Kingdom of Wakanda destined for Disney + streaming service

first_imgLOS ANGELES (AP) — The Kingdom of Wakanda is staking out turf on TV. The Walt Disney Company says a series set in the “Black Panther” kingdom will be developed for the Disney + streaming service. The planned series is part of a five-year, exclusive TV deal that Disney announced with filmmaker Ryan Coogler’s Proximity Media company. Coogler wrote and directed 2018’s “Black Panther,” a box-office hit that turned Chadwick Boseman into a superstar. The actor died in August of cancer. The Black Panther character was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for Marvel Comics, which became part of Disney in 2009 when the media giant acquired Marvel Entertainment.last_img

Pathogens’ Defense

first_imgWhen humans get sick, our immune systems kick into high gear. To help guard against disease, people are increasingly turning to antimicrobial agents — from soaps to wipes to hand sanitizers — to help kill germs. However, scientists have found that some strains of Salmonella pathogens have developed strategies to evade damage.In work published in the January 2019 issue of the Journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology, University of Georgia bacteriologist Govind Dev Kumar found that, when stressed, Salmonella cells formed filaments, or giant cells.These uncharacteristically long cells of Salmonella form in response to antimicrobials. Regular bacterial cells of Salmonella are usually 2 to 4 microns long (a micron is a millionth of a meter). These filament cells can be hundreds of times longer.“At first, we thought we were seeing a strand of fabric that somehow got under the microscope,” said Dev Kumar of the long strands.To understand how these filaments helped Salmonella survive in the presence of antimicrobials, Dev Kumar, and his colleagues, Dumitru Macarisin of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition in College Park, Maryland, and Shirley Milcallef of the Center for Food Safety and Security Systems at the University of Maryland, used microscopy and fluorescence.“We magnify the cells many times and make them glow like a firefly,” said Dev Kumar, who joined the faculty at the Center for Food Safety (CFS) on the UGA Griffin campus in Griffin, Georgia, in September.The team specifically studied Salmonella Newport, a strain that can be traced back to the pathogen outbreaks in fresh tomatoes a few years ago, as well as outbreaks in beef products, he said.“Salmonella Newport is very diverse; it’s found in lots of environments in water, sediments and food,” Kumar said.The researchers found that when exposed to pelargonic acid — a compound naturally found in several fruit and vegetables — Salmonella Newport readily formed filaments to protect itself. The scientists realized that the filaments were made up of many tiny cells attached to each other, resulting in a “strength in numbers” strategy against antimicrobials.For the next step in this research, Dev Kumar will work with UGA CFS scientist Kevin Mis Solval to try to figure out why some sanitizers fail to kill harmful bacteria like Salmonella.“I have a full understanding of how sanitizers work,” Dev Kumar said. “Now I have to look for loopholes and develop better microbials.”In recent foodborne illness outbreaks traced back to fresh tomatoes, researchers found the acid in the tomatoes helped protect the pathogen, Kumar said. He and Mis Sloval plan to use similar fatty acids to deactivate pathogens.A native of India, Kumar says infectious diseases were a regular part of his life as a child. This led him to choose a career finding ways to “reduce the burden of foodborne disease,” said Kumar, who earned both his master’s degree and doctoral degree in food science at Virginia Tech.He completed his postdoctoral work at the University of Arizona where he focused his work on leafy green vegetables as vehicles for Salmonella. Next, he joined the University of Maryland where he studied the effect of sanitizers on foodborne pathogens. He conducted the Salmonella filaments study while he was a postdoctoral associate at the University of Maryland Department of Plant Science.To read the entire publication, “Salmonella enterica Filamentation Induced by Pelargonic Acid Is a Transient Morphotype,” go to read more

