Crystal cantilever lifts objects 600 times its own weight w Video

first_imgAs the scientists noted, another example of a system which exhibits mechanical movement based on the structural changes of individual molecules is biological muscles, in which the molecular-scale movements of proteins generate muscle movement. Both muscles and the crystal cantilever undergo stress, but the stress generated by the crystal (44 MPa) was estimated to be more than 100 times larger than that generated by muscles (0.3 MPa). The crystal’s stress was comparable to that of piezoelectric materials (50 MPa), which are known for their ability to convert mechanical stress into electricity.“The large stress is ascribed to a large Young’s modulus of the molecular crystal,” Irie told “It is known that the molecular-scale shape change of molecules can produce very large local stress, 40-60 kbar, which is close to the pressure needed to convert graphite into diamond. The large stress produced by individual molecules induces the shape change of the crystal.” In the future, the scientists predict that the light-driven crystal actuators could have applications in micro- and nanomechanics, such as for manipulating biological cells and serving as light-driven valves in microreactors. More information: Masakazu Morimoto and Masahiro Irie. “A Diarylethene Cocrystal that Converts Light into Mechanical Work.” J. Am. Chem. Soc. DOI:10.1021/ja105356w ( — For a long time, scientists have been trying to transform the collective movements of tiny molecules into useful mechanical work. With this goal in mind, a team of researchers from Japan has developed a crystal cantilever that exhibits reversible bending upon alternate irradiation with ultraviolet (UV) and visible light. They’ve demonstrated that the crystal cantilever can lift metal balls that weigh up to 600 times more than the cantilever itself. In this process, the crystal’s photogenerated molecular-scale shape change generates a very large amount of stress – more than 100 times larger than the stress produced by biological muscles – to induce the macroscale movement. Masakazu Morimoto and Masahiro Irie from Rikkyo University in Tokyo, Japan, and the Japan Science and Technology Agency have published their study on the crystals in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Chemical Society. The current study expands on the scientists’ previous paper, in which they showed that the alternate irradiation of UV and visible light on a crystal can can cause shape changes in the crystal’s molecules, which can result in a macroscale shape change of the crystal material. Although the previous paper showed that molecular-scale events could induce macroscale movements, the crystals were too small and fragile to be used in real-world applications.In the current study, Morimoto and Irie used a two-component cocrystal to achieve greater strength and durability. The cocrystal is a thin, rectangular plate of 1-5 mm in length, 0.2-1.5 mm in width, and 10-50 µm in thickness. When irradiated with UV light (365-nm wavelength), the crystal bends away from the light source and turns blue. The scientists explained that the bending is due to the expansion of the crystal lattice induced by the shape change of the component diarylethene molecules. The crystal continues to bend until the UV light is switched off, and the crystal keeps its bent shape in the dark. When irradiated with visible light (440-nm wavelength), the crystal returns to its original straight shape and the blue color disappears. The scientists could repeat the photostimulated bending cycle more than 250 times without observing any damage to the crystal. (Left) When the crystal cantilever is irradiated with UV light from the right, it bends away from the light, and then returns to its original straight shape upon visible light irradiation. (Right) When the crystal cantilever is illuminated with UV light from below, it bends upward to lift a 2-mm lead ball weighing 46.77 mg (the crystal cantilever weighs 0.17 mg). Image credit: Morimoto and Irie. ©2010 American Chemical Society. Copyright 2010 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of Play This video shows the crystal cantilever lifting the 2-mm lead ball when illuminated from below with UV light. Credit: Morimoto and Irie. The scientists also demonstrated that the crystals could be used to lift heavy metal balls. Acting as a cantilever arm, a 0.17-mg crystal could lift a 2-mm, 46.77-mg lead ball, and a 0.18-mg crystal could lift a 3-mm, 110.45-mg steel ball, which was 614 times heavier than the crystal. These experiments showed that the crystal cantilever arm could generate a strong force (1.1 mN) and perform large mechanical work (0.43 microJ). Citation: Crystal cantilever lifts objects 600 times its own weight (w/ Video) (2010, October 1) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Micromuscles: Micrometer-Sized Actuators from Liquid-crystal Elastomers (w/ Video) Play This video shows the reversible bending of the crystal cantilever when illuminated first with UV light and then with visible light. Credit: Morimoto and Irie. 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Rumor Xbox 360 games to be playable on Windows 8 PCs

first_img © 2010 via Insideris Of course, since this is only a rumor there is no way to know if this supposed feature is expected to show up in all of the Windows 8 machines out there, or if certain hardware specifications that will need to be met in order to play with the Xbox 360 games. While this does have the potential to expand the base of Xbox 360 users it would also neuter the consoles sales, since there would be no need to buy both a game console and a PC. Though, if this turns out to be true, the company may have to deal with some resentment from the early adopters of the Xbox 360 who had to buy the console, pay to upgrade their hard drive size and then pay for a separate wireless connectivity point in order to get online. Then again if the rest of the Microsoft video gaming rumors turn out to be true Xbox 360 fans may already be onto the next thing. Many gamers are expecting the announcement of yet another next generation video game console at E3 2012. If that is the case then the Windows 8 maneuver may be a way to expand the sales of the considerable library of Xbox 360 titles after the console is no longer the newest thing. Explore further Microsoft links new smart phones to Xbox Live Citation: Rumor: Xbox 360 games to be playable on Windows 8 PC’s (2011, July 12) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Windows 8 screenshot More information: ( — A number of different sites are reporting the rumors that are making gamers ears twitch. The rumor says that Microsoft is about to make a big addition to the desktop version of its upcoming Windows 8 operating system; the ability to play their Xbox 360 game disks on their PC. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Laughing at men with men

first_imgLet me start by putting a disclaimer for this story- ‘The ideas put across are only in accordance with the event and no personal affiliations are attached!’So here is a show which talks about the plight of men and questions why only women fraternity in India get the maximum sympathy or are the soft targets for any ill. The good news (saviour)- they do this by tickling the funny bone.Titled Two and a Laugh Men, the stand-up show aspires to bring change in every man’s life. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’‘That is correct, We are going to create history. And Why do we need a special show dedicated to the life of men – because no one addresses problems that men face, because everything in this world revolves around women, because men are the easiest victim,’ said Nishant Joke Singh, who will put up an act of a pseudo pregnant man.Explaining his act, Nishant says, ‘I don’t understand why people call pregnancy as good news? I personally want to kill that person who came out with celebrating this time. Can you imagine the frustrated state of man’s mind who is devoid of sex for nine long months!’ Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix‘Secondly the state of pregnancy is as harsh on the man as on the woman. Which is justified in the following instance- the other day my wife gave alms to a beggar and a few seconds later had an attack of mixed emotions. She was calm, dumb and angry at the same time, basically implied that she was three Gandhis (Mahatma, Rahul and Varun) all together’, added Nishant.Another performer for the day is Abijit Ganguly, who is in a relationship for a century now, because dealing with his girlfriend is equivalent to that. If being single pisses you off, then one has to know these facts about being commited- first, a girlfriend’s ‘Bye…tc’ is a politically correct way of saying ‘Bye…f*** off’, secondly, the statement ‘We go shopping and we pay bills’ transforms into ‘He pays the bill’,’ explains Abijit. The third performer for the day is Amit Tandon who would put across what happens to a man after marriage. ‘My act would encourage people to not have kids, hence population control is one of the side effect of my act,’ said Amit.The show is a 90 minutes humour act combined with an attempt to revolutionise man’s position in this women dominated world for the sake of Man-kind. ‘There will be 10 minutes of stand up by three of us, later followed by live impromptu question-answer sessions by engaging the crowd,’ said Nishant.last_img read more

Fresh sexual harassment suit against USAs iGATE

first_imgUS-based outsourcing firm iGATE has been slapped with yet another sexual harassment suit by an ex-employee, claiming that she was sexually abused by the firm’s Legal Head and her supervisor.Karetha Dodd, a US national, has sued iGATE and her supervisor Mukund Srinath on charges of sexual harassment at the US District Court for the Northern District of California in September last year. Dodd has also alleged that she was targeted at iGATE after she testified against its then CEO Phaneesh Murthy who was accused of sexually harassing Investor Relations Head Araceli Roiz. In her complaint, Dodd has alleged that “she was subjected to harassing behaviour by her superior (Srinath) and when Plaintiff (Dodd) refused to have a sexual relationship with him, he retaliated by taking negative employment actions against her.” According to her LinkedIn profile, Dodd worked at iGATE as Vice President and Head of Legal (Americas) and resigned in August 2013.last_img read more

Train runs over leopard in Siliguri

first_imgSiliguri: A train mowed down a leopard near Nakshalbari, Siliguri.In the early hours of Thursday morning, an adult male leopard was found dead near Hatighinsha’s Chenga riverside rail line in Nakshalbari. The Forest department was immediately informed by the locals, following which personnel from the department arrived at the spot along with T T Bhutia, the range officer.The body of the animal has been taken by the department for post-mortem in Sukna forest.”We found the leopard already dead when we arrived. It had serious injuries in one of its front legs and its neck,” stated a forest source.Investigation has revealed that a passenger train from Katihar had crossed the rail line in that area on Wednesday night.last_img

Fire breaks out at ESIs medicine room in Sealdah none injured

first_imgKolkata: Three fire incident across the city triggered tension on Thursday and Friday.On Thursday night, a fire broke out at the service dispensary room (medicine room) of ESI Hospital in Sealdah. Another fire broke out at an empty Puja pandal at Survey Park. In another incident of fire, several shanties were gutted on Thursday evening in Dum Dum Cantonment area. No one got hurt in any of these incidents. According to the police, on Thursday around 10:15 pm, some staff of ESI Hospital saw smoke billowing out of the medicine room. The hospital super, police and fire brigade were immediately informed. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeWithin a few minutes, three fire tenders reached hospital and controlled the fire within 10:35 pm. Due to the fire, several medicines got damaged. A refrigerator where medicines used to be preserved also got damaged. Sources informed that the fire may have occurred due to some electrical disorder. In another incident on Thursday, several shanties were gutted near wireless math area at Dum Dum Cantonment. Four fire tenders doused the flames within a short period of time. Some residents of those shanties felt ill due to smoke but no one sustained burn injuries. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedOn Friday afternoon, another fire broke out at Survey Park in the afternoon. Police informed that the Puja pandal of Trikon Park Puja committee was getting dismantled. Around 12 pm while untying ropes from bamboos, a worker noticed flames close to him. He immediately warned others and all of them maintained safe distance. Locals informed police and fire brigade. Two fire tenders were pressend into action to control the fire. Though the flames did not spread, smoke from the inflammable materials was quite dense. No injury was, however, reported in the fire. The cause of fire was not confirmed but it is suspected that somehow a spark came in touch with the straw which was used to make the pandal.last_img read more

Safeguard tattoos from summer evils

first_imgSummer season is the perfect time to flaunt your tattoo in sleeveless tees, shorts and beachwear. However, with the scorching sun, it becomes all the more important to take care of your tattoo and the skin. After all, you don’t want to be attacked by skin infections, allergies and heat rashes.Rohit Batra, dermatologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Vivek Mehta, dermatologist at Pulastya’s Cadle Skin Laser Clinic, Neha Mittal, aesthetic and cosmetic physician at Dermaworld Skin and Hair Clinics, suggest how to protect tattoos during summer: Also Read – Add new books to your shelfShowing off the tattoo is one of the key reasons for getting a tattoo done but at the same time it is also the main cause that it fades away. The sun’s UV rays will quickly reduce the beauty of the tattoo, making it appear dull, resulting in colour spreading or scarring.Therefore, sun protection is important. Apply sunscreen (SPF 30 or above) generously on the tattoo. Make sure that you do this soon after you get inked. Ten to 14 days after getting a tattoo done, limit your sun exposure and apply sunscreen. Reapply sunscreen every two to three hours. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveNo matter how difficult it is, control your urge to flaunt your tattoo for at least initial days of recovery in order to avoid any kind of infection. Scarring, sunburn and skin problems like Melanoma are other issues that may affect your skin.Avoid bathtubs, hot water and ocean or pool water as they may contain a harmful chemical which might cause irritation, allergy or other skin issues.It is quite normal to feel itchy and sensitive on the area of the tattoo especially after a few days of a new tattoo. Therefore, use a moisturiser with an anti-oxidant formula.last_img read more

PC Sharma new ER general manager

first_imgKolkata: P. C. Sharma, from the 1981 batch of Indian Railways Stores Service (IRSS), took over as general manager, Eastern Railway, on Thursday in addition to his present posting as general manager, Metro Railway.In 1983, Sharma started his career in North East Railway, Gorakhpur. He has worked as chief materials manager at Rail coach Factory in Kapurthala, Railway Electrification in Allahabad, Northern Railway in Baroda House and as executive director in Railway board from 1986 to 2013. He has worked as divisional railway manager in Nanded from 2013 to 2015. Prior to his posting as general manager, Metro Railway, he worked as principal chief materials manager, western railway in Mumbai. Sharma has also undergone specialised training in technological upgradation of rolling stock in Germany and Austria in 2008 & Advanced Leadership Programme at CMU, Pittsburgh, USA in 2017.last_img read more

Kolkata registers 65 deficit rainfall in July

first_imgKolkata: The city has registered around 65 per cent average deficit rainfall in July so far while the figure in case of the state stands at 36 per cent.The Regional Meteorological Centre in Alipore in the last month predicted a shortage in rainfall across the state in July. Bengal had also received less amount of rain in June compared to the corresponding month in the previous years due to the late coming of the monsoon and an irregularity in the rainfall. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe situation did not improve in the current month as the rain deficit continues to haunt the people in the state. Deficit rainfall is a major cause of concern for the farmers and it may affect the crops in various districts. The weather office on Monday said that there is no possibility of rainfall in the city and South Bengal districts in the next three days. All the North Bengal districts are expected to receive heavy rainfall in the next four days. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateA rainfall alert has been issued to the districts in North Bengal. According to a weather official, a low pressure trough is expected to form over Bay of Bengal on Thursday which would bring moderate to heavy rainfall in all the South Bengal districts on Friday and Saturday. The city dwellers are under the spell of hot and humid weather for quite some time. Due to a shortage in rainfall the humidity level in South Bengal shoots up giving difficult days to the people across South Bengal. “As there was no significant rainfall in South Bengal in past two months, people are experiencing sultry weather. A low pressure trough formed over Bay of Bengal few days ago finally moved towards Odisha and Andhra Pradesh giving a miss to the city. There has been a significant shortage in rainfall in the city and South Bengal districts as well in July,” a weather expert said. Various farmers from districts such as East Burdwan, Nadia, Murshidabad and North 24-Parganas have already complained about damage of crops due to high-level of humidity. The paddy cultivation has also been affected due to scarcity of rainfall. The rain deficit in the two consecutive months hit the farmers hard and the shortage also casts a spell of doubt as to what will happen to their crops if the situation continues. North Bengal districts have received heavy rainfall ever since the south-western monsoon made incursion into the region.last_img read more

That Time Boris Yeltsin was Found Drunk on a DC Street Trying

first_imgDiplomacy has its rules. Some of them are common sense, and some of them are arcane, really only familiar to diplomats and their aides. However, though it’s likely not in any book on diplomatic manners, wandering about your hosts’ residence and out into the street in just your underwear, drunk, trying to hail a taxi to order a pizza is probably not near the top of the list of appropriately diplomatic things to do. “What???” you say? Yes, it actually happened. Twice. In 2009, author Taylor Branch interviewed Bill Clinton about his presidency, legacy, etc.During the interviews, Clinton revealed some things about Boris Yeltsin that had previously been known to only a small group of people.Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States.Clinton seems to have genuinely liked Yeltsin, but knew he was likely to say or do something strange at any moment, due to his tremendous intake of alcohol.Yeltsin was also famously informal, having been brought up in the working classes of the Soviet Union and prized as the de-facto “mayor” of Moscow for his blunt, no-nonsense talk. Mostly though, it was the alcohol.Official portrait of Boris Yeltsin. Photo by CC BY 4.0Clinton related how the Russian leader had once called him drunk in the middle of the night and suggested an idea for a new type of superpower summit – on board a nuclear submarine.Once, Yeltsin gave Clinton a Russian hockey jersey that said “Clinton ’96” on it. Yeltsin has a matching jersey, with his name on it, and tried to get the President to wear the shirts in public with him.On a visit to Franklin Roosevelt’s home in Hyde Park, New York, Yeltsin said something off-color to the crowd of reporters gathered there.Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin, 1994.It was obvious that the Russian leader had had too much wine during the formal lunch at FDR’s place, and Clinton tried to cover for him by laughing excessively.Then there is the pizza episode. Yeltsin, in the United States for meetings with Clinton in 1994, was staying at Blair House, the President’s official guest house. The Secret Service received a call about the Russian president from police on the scene who recognized the Russian leader.The President’s Guest House pictured in 2007.Yeltsin was standing all by himself on Pennsylvania Avenue, drunk out of his mind, in his briefs and t-shirt (and nothing else), yelling for a taxi. When the agents tried to reason with him, Yeltsin told them that he did not want to go back to Blair House — he wanted a pizza. Now.Clinton related how the agents successfully got Yeltsin back to Blair House…with the promise of a pizza. Which he got.Boris Yeltsin with Bill Clinton. Photo by CC BY 4.0That’s pretty bad, on a lot of levels. Unless you do it again, which is worse, and Yeltsin did it again. Well, he may not have been looking for a pizza the second time, but he definitely wanted out.He snuck down the stairs, eluding both Secret Service and Russian agents. When both security teams found the Russian leader in the somewhat dark basement of Blair House, they almost shot each other, until the situation got quickly straightened out.Blair House.Yeltsin was in the Kremlin until 1999, when he was replaced with his hand-picked successor, Vladimir Putin. Before he left, he pinched a few secretaries and passed out a couple of times.Before you dismiss Boris Yeltsin as a bumbling fool, remember –- he played a significant role in the downfall of Soviet communism and the transition from the USSR to the Russian Federation. He also helped save the planet from accidental nuclear destruction.President Yeltsin with U.S. President George H. W. Bush, June 1, 1992. Photo by RIA Novosti archive, image #859348 / Dmitryi Donskoy / CC-BY-SA 3.0On January 25, 2005, U.S. and Norwegian scientists launched a research rocket over the northwestern coast of Norway, near the border of Russia.Part of the rocket’s trajectory was over a route that the Russians knew would be taken by any inbound U.S. nuclear strike.Both U.S. and Norwegian authorities had done what they were supposed to do –- notify the Russian radar authorities (and others) of the missile launch. The operators in Russia failed to notify high-command.Funeral of Boris Yeltsin. Photo by CC BY 4.0What the Russian defense authorities saw on their screens looked awfully like what a U.S. missile would look like if it was in a high-trajectory mode, designed to explode in the atmosphere, release its electro-magnetic pulse to destroy Moscow’s electrical grid and begin a first U.S. nuclear strike.The Russians had only minutes to react. They went to Yeltsin and notified him of the situation. He had the Russian version of the “nuclear football” opened. This is a briefcase with the appropriate launch codes inside, carried by an agent with it handcuffed to his wrist.Read another story from us: Fascism in Italy – The Rise and Fall of MussoliniAll Yeltsin had to do was issue the codes and the world would effectively end. He didn’t. He believed (his generals did not) that a mistake had been made. The world is lucky that Boris Yeltsin used his sober judgment when no one else was willing to.last_img read more

Some Species of Animals are Exclusively Owned by the British Crown

first_imgIn the modern world being royal is a very different proposition than it used to be. Instead of being the absolute lord or lady of realm, many rulers have become more ceremonial figures in their kingdoms. That’s certainly true of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Even so, it’s good to be the Queen, and the role can carry some very interesting perks, especially when the monarch is also an animal lover.Queen Elizabeth II attends the wedding of Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018 in Windsor, England. Photo by Pool/Max Mumby/Getty ImagesOne of those perks is that the Queen owns, or at least co-owns, among other animals, a lot of swans. Since the 12th century the British Crown has had the rights of ownership over all the mute swans swimming in open waters through the country, according to the royal family’s website.The right was legislated back when swan was a popular dish at feasts and at the monarch’s table. The Queen doesn’t hold those rights absolutely, though.In the 14th century, ownership rights were granted to Abbotsbury Swannery in Dorset, and in the 15th century they were also extended to the Worshipful Company of Dyers and the Worshipful Company of Vintners, who were given the ownership rights over the mute swans on the Thames.Swans in the main bay at Abbotsbury Swannery, Dorset. Photo by Mick Knapton CC BY-SA 3.0Outside of these groups, harming or killing a swan could carry a pretty stiff penalty, and even stealing a swan’s eggs would result in jail time for a year and a day.Every year, the Crown still has an annual count of all the Queen’s swans on certain stretches of the Thames, in an event called swan upping. Since the birds aren’t eaten anymore and are a protected species, the event is geared toward conservation.Swan Upping, Abingdon, 2011. Photo by Jun CC BY-SA 2.0The census is headed by the Queen’s Swan Marker, and the teams doing the count head out up the Thames in row boats, looking for swans.They examine all the swans and cygnets they find to check the birds’ health, and those swans belonging to the Vintners and Dyers are ringed with specific ID numbers.Any swans not specifically owned by either group are left unmarked, and belong to Her Majesty.Swan uppers toasting the Queen during 2011 Swan Upping, at Abingdon. Photo by Jun CC BY-SA 2.0That’s not the full extent of the monarch’s aquatic animal holdings, either. According to Time, Queen Elizabeth’s dominion reaches under the water, as well as over it.Thanks to a law that dates from 1324, during the reign of Edward II, “Also the King shall have … whales and sturgeons taken in the sea or elsewhere in the realm.”The law was never repealed, so the Queen is also the technical ruler of all the “fishes royal” – dolphins, porpoises, whales, and sturgeon – that are within about three miles of the kingdom’s shores, as well as any that wash up on those shores.Two dolphinsThese days, only sturgeon are still actively fished in British waters, and sales of the fish are conducted the usual way, although the person or body purchasing the sturgeon requests the honor of its being accepted by the Queen, as a gesture of loyalty.Her Majesty’s animal ownership doesn’t just extend to the wild ones and her corgis, either. According to Travel and Leisure, the Queen’s fondness for animals extends to a colony of bats which inhabit Balmoral Castle.Balmoral Castle. The Royal Standard of Scotland flies over it. Photo by Stuart Yeates from Oxford, UK -CC BY-SA 2.0Balmoral is a castle in Scotland, which has long been a preferred site for royal vacationing. The colony of bats inhabits the main hall. She insists that the staff leave them unmolested, “despite the extra cleaning work that they generate,” and has been known to catch them with a special butterfly net to take them outside herself.Finally, she has also been personally gifted with some pretty exotic animals, according to In 1972 the President of Cameroon gave her an African forest elephant named Jumbo, and, in the ‘60s, she was given a pair of pygmy hippos from the Liberian President.Read another story from us: The Most Intriguing Special Privileges of Queen Elizabeth IIOther exotic animals she’s received include six kangaroos, a pair of giant tortoises, giant anteaters, two black jaguars, a number of crocodiles, and a pair of sloths. She has, historically, donated all such gifts to London Zoo.last_img read more

Colin MLB should let steroid users in the Hall of Fame if

first_imgThe Major League Baseball announces its Hall of Fame inductees today, renewing the yearly debate if players who are suspected of using steroids should be allowed into the Hall.The list of candidates under the cloud of steroid suspicion is headed by Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Both are unquestionably Hall of Fame talents, and both are suspected of using PED’s during their career.In terms of Hall of Fame voting, Bonds and Clemens’ induction, or continued exclusion from Cooperstown is essentially the statement from the baseball writers on their overall position regarding letting in suspected users.Today, in The Herd, Colin said that while the Mitchell Report outed steroid use in baseball, it was incomplete, and consisted of a random sampling of anecdotal players. No one can say definitively who used steroids and who was clean.“I have always said I would let all these steroid users in the Hall of Fame, because I don’t have a complete list. And if I don’t have a complete list, I’m just going to go on numbers. I’m not going to keep someone out of the Hall of Fame just because they showed up on a list.”Colin believes that without being able to determine whom all of the users were, the best thing to do is to induct players, even those suspected of using, into the Hall of Fame, based on their career numbers alone.“To me, if your numbers are good enough, you’re in.”The reality is, steroids happened. Great players used steroids. Some of them are already in the Hall of Fame. Baseball should stop trying to attain complete purity and just let the best players in. Close the chapter on the steroid era and move on. Every other sport already has.last_img read more

VIDEO Rams Tupac and Ric Flair audibles are the new Omaha

first_imgPeyton Manning was famous for his pre-snap playcalls, including his famous ‘Omaha’ audible, but the youthful Rams and 30-something coach Sean McVay are the new kings of the NFL audible.They came up with a hipper new batch of terminology using some more relevant pop culture names like ‘Tupac,’ ‘Ric Flair.’ And instead of ‘Omaha,’ they use ‘Obama.’These calls are great. It would be pretty awesome if the Tupac audible is for a Hail Mary.The Rams’ audibles for Jared Goff are ???I love Sean McVay more by the day.— Cameron DaSilva (@camdasilva) November 16, 2017 Advertisementlast_img

VIDEO The Avengers have their own fantasy football league and Don Cheadle

first_imgThe Avengers are an elite team of superheroes that fight evil to protect the universe, but on Sundays during football season they’re nothing more than fantasy football nerds like everyone else.Appearing on  Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote Infinity War, Don Cheadle spilled the details on the star studded Avengers fantasy league, and explained why he wants out as soon as soon as possible. War Machine said it was his first time playing fantasy and he didn’t realize how much work it was going to be week, after week, after week. Cheadle is the guy who always has two starters on a bye. Every league has one.He also said that Captain America (Chris Evans) won the Avenger Super Bowl this year. He loves the shield.last_img

Blazers Center Meyers Leonards Wife is a Better Shooter Than Meyers Leonard

first_img Advertisement Portland Trailblazers backup center Meyers Leonard is a serviceable shooter, hitting on 46%of his threes on the year, but his wife is the one who wears the pants in this family when it comes to shooting.Leonard posted a video to Twitter of his wife, Elle, destroying a rapid-fire shooting drill at their sweet home gym and she should probably get minutes in the Blazers rotation before her hubby. She nailed absolutely everything, including some ridiculous left handed jumpers. She’s also a smokeshow, which is just a statement of fact.The only way to describe Meyers Leonard’s wife is that she’s a unicorn in every sense of the word. What a lucky man.Wifey buckets 🔥🔥 😍 @MrsElleLeonard— Meyers Leonard (@MeyersLeonard11) March 24, 2019last_img read more

How to Choose the Right Mobile Service for Your Business

first_img This story appears in the November 2011 issue of . Subscribe » 3 min read Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global November 9, 2011 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Q: How do I know if I’m buying the right mobile service for my business?A: It’s one thing to make a bad technology-buying decision. It’s quite another to make one that you have to relive–and pay for–month after month. That’s essentially what’s at stake when buying mobile devices and services these days, thanks to the countless, complex options facing business users–not to mention the dreaded two-year service contract that keeps you locked into a bad decision to the tune of more than $3,000 over its lifetime.RootMetrics may be uniquely qualified to address this question. The Seattle-based company comprehensively tracks real-world performance of mobile networks and devices, tracking signal strength, dropped calls and data throughput by capturing data from millions of real-world users in cities across the country.According to RootMetrics CEO Bill Moore–a technology and dotcom veteran, who, by the way, invented the Frappuccino as former head of food and beverage at Starbucks–there’s no one answer to how to choose the best device on the best network at the best price. It depends where you live and work, but perhaps more important, how you plan to use your mobile device, Moore says.Customers typically use their phones for three services: voice, texting and data. But it’s that last capability, using your phone to access the mobile web and mobile apps, where things are moving fastest. Mobile operators are going through a transition from so-called 3G to 4G services, offering data speeds that begin to reach what users are accustomed to on their desktops. But 4G is more of a marketing term than a cut-and-dried service level, and mobile customers today get hit with an array of technology acronyms–such as WiMax, LTE and HSPA+–that confuse more than help the situation.”First thing people need to understand is that 4G is only about data services. It has no effect on voice service today at all,” Moore says. “If you’re in a retail store and someone tells you 4G makes better phone calls, it’s just not true.” But even with data service, things can get complicated. Carriers typically tout “theoretical speeds”–for instance, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ today at 21 Mb/s and Verizon’s LTE at 50 Mb/s–but you’re likely to get less than that in a real-world environment, especially as 4G networks get more crowded, Moore says. Further, he notes that few markets will have 100 percent 4G coverage anytime soon, so when you’re on the move, at times you’ll find your phone “falling back” to 3G speeds, which makes the detailed coverage maps that RootMetrics offers (at no charge) so useful.Also complicating matters are changes in how operators charge for mobile data services. Just a year ago, most operators offered unlimited data services for one fee; today, most offer data tiers that provide different levels of service at different prices. Again, it helps to know how you want to use your mobile device, Moore says, and to realize you’ll need to keep an eye on usage. More speed can enable faster downloads, which could lead to more bandwidth consumed–and greater costs when measured by the bit.”Technology is moving very rapidly now,” Moore says. “Every six months mobile networks are seeing massive changes taking place. That’s good news in terms of performance. But it’s also bad news, because if you aren’t careful, in six to 12 months you could fall very far behind the curve.” Register Now »last_img read more

Hundreds of Alleged Dropbox Passwords Leaked

first_imgOctober 14, 2014 Hundreds of alleged usernames and passwords for online document-sharing site Dropbox were published on Monday on Pastebin, an anonymous information-sharing website.The anonymous user, who claims to have hacked close to 7 million accounts, is calling for Bitcoin donations to fund the operation.”We will keep releasing more to the public as donations come in, show your support,” the anonymous Pastebin user said on the site.Dropbox, however, said it has not been hacked.”These usernames and passwords were unfortunately stolen from other services and used in attempts to log in to Dropbox accounts. We’d previously detected these attacks and the vast majority of the passwords posted have been expired for some time now. All other remaining passwords have been expired as well,” a Dropbox spokesman said in an email to Reuters.Dropbox is a Silicon Valley startup that has proved a hit with consumers and boasts more than 200 million users six years after it was started. It has undergone tremendous growth amid the meteoric rise of cloud, which is expected to continue booming alongside mobile computing.NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden last week advised those concerned about their privacy to “get rid of Dropbox” and cease using Facebook and Google.(Reporting by Supriya Kurane in Bangalore; Editing by Gopakumar Warrier) This story originally appeared on Reuters Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Register Now » 2 min readlast_img read more

Fingerprint Firms Look to Unlock New Markets Beyond Smartphones

first_img This story originally appeared on Reuters April 14, 2016 4 min read A tap of a finger could soon suffice to identify credit card shoppers and rail commuters, offering areas of new business for specialist companies which have benefited from the use of such technology in smartphones.Sweden’s Fingerprint Cards (FPC) sees biometric smart cards — those using fingerprint identification — becoming its fastest growing market as early as 2018, having already become the market leader in a crowded sector for supplying such sensors for smartphones.Others within the industry are not convinced the smart card business will take off so quickly, prompting questions about whether FPC can maintain its runaway rise in valuation.FPC’s share price surged around 1,600 percent last year as demand for fingerprint sensors in phones soared after Apple, which uses its own in-house supplier, helped to popularize the technology. FPC now has a market value of around $4.1 billion.Advocates say the technology offers greater security and simplicity when compared to techniques such as using pin codes to confirm identification.The fingerprint sensor business has a handful of companies supplying significant volumes today, with an equal number planning to enter the market. Three are based in the Nordic region where technology companies have thrived.Needing to maintain its momentum, FPC says it is in initial talks with potential big customers for smart cards. It declines to name names at this stage.”Our ambition for smart cards, and all other segments, is that we shall continue to be number one,” FPC’s Chief Executive Jorgen Lantto told Reuters.Silicon Valley firm Synaptics, the closest rival to FPC in sensors for smartphones, is more cautious on new markets.”It’s hard for me to project market share in a segment of the market (when) we’re not sure when it’s going to happen,” said Anthony Gioeli, vice president of marketing in the biometrics division of Synaptics.Sascha Behlendorf, a card systems product manager at Germany’s Giesecke & Devrient, one of the top three smart card makers, expects widespread adoption of biometrics in smart cards could take some five to 10 years.Range of usesGothenburg-based FPC has been around for almost two decades, building a technology business based on an old Swedish fingerprinting patent. That left it well placed when the market expanded and it has also benefited by hiring staff from Nokia and Ericsson as their mobile phone businesses declined.Analysts say expectations for new markets have helped to underpin the huge leap in valuation for FPC.However, Carnegie analyst Havard Nilsson this week cut his recommendation for FPC to “sell” from “hold”, citing what he called unwarranted share price appreciation and repeated his target price of 450 crowns. The shares traded at 524 crowns on Thursday.”Given that smartphones should constitute 60-70 percent of the global addressable market (in 2020), we do not believe new verticals, such as smart cards, will be able to compensate for competitive pressure in consumer electronics,” Nilsson wrote.He sees earnings per share peaking at 37 crowns in 2018.Beyond payments, biometric smart cards could be used to allow access to buildings and IT-systems, according to FPC. Keyless entry to cars is another potential major market, as are wearable products such as watches or wristbands serving as a substitute identity card. FPC includes such applications in its forecasts for “other segments” of business.FPC sees a total addressable market for this part of its business of roughly 100 million sensors in 2017 and around 500 million in 2018. It is the only player so far to make specific forecasts for these new markets.”We talk to a lot of players and companies come to us. There is substance behind our numbers,” Lantto said, adding that FPC has held talks with a handful of big potential smart card clients since last autumn.Most suppliers of fingerprint sensors, including FPC, use 3D imaging technology for recognition of a fingerprint, while Next Biometrics in Norway uses heat sensing technology.IDEX, another Norwegian competitor, roughly shares FPC’s forecasts for segments beyond smartphones for the coming few years, Chief Financial Officer Henrik Knudtzon said.IDEX, which last summer entered a partnership with an unnamed global payments company for biometric applications, is integrating its sensors into smart cards with partners and expects shipments to start toward the end of this year, Knudtzon said.(Reporting by Olof Swahnberg; Editing by Eric Auchard and Keith Weir) Register Now » Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goalslast_img read more

Microsoft Security Industry Must Be Neutral Digital Switzerland

first_imgFebruary 16, 2017 The security industry must declare itself a neutral party in cyber attacks between nation states, Microsoft President Brad Smith said here at the RSA Conference.”Even in an age of rising nationalism, we need to become a trusted and neutral digital Switzerland,” Smith told the audience, making an oblique reference to the rise of nationalist political movements in the U.S. and Europe.”As a global tech sector, we need to come together and sign our own pledge in conjunction with the world’s states,” said Smith. “We will protect customers, focus on defense, collaborate with each other and we will provide patches to all customers everywhere regardless of the attacks they face, and we will do our part to address the world’s needs.”We will not aid in attacking customers anywhere,” he added.Smith also urged attendees to call on governments to adopt a treaty or pledge that would enshrine the rights and safety of civilians during a cyber attack. Civilian infrastructure, including civilian governmental systems, should be off limits, he said, pointing to the 1949 Geneva Convention, which outlines how nations must treat civilians in times of war.A new convention on cyber attacks from nation states must focus on preventing attacks against civilians in times of peace. He pointed to the U.S. and China, which under the Obama administration — to cool rising tensions between the two countries — agreed to not partake in certain behaviors as part of cyber operations. President Trump should do the same with Russia, Smith said.This point is clearly a nod to the allegations that Russian intelligence elements hacked computers owned by the Democratic National Committee and used the information, along with misinformation, to undermine the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Smith also said governments should agree not to stockpile vulnerabilities that could be used in attacks.Lastly, Smith called for the creation of a new group to monitor cyber-attack activity. “What the world needs is a new independent organization, like IAEA,” he said, referring to the International Atomic Energy Agency. The organization Smith outlined would provide an impartial assessment of cyber attacks and identify nation-state attackers, which would give its judgement greater authority on the world stage.Smith’s concern is rooted in the rapid expansion of cyber attacks, both in scope and severity. “We’ve seen cyber attacks move from enthusiast to financial thieves to nations around the world,” said Smith. Taking strong positions on issues of national interest is nothing new for Smith, who last year used his keynote presentation to call on the security industry to stand with Apple in its case against the FBI.As warfare moves into cyberspace, Smith observed that this creates new problems not seen in other theaters of conflict, like oceans or airspace. For one thing, cyberspace exists everywhere, between computers, servers and phones carried by just about every living human being. Cyberspace is also, Smith pointed out, privately owned.”When it comes to these attacks, we are the plane of battle and the world’s first responders instead of nation state attacks being met by other nation states, they are being met by us,” Smith told RSA attendees, most of which are members of the security industry.Smith described the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack, allegedly carried out by North Korea in response to the film The Interview, as a major turning point in cyber attacks from nation states. It was, he said, not about attacking a government but rather, “attacking a private company over freedom of expression over, as it turned out, not a very popular movie.”Smith also highlighted the importance of the immigrant community in the technology industry, a reference to President Trump’s controversial travel ban targeted at seven majority Muslim countries.In recent years, the RSA Conference has become if not political, then at least more policy focused. Previous speakers have included, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, embattled FBI director James Comey and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who used her time at the conference to defend the DOJ’s position that Apple should grant investigators access to an iPhone owned by one of the San Bernardino shooters. Enroll Now for Free 4 min read This story originally appeared on PCMag Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience.last_img read more

Global Electric Heating Cable Market Rising Demand Future prospect and Forecast

first_imgBartec Global Electric Heating Cable Market report comprises the current size, trends, demand, growth analysis with Assessment.  It also provides with different types of product segments of the global market. Electric Heating Cable Market report offers the global market potential rates of the market along with various product segments AnhuiHuanrui Anbang Big MarketResearch AnhuiHuayang Direct: +1-971-202-1575 SST An ElectricHeating Cable is a wire cable that produces heat, also referred to as heattrace cable amongst the industry. In the context of China-US trade war andglobal economic volatility and uncertainty, it will have a big influence onthis market. Electric Heating Cable Report by Material, Application, andGeography – Global Forecast to 2023 is a professional and comprehensiveresearch report on the world’s major regional market conditions, focusing onthe main regions (North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific) and the maincountries (United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea andChina). Get the Free SampleCopy of this Report @ FINE Unichem …… Emerson About Us: ContactUs: Big MarketResearch has a range of research reports from various publishers across theworld. Our database of reports of various market categories and sub-categorieswould help to find the exact report you may be looking for. Thereport firstly introduced the Electric Heating Cable basics: Definitions,Classifications, Applications and Market Overview; Product Specifications; ManufacturingProcesses; Cost Structures, Raw Materials and so on. Then it analysed theworld’s main region market conditions, including the product price, profit,capacity, production, supply, demand and market growth rate and forecast etc.In the end, the report introduced new project SWOT analysis, investmentfeasibility analysis, and investment return analysis. Industrial Daming Flexelec Mr. AbhishekPaliwal OR 97220United States Wanlan Group ThanglongElectric BriskHeat Garnischcenter_img Heat Trace Products Self-regulatingHeