4 Teens Charged With Babylon Hate Crime Beating

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Four teenagers from Oceanside have been accused of physically attacking two men in what Suffolk County police said is being investigating as an alleged anti-gay hate crime in Babylon early Sunday morning.The suspects were walking on Deer Park Avenue when they asked the victims for directions to the Long Island Rail Road train station before the group jumped the duo at 3:30 a.m., police said.The alleged attackers punched, kicked and shoved the two men “while using slurs based on the suspects’ belief of the victims’ sexual orientation,” police said in news release. Police did not disclose the alleged slurs used.A witness called 911 and responding officers arrested 20-year-old Gregory Gilbert, Shane Buckley and Nicholas Battaglia, both 18, along with 17-year-old Justin Buckley.All four were charged with assault as a hate crime. Gilbert, Battaglia and Shane Buckley were also charged with gang assault. They will be arraigned at First District Court in Central Islip.The victims were taken to Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center in West Islip, where one was treated and released and the other victim was admitted in serious condition.David Kilmnick, CEO of the Long Island GLBT Services Network, called the allegations disturbing and frightening.“This incident reminds us that we need to be vigilant in combatting hate and homophobia and that there still is a tremendous amount of work to do to make our Long Island a safe and welcoming community for all gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and families,” he said in a statement.Police are continuing the investigation.last_img read more

Uskok hat as a new authentic cultural and tourist product of the city of Senj

first_imgI keep emphasizing that we need to start respecting ourselves, our culture, history, heritage, identity, way of life and culture in order to be respected by others.If we look through the prism of tourism, the main word and motive of travel is authenticity, ie getting to know new ways and culture of living. It was through that prism in Senj that they started branding the national cultural heritage and revitalizing the almost forgotten Senj Red Riding Hood or from miles as they call it Little Red Riding Hood.The project called “Little Red Riding Hood” is an interdisciplinary multi-year project of the creative and cultural industry with the inevitable segment of preservation, presentation and branding of national cultural heritage. The Red Riding Hood from Senj draws its roots from the Illyrian costume, and in today’s exhibition in the Nehaj Fortress it is worn by an Uskok ensign. With this project, the jewel of the heritage of the city of Senj and Croatia is presented to the general public in a way that according to the original hat template, in a series of workshops in the public open space of squares and streets throughout Croatia, parts of the hat (patchwork) are sewn in such large numbers the biggest Red Riding Hood cap.The project officially starts in Senj, on Senj’s White Waterfront on August 16, 08, at 2017 am, and will later take place in stages, will include selected participants with a sensibility for art, history and preservation of national cultural heritage – and will last for three years. The initiator and author of the project is the Senj artist Marija Zudenigo, and she has already expressed her love for the city with two notable volunteer projects for Senj, “Senjska Balonarij” which marked the great 10th anniversary of this Mediterranean city and “Senjska Fregata” – launching 3000 paper boats to the port of Senj, June 1000, 4.6.2016, in honor of the city of Senj, to preserve the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. “My thinking is moving in the direction of setting up an art platform that would achieve the interest of the audience on social networks and beyond through a series of projects designed in this way based on the historical artifacts of the city of Senj. My wish is to create an emotional connection with the future visitor and to awaken the intention to visit the city at some point. Such projects are imagined to be realized through the contribution of individuals and their free will to participate in them and thus become a visible factor of change.”Maria Zudenigo points out.Great project and tourist story that I must definitely be one of the main motives of the city of Senj. But there are many challenges, first and foremost the Senj hat should once again be positioned among the citizens of Senj and acquire the habit of using and making it. Only when the local population accepts the revitalization and re-wearing of the Senj hat, can the day-to-day development of branding begin, so that the whole story is credible and the Senj hat is proudly spoken about.Nehaj Fortress, SenjThis is exactly one of the first goals of this three-year project, as Zudenigo points out and adds that the Uskok hat practically does not exist except on the stone plastic from the head of the Uskok and as an exhibit in the museum. “The ostrich has never been talked about or interpreted, but we want to revive it because we are certainly talking about a very valuable national cultural heritage. The idea is to assemble these patchouli (pieces of canvas) from all over Croatia in order to make one big Uskok hat that will complete the entire Nehaj Fortress in Senj. One piece of canvas 50cmx50cm will come from each part of Croatia, which would then be combined into one large Uskok hat. By the way, the Uskok hat is usable and wearable even in today’s fashion expressions and trends. Also, the hat is of Illyrian origin and Illyrian costume which means that this story lasts from the Neolithic to the present day. We are going step by step and we will see where this story will take us, I sincerely hope that soon the Uskok hat will become a recognizable symbol of Senj.“Concludes Zudenigo.Citizens of Senj, friends of Senj and tourists who will meet on Senj’s White waterfront at 16 am on Wednesday, August 10, will attend the event – a performance that will start a large interdisciplinary project “Little Red Riding Hood” – sewing Senj’s Little Red Riding Hood hat.last_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Monday, Oct. 28

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionMany responsible for global warmingJames Hansen testified about global warming to the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources back in 1988.We should have tried addressing this a long time ago.Similar to many problems (including healthcare), many people are responsible for our problems rather than a few.We should focus on the many who are responsible rather than the few.Colin YunickCharltonConflict issues are  a legitimate concernScotia Mayor Tom Gifford’s Oct. 21 (“Ethical concerns were way overblown”) letter — regarding Kurt Semon’s letter questioning of Glenville Town Board candidate Andrew Kohout’s possible conflict of interest with being the Village DPW superintendent — missed the point on ethics. He then added an unnecessary low blow about Kurt’s profession as a teacher.  The closing remark was irrelevant and unprofessional.As a fellow veteran, I can attest to Mr. Semon’s integrity both as a civic-minded citizen who freely volunteers his time as a town Planning and Zoning Commission member, and with other community organizations and projects.Kurt’s bearing is always professional, thoughtful, fair and even-handed. He’s also a good Social Studies teacher who brings a unique perspective to the subject from his experiences. I cannot attest either way to the qualifications of the candidate, but in the end, the voters will decide.Qualifications never outweigh ethics. Many highly qualified and good people can’t hold public offices because of ethical concerns. We have more than enough unchecked conflicts of interest on the federal and state levels and certainly don’t need it on the local level. If recusals need to be pre-planned for a candidate, he may not be the right fit to serve the town.Kurt BedoreBurnt Hills Sad to see family store closeMy sisters and I were sad to learn that Plaine and Son is closing its brick-and-mortar store after so many years in business.Our father, Hy Plaine, along with his brothers Lou and Joe, opened the original Plane Boys in 1945. The three brothers were all veterans of World War II. That first store was on lower State Street, adjacent to the historic Stockade area. Over the years, Plane Boys expanded to three locations, two in Schenectady and one in Colonie, and sold bicycles and automotive supplies to generations of families in the Tri-City area. We wish our cousin Les lots of success in his new venture.Martha Plaine, Ottawa, CanadaPhyllis Plaine, ElmiraLynn Plaine, Avon, Conn. More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18 Lisa Weber visits the Niskayuna Senior Center frequently and makes it a point to ask us for our interests and concerns. She is highly qualified to be the Niskayuna supervisor, having been active on the town board since 2016. Lisa Weber is committed to expanding and improving the senior programs.Supervisor Yasmine Syed does not visit the Niskayuna Senior Center and has made no attempt to get to know our seniors. We feel neglected by Supervisor Syed. Therefore, I encourage all seniors to vote for Lisa Weber and the qualified candidates running with her.Mary WhiteNiskayunaPeggy King best for county LegislatureI have been involved with the political careers of Karen Johnson and Peggy King since their inception. From being the first and second women to serve on the Schenectady City Council to both representing District 1 on the Schenectady County Legislature, they have been an inspiration.I knew Karen and her many qualities well and am confident that in this time in our county’s history that Margaret “Peggy” King is the ideal individual to carry on Karen’s legacy. Having been a member of the Schenectady County Legislature for 16 years, I have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to be an effective legislator.Please vote for Peggy King in the upcoming election for Schenectady County Legislature in District 1.  B. Donald AckermanSchenectadycenter_img Motorcyclists were delivering presentsIn response to Clifford Meacham’s Oct. 23 letter (“Why shut down road for motorcycles”) sir, those noisy, smelly motorcycles were indeed on a noble cause.Each of those riders was carrying at least one new, unwrapped Christmas toy for a child. Many of those riders were also carrying cash to be donated. I’m sorry you saw nothing in the newspaper about the event. It was, however, talked about in radio and news stations prior to the event.I was not able to ride in it this year, sir, but I am proud to be part of the noisy, smelly riders.Tammy LawyerCentral BridgeReconsider library magazine policyPublic libraries have always been a friend to the community and provided services that enrich our lives. They have always reached out to the public to encourage children and adults to read and open up a world of knowledge that awaits them through books and magazines.Over the years, our local libraries have made reading material accessible to all. One way they have done this is to set aside outdated magazines that can be picked up by volunteers and provided to patients in local hospitals and nursing homes.I was saddened to hear that the Schenectady County Public Library is no longer willing or able to continue this valuable service.Their new policy is to have organizations obtain a library card to check out magazines and then return these magazines to the library. This solution is not practical. When patients are discharged, they often have help packing up their rooms, including magazines on their nightstands. Some of these patients are in isolation and borrow magazines that cannot be returned. Many patients do not have access to iPads for downloading magazines and other materials. It is disheartening that our most vulnerable population does not have access to reading material  that will help make their day just a little bit better. It is my hope that SCPL will reconsider this policy.Constance ClarkeNiskayunaJaquith will serve town with honorI have had the privilege of serving with Rosemarie Perez-Jaquith on the Niskayuna Board of Education for many years, including under her leadership as president.She has a proven track record and I have seen how well she manages complicated issues, forges consensus and works hard to understand all sides. She cares deeply and has dedicated herself to serving our community, from her legal training to her work with the Legislature and her volunteer service, including leading the Board of Education. Our board is a diverse group in many ways, and she always manages to appreciate and understand everybody’s perspectives. She is willing to listen, but does not hesitate to act when it is time to make a decision. She is a great example of the American Dream, will serve us with honor, and is exactly the kind of person I hope my children will emulate. I strongly support her candidacy and will be vigorously filling in the circle next to her name when I go to vote.Howard R. SchlossbergNiskayuna Weber cares about Niskayuna seniorslast_img read more

Eight contenders battle for WTO leadership

first_imgPile of problems The new chief must revive stalled trade talks, lay the ground for the 2021 ministerial conference — one of the WTO’s major events — and thaw relations with the United States.The WTO finds itself caught in the middle of rising tensions between Washington and Beijing.The United States, which has threatened to leave the WTO, has blocked the organization’s dispute settlement appeal system since December, and wants China moved up from the developing economies category.The Geneva-based organization is staging a swift contest to replace outgoing director-general Roberto Azevedo.In a surprise move in mid-May, the Brazilian career diplomat announced he was stepping down one year early at the end of August.Azevedo, 62, said he was ending his second four-year term early for personal reasons, forcing the WTO’s 164 member states to come up with a successor in just three months instead of the usual nine.Rather than an election, the selection procedure relies on finding consensus, with candidates gradually being eliminated in turn.Besides the three late entrants, the other candidates are South Korean Trade Minister Yoo Myung-hee; Mexico’s former WTO deputy director-general Jesus Seade Kuri; former Nigerian foreign and finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala; Egyptian former diplomat Hamid Mamdouh; and former Moldovan foreign minister Tudor Ulianovschi. The WTO General Council will meet from July 15-17 to hear their presentations and quiz them on their plans for the global trade body, which was beset with mammoth challenges even before the pandemic-driven global economic crisis struck.”As the world seeks to recover from the shared challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of free and fair trade has never been more crucial,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in his letter to the WTO, nominating Fox.He said the former defense minister, 58, could implement the necessary reforms “to ensure the global trading system truly delivers for all WTO members.” First African WTO boss? Since the WTO was created in 1995, three of its directors-general were from Europe, while one each came from Oceania, Asia and South America.Africa fancies its chances this time, even though there is no regional rotation principle at the global trade body.However, African nations have so far failed to convene around a single candidate.Mamdouh, 67, a veteran former senior WTO official who is also a Swiss national, is the only contender from the continent with any express backing from the African Union.Nigeria’s decision to stand Okonjo-Iweala against him has triggered a legal dispute with the AU.Nevertheless, Okonjo-Iweala, 66, “is gaining ground within Africa,” a diplomatic source said.The former World Bank number two insisted that the WTO — which has never had a female leader — must choose is next chief “on merit”.”And then, if it happens to be a woman or an African, that is also good,” she told reporters in Geneva at a virtual press conference in late June.Kenya’s sports minister Mohamed, 58, first ran for the post in 2013. Her candidacy this time means there are three Africans and three women in the contest.Yoo, 53, is the other female candidate.The youngest contender is 37-year-old Ulianovschi, while Seade, at 73, is the oldest. The Mexican has held posts at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Three last-minute contenders on Wednesday joined the race to become the next head of the beleaguered World Trade Organization, meaning eight candidates in total are vying for the daunting position.Britain’s first post-Brexit international trade secretary Liam Fox, former Saudi economy minister Mohammed al-Tuwaijri and Kenya’s former WTO General Council chair Amina Mohamed all threw their hats in the ring in the final 24 hours before Wednesday’s deadline.They join candidates from Egypt, Mexico, Moldova, Nigeria and South Korea, a WTO official confirmed after the close of nominations. Topics :last_img read more

Cardinals Basketball Results

first_imgThe St. Louis 6th Grade basketball team faced St. Nicholas on Thursday night at home and came away with a one point win by the score of 28-27.St. Nicholas played tough and kept the game close for much of the evening.Andrew Oesterling and Wil Freeland led the way on offense while Ben Schebler, Tyler Kuntz, Jacob Wuesterfeld, Jack Abplanalp, Sam Voegele and Riley Schebler played outstanding defense. Will Freeland hit two crucial free throws with six seconds left to secure the win. Other players contributing to the scoring column were Jacob Sheets and Michael Wanstrath.The win brings their season record to 10-0. Their next game is on Saturday when they put their undefeated record on the line and play in the 6th grade tournament hosted at St. Louis.Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Ryan Schebler.The St. Louis 7th grade boys basketball team lost to a very good Laurel team Thursday night by a final score of 52 to 21.Eli Tuveson, Adam Cox, Joshua Myers, & Charlie Dice provided the scoring for the Cardinals.Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Mike Burkhart.The SLS 8th grade Cardinals basketball team traveled to Laurel Thursday night, December 4 and defeated an athletic, aggressive, and well-coached Laurel team 36-24.The game was played at the old Laurel High School gym on a night that was billed as “Throw-Back Thursday.” A large crowd was in attendance to honor past generations of Laurel players that once played on the Laurel High School floor. The atmosphere in the gym was loud, “highly-charged,” and competitive.Nathan Eckstein played his finest game of the year. Nathan led the team defensively down in the low post. Nathan led the team in rebounds, blocked shots, and steals. Robert Raver led the team in scoring and played an all-around great game. Sam Giesting handled the point guard position with poise and determination.Once again, Alex Geers, in his new role as sixth man came off the bench and gave the team a much needed spark. Gus Cooper and Kevin Salatin also played well and made contributions that led to the victory. It was a total “TEAM” effort that led to the Cardinals victory.The 8th grade Cardinals now stand at 9-1 on the season and will face Batesville Middle School next Tuesday night.Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Dale Amrhein.last_img read more