17-year cicadas expected this summer across the Southeast

first_imgYes, it’s going to be a buggy, buzzy, crunchy six weeks. But if we can get through it, we won’t have to face the onslaught again for another 17 years. Virginia: Allegheny, Bland, Franklin, Henry, Montgomery, Patrick, Pittsylvania, Roanoke The last time Brood IX emerged from the ground was in 2003. This time around, the cicadas are expected to arrive mid-May and should clear out by late June. They typically emerge when the soil 8” beneath the ground reaches 64 degrees, especially after a warm rain. We really didn’t want to be the ones to give you this news, but this summer, just as we (hopefully!) begin to emerge from our homes after the coronavirus pandemic, there’s going to be another situation that might keep you indoors: 17-year cicadas. Cicadas live underground for years before emerging from the soil all at once, swarming trees and bushes. Their loud mating song fills the air from morning until night.  The massive cicada population is expected to arrive in the following counties: North Carolina: Ashe, Alleghany, Forsyth, Stokes, Surry, Wilkes Photo of cicada next to shell from Getty Images Cicadas are known to damage trees, especially young fruit trees and newly transplanted shade trees. They’re also prone to dive-bombing hikers as they innocently walk down the trails, tangling themselves in your hair while they buzz and shriek (*shudder*).  West Virginia: Fayette, Greenbrier, Mercer, Monroe, Pocahontas, Summers While smaller numbers of cicadas emerge every summer, this year, people in Virginia, West Virginia and some parts of North Carolina will see potentially hundreds of millions of the insects, as the 17-year brood hatches from the earth this spring. last_img read more

Brexit: Royal London forms Irish subsidiary to safeguard EU business

first_imgRoyal London is to convert its existing business in Ireland into a subsidiary to allow the insurer to continue to do business in the Irish market once Britain leaves the EU in a year’s time.The UK’s largest mutual insurer – with funds under management of more than £100bn (€115bn) – said last week it was confident that there would be no “significant impact to the operations or capital strength of the group”.The company said: “We are in the process of establishing a subsidiary in the Republic of Ireland to enable our existing business to trade there after the UK leaves the EU. This mitigates any uncertainty for Royal London from the UK leaving the EU.”The move comes as the countdown to Brexit pushes past the 12-month mark and UK financial services companies increasingly seek ways to remain part of the wider EU market. Ireland has been among many European countries actively seeking to attract UK companies in the wake of the 2016 referendum result. It is already home to €2.4trn in assets, according to the European Fund and Asset Management Association, making it the second biggest fund domicile in the EU after Luxembourg.Earlier this year, Michael D’Arcy, minister of state at Ireland’s Department of Finance, told CNBC, the US news channel: “We’re saying to people, if there are difficulties, Ireland can be part of the solution for passporting.”In the first 12 months following the June 2016 referendum, lobby group Manufacturing Northern Ireland estimated that more than 100,000 UK companies had registered in Ireland.last_img read more

FMC Discusses Regulatory Reform Initiative and Ocean Carrier Alliances

first_imgThe US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) is on track with efforts to identify and address outdated, burdensome, or ineffective regulations, it was concluded at the commission’s meeting held on May 24.During the meeting, the FMC examined the next steps in its regulatory reform initiative which was launched earlier this year, progress made toward establishing a new five-year strategic plan, and developments related to the new ocean carrier alliance structure. According to Karen Gregory, who serves as FMC’s Managing Director and has been designated as the agency’s Regulatory Reform Officer, the regulatory reform efforts continue on good pace. The commission said that a Notice of Inquiry is now available on the commission’s website and will soon be published in the Federal Register soliciting the public’s assistance in identifying existing FMC regulations that should be repealed, replaced, or modified. Interested parties are invited to provide comment in response to the notice on or before July 5, 2017. Responses will be reviewed to help the FMC determine its next steps.Gregory also provided an update on the development of the FMC’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan. The public will have a chance to comment on the FMC’s draft plan in the summer this year. A final plan is due in February of 2018.“I am very pleased with the progress Ms. Gregory is making toward the commission’s goal of easing regulatory compliance costs and requirements for industry stakeholders. We look forward to hearing from any and all parties who want their views to be known,” Michael Khouri, Acting Chairman of the FMC, said.“If there are commission regulations that are burdensome, ineffective, unreasonably costly, or antiquated, every effort should be made to modify or repeal them so that shippers and consumers benefit from expanded services, increased choices, and lower costs,” Khouri added.Also during the meeting, an overview of the new carrier alliance structure was presented. It was specifically examining impacts on capacity and services as container lines have gone from operating in four different alliances to three.Commissioners were updated during the closed session about how these alliances will be monitored to assure the marketplace for ocean transportation services remains open and competitive.last_img read more

U.S. weekly offshore rig count stuck at 12

first_imgCanada Rig Count is down 2 rigs from last week to 21, with oil rigs up 1 to 8 and gas rigs down 3 to 13. Illustration; Author: SP Mac – shared with permission from the photographer U.S. Rig Count is down 21 rigs from last week to 318 with oil rigs down 21 to 237, gas rigs unchanged at 79, and miscellaneous rigs unchanged at 2. After three weeks of decline, the number of offshore rigs in the U.S. remained unchanged over the last week, according to the latest weekly rig count report by Baker Hughes. Baker Hughes Rig Count: U.S. -21 to 318 rigs The U.S. Offshore Rig Count is unchanged at 12 and down 10 year-over-year. Baker Hughes Rig Count: Canada -2 rigs to 21 rigs U.S. Rig Count is down 665 rigs from last year’s count of 983, with oil rigs down 560, gas rigs down 107, and miscellaneous rigs up 2 to 2. Canada Rig Count is down 57 rigs from last year’s count of 78, with oil rigs down 30 and gas rigs down 27.last_img read more

The dangers of smacking may not be true

first_imgYes, OK. Abuse is bad. But now I wanted to know: What about spanking? According to a 2011 study, more than half of all American parents spank their toddlers; some studies have put the number closer to 60 percent. But the American Academy of Pediatrics opposes it, and the practice is illegal in 32 countries, including Spain, Israel, and all of Scandinavia. So what’s the deal—are slaps on the tush OK if your children deserve it, or will it screw them up for life? Despite the Yahoo headline, and many others like it, the study, published in Pediatrics in early July, does not actually link spanking to mental illness. In fact, the study has nothing to do with spanking at all. Canadian researchers asked 34,000 adults how often they had been pushed, grabbed, shoved, slapped, or hit by their parents or other adults when they were children. The authors explain that they were trying to assess the long-term effects of regular harsh physical punishment, which, they write, “some may consider more severe than ‘customary’ physical punishment (i.e., spanking).” Ultimately, the researchers reported that adults who have mental problems are more likely to say they were pushed, grabbed, shoved, slapped, or hit by their parents than healthy adults are. 11 July 2013Last week, on Facebook, a friend of mine linked to a Yahoo blog post whose title caught my eye: “Spanking Linked to Mental Illness, Says Study.” My husband and I have a 14-month-old boy, whom we’ve never planned to spank. Still, we have years of discipline ahead of us, and I was curious about the findings.So I read the story. Then I read the study it was based on. Then I got mad.last_img read more

SMACKING LAW FAIL: NZ’s shocking child abuse statistics

first_imgStuff 2 June 2015A child is admitted to a New Zealand hospital every second day with injuries arising from either assault, neglect or maltreatment, research says.Nearly half of them are aged under five.The figures, which are likely under reported, are contained in a 2012 report prepared for the Ministry of Health by the NZ Child and Youth Epidemiology Service.Officials say child abuse remains a significant problem in New Zealand and a series of changes have been made to try and prevent it from occurring.They say that there is now a greater emphasis on identifying at risk families before a child is born and putting support measures in place to help them cope.However, much of the responsibility lies with the public who need to report any warning signs before they escalate.“It’s very hard for outside agencies to pick up on these things. Close family won’t even know what’s going on,” Detective Inspector Tom Fitzgerald said.“It’s about having the guts . . . to front people who aren’t coping and making sure we’re all responsible for looking after these kids.”According to the report, which was cited by Children’s Commissioner Russell Wills, 843 children aged 0-14, were admitted to hospital from 2007 to 2011 with injuries arising from either assault, neglect or maltreatment.Their injuries ranged from serious head trauma to broken legs.Wills said the statistics were likely under reported because national guidelines meant officials had to be certain of an assault before it could be recorded.Attitudes about violence towards women and children had to change, he said. read more

Wilshere would welcome Rooney signing

first_img Funds of more than £75million are understood to be available for manager Arsene Wenger as he aims to pull together a squad capable of mounting a long overdue sustained assault on the championship. Rooney asked to leave Manchester United at the end of last season but it remains to be seen how the situation will develop with the arrival of new manager David Moyes, his former boss at Everton. Speaking in a question and answer session with, Wilshere said: “If it happens, it would be amazing. He (Rooney) is the type of player who can win you trophies – and just to see his name on the team sheet brings fear to the opposition. We could do with a little more of that.” The Gunners are set to be busy in the summer transfer window, with the confirmation of the free transfer of France Under-21 attacker Yaya Sanogo set to be shortly confirmed now his contract with Auxerre has expired. Arsenal have also been linked with Real Madrid’s £25million-rated forward Gonzalo Higuain and Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini, who would, like Rooney, both command significant wages. Wilshere, 21, believes the calibre of players now likely to be brought in by Arsenal shows they mean business on the pitch. He added: “You look at the type of players like Higuain we are trying to bring in and you have got to be encouraged. I think we need a few more, not to step right into the team, but to add to the squad. “We need our squad to be as deep as United’s and (Manchester) City’s. They can change their back four completely and still win. There is no way United would have won the Premier League trophy with 18 players. “It is no secret we need to win a trophy. How long has it been now, seven or eight years? “The players feel the pressure and we have gotten close a few times like with the Carling Cup a couple of years ago. I think once we win one, others will follow.” Jack Wilshere believes if Arsenal were to sign England team-mate Wayne Rooney it would strike fear into the hearts of their Barclays Premier League title rivals.center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Old guard gives City convincing win

first_img Albion, in contrast, relied on hopeful long balls as Berahino and Lambert became increasingly isolated. The visitors were in total control and they underlined their dominance in ruthless fashion after 24 minutes. This time there was no doubt over the scorer as Toure swapped passes with Bony before unleashing an unstoppable effort into the top corner from 20 yards. City kept Albion at bay until three minutes from half-time, when Berahino clipped over Joe Hart only to be ruled offside. A minute before, though, Sterling should have marked his debut with a goal when Toure put him clean through, only for Myhill to save his low weak effort. It would have ended the game but, instead, the hosts emerged for the second period with renewed belief. First, Lambert’s 30-yard free-kick whistled over before Berahino’s tame finish fell to the under-worked Hart. The striker should have done better and was left to rue the miss when City made it 3-0 on 59 minutes as Kompany glanced in Silva’s corner with his shoulder. The contest was over and the visitors had the luxury of bringing Aguero off the bench, while Samir Nasri also replaced Sterling. Hart gathered James Morrison’s header with 14 minutes left but there was no way back for the Baggies. Aguero almost added a fourth with two minutes left, but his low six-yard effort was blocked by Myhill before the goalkeeper saved Aleksandar Kolarov’s stoppage-time free-kick. TWEET OF THE MATCH “A very impressive performance from Manchester City. Silva is different gravy!” Gary Lineker purrs over another David Silva masterclass RATINGS West Brom Boaz Myhill: 6 (out of 10) James Chester: 6 Joleon Lescott: 6 Craig Dawson: 6 Chris Brunt: 6 James McClean: 5 Darren Fletcher: 6 James Morrison: 5 Craig Gardner: 5 Rickie Lambert: 5 Saido Berahino: 6 Substitutes: Claudio Yacob: 5 Callum McManaman 5 Victor Anichebe 5 Manchester City Joe Hart: 6 Bacary Sagna: 7 Vincent Kompany: 7 Eliaquim Mangala: 7 Aleksandar Kolarov 8 Yaya Toure 8 Fernandinho: 7 Jesus Navas: 7 David Silva 9 Raheem Sterling 7 Wilfried Bony: 7 Substitutes: Sergio Aguero: 6 Samir Nasri: 6 Martin Demichelis 6 STAR PLAYER David Silva The midfielder was at the heart of everything the visitors did and was at his majestic best to pick West Brom apart. He flicked on Yaya Toure’s shot in the opening goal and set up Vincent Kompany’s header for City’s third. Albion resorted to fouling the Spain international to stop him as he ran the game at The Hawthorns. MOMENT OF THE MATCH Toure’s strike to put Manchester City 2-0 ahead lit up The Hawthorns and was in complete contrast to the visitors’ scrappy opener. There was no debate who the scorer was this time when Toure wrapped his foot around the ball to smash it into the top corner after swapping passes with Wilfried Bony. The midfielder will hope to have laid the foundations to a more consistent season this year. VIEW FROM THE BENCH Manuel Pellegrini knows he must deliver this season and City sent out a clinical message to their title rivals. They were too strong for the Baggies and will have harder games, but Pellegrini will be pleased with their ruthless edge. Tony Pulis replaced debutant James McClean with Claudio Yacob at the break in a bid to stem the Manchester City tide, but it failed to rescue the game for the below-par Baggies. MOAN OF THE MATCH Albion offered little resistance to City in the first half and it was over as a contest by the break. West Brom fans would have been looking for more fighting spirit from Pulis’ side with the manager now crafting his own squad. But the Baggies never looked like getting back into the match once they fell behind. WHO’S UP NEXT Watford v West Brom (Premier League, Saturday 15 August) Manchester City v Chelsea (Premier League, Sunday 16 August) City boss Manuel Pellegrini told Sky Sports 1: “I’m always pleased when my team score with attacking football. I like to see good players playing in a technical way. I think we did really well. When you score already goals, it’s important to try to score more goals but it’s (also) important to have organisation and be a balanced team. “I think our team have to be very focused and concentrate on going game by game. We won this game. Tomorrow we must start thinking about Chelsea – that’s the next game (on Sunday). I always repeat, the Premier League is always very close. Every point when at the beginning is very important at the end of the season.” Albion manager Tony Pulis acknowledged he made an error in playing two up front, saying: “I take responsibility for the way we set up. The fact we had Saido and Rickie, who played really well together, pulled us away from really what we should do. I said to them afterwards, ‘I take responsibility for that one’. “Silva was controlling the game and looked really dangerous. We never got to grips with that. We had that great chance, if Saido scores, makes it 2-1, then we’re back in the game. But you have to give credit to City – they were the better team tonight.” Asked if Berahino’s miss was the turning point, Pulis said: “No. The pivotal moment was when I decided to play the two up front and not the extra man in midfield.” The spotlight was on new £49million man Raheem Sterling, but it was David Silva and Yaya Toure who stole the show to help ease City to three points. Toure was influential in City’s first two goals, first producing a shot which was flicked by Silva and then deflected off defender Craig Dawson on its way in, and the second a fine finish before the 25-minute mark. Vincent Kompany then completed a comfortable triumph for the visitors just before the hour. Manchester City got their Barclays Premier League title bid up and running with a comfortable 3-0 win at West Brom thanks to their old favourites. City, and their old guard, were too strong for the Baggies, who saw Saido Berahino waste their best chance. Sterling should have also marked his debut with a goal, but was denied by Boaz Myhill when clean through. The 20-year-old started in support of Wilfried Bony, with Sergio Aguero on the bench, while Albion handed debuts to Rickie Lambert, James Chester and James McClean. Albion’s new £12million record buy Salomon Rondon was unveiled to the crowd hours after signing from Zenit St Petersburg, along with Arsenal loanee Serge Gnabry. And the new boys would have watched in horror as City dismantled their hosts in the first half. They had threatened without testing Myhill but deservedly took the lead after nine minutes with a goal which happened almost in slow motion. Silva had already gone close as his cross shot found the waiting Jesus Navas at the far post and he teed up Toure on the edge of the box. The midfielder was gifted time to shoot and his mis-hit effort was flicked on by Silva before hitting the helpless Dawson and crawling across the line. City had settled and were toying with the Baggies, trying to find the perfect pass to carve them open. Press Associationlast_img read more