared at enhancing domestic football and giving home-based players the opportunities to play in the senior national football team”, he said. read also:Thinking Aloud: If Barrister Dalung had returned as Minister Barrister Akinwunmi disclosed that the update on the contract renewals will be announced by the NFF Secretariat at the appropriate time. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… First Vice President Nigeria Football Federation, Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi, has declared that the five hundred thousand dollars given to the federation by the world football governing body, the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) is not a Covid 19 palliative as insinuated by some Nigerian sports enthusiasts. Featuring on the BCOS TV Saturday morning sports program Saturday Breakfast Sports Show, Barrister Akinwunmi said the money is an annual fund due to Nigeria. He added that the money is meant for the running of football in the country. Fielding questions on the live T. V programme anchored by Boluwaji Ogunmola and produced by Adewale Tijani, Barrister Akinwunmi hinted that the funds would be spent in accordance with FIFA’s specifications and will be accounted for.Advertisementlast_img read more

EPL: Reds set to dim Brighton

first_imgRelatedPosts Lampard: I still have confidence in Tomori Mane double eases Liverpool to win over 10-man Chelsea EPL: Chelsea, Liverpool in cagey duel Liverpool vs. BrightonVenue: Anfield StadiumKick off: 4PMLiverpool switch their focus back to the Premier League on Saturday when they welcome Brighton & Hove Albion to Anfield.The Reds remain eight points clear at the top of the table having dropped only two of the 39 points on offer so far this season, but were held to a 1-1 draw in front of their own fans by Napoli on Wednesday night.Such has been Liverpool’s form in recent times that any match they do not win will cause headlines, but there had been warning signs prior to the midweek Napoli draw.Indeed, there are surprisingly few games this season in which the Reds can be said to have been at their best, yet they have still won 18 of their 21 fixtures across all competitions and sit eight points clear at the top of the table.It begs the question: just how will anyone stop them if they do rediscover their top form?The level of performance will only be of secondary importance for Jurgen Klopp given that his side continue to pick up results, and he will be aware that a drop-off would only be natural during a spell which will see them play 12 games in the space of 37 days.Even so, the failure to beat Napoli on Wednesday means that their final group game against Red Bull Salzburg on December 10 carries much greater importance, with defeat in Austria likely to see them crash out of the Champions League a little more than six months after lifting the trophy.Losing is not something Liverpool have made a habit of in recent years, though, and Saturday’s late triumph over Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park made it 30 Premier League games without defeat stretching back to January, during which time they have picked up 80 points from a possible 90.Only two teams have ever enjoyed a longer unbeaten run in the competition’s history, and if Liverpool can extend that this weekend then they would equal their own top-flight club record of 31, set during the 1987-88 campaign.The Reds unsurprisingly went on to win the league that season, but the fact that they are being made to fight for every victory this term means that there has been no chance for complacency to creep in.Seven of their 12 top-flight wins have been by a one-goal margin, preventing anyone from looking too far ahead to the prospect of a first title in 30 years.Of course, with each passing week that looks more likely with Liverpool still eight points clear of Leicester City and nine above champions Manchester City – a commanding lead for a team that has lost just one of their last 52 Premier League games.A slip-up certainly does not look like coming at Anfield, where Klopp’s side have not lost in any competition since September 2018 and in the league since April 2017 – runs of 31 and 46 matches respectively.Curiously, though, Liverpool are currently enduring their worst clean sheet run since 1998.The Reds have conceded in each of their last 11 matches across all competitions and have only kept three shutouts throughout the season, all of which came with Adrian in goal.There have been no clean sheets at all at Anfield, which is a wholly unexpected chink in their armour given their strength in that department last season.Only Napoli have been able to truly expose that weakness to any great effect so far this term, and Graham Potter will no doubt have been watching the Italian outfit’s performance closely on Wednesday as they ended Liverpool’s 17-match winning streak at Anfield.Any result on Merseyside would further enhance the reputation of a manager that has already impressed so much that the club handed him a new six-year contract this week, just six months after he was initially appointed.It has certainly been an encouraging start for the Seagulls, who in terms of points are closer to the top five than they are the bottom three, but Potter will know just how quickly things can change and, while their current position of 12th will feel comfortable, they are only two points above the much more perilous 17th place.The timing of Potter’s new deal was a clear message of support following back-to-back defeats at the hands of Manchester United and Leicester City, particularly considering their fixtures do not get any easier. Liverpool possible XI: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Lovren, Van Dijk, Robertson, Henderson, Lallana, Wijnaldum, Salah, Firmino, Mane.Brighton possible XI: Ryan, Montoya, Dunk, Duffy, Burn, Alzate, Propper, Stephens, Trossard, Maupay, Connolly.Tags: BrightonEPLLiverpoollast_img read more

Inter Milan queue for Osimhen

first_imgRelatedPosts Lampard: I still have confidence in Tomori Vidal lands in Milan to complete move from Barca to Inter Napoli Coach: Osimhen young lad with old brain Inter have joined AC Milan and Liverpool in the race to sign Lille star Victor Osimhen, according to reports.The Nigerian, dubbed the new Rashidi Yekini, is linked to Milan as they seek to replace Zlatan Ibrahimovic with a young forward with high potential. The Nigeria international is also linked with Liverpool, and reports on Tuesday claimed that they have begun talks with his representatives over a switch to Anfield, but that the Ligue 1 club want €60 million for the lad.According to il Corriere dello Sport on Wednesday, Inter have become the latest team to show an interest in signing Osimhen.The Nerazzurri have been linked with a number of strikers, including the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Dries Mertens and Olivier Giroud, amid doubts over the future of Lautaro Martinez, but it seems a new name is now in their viewfinder.Osimhen has scored 13 goals and added five assists in 27 games this season for the Ligue 1 side.Tags: AC MilanInter MilanLille FCLiverpoolVictor Osimhenlast_img read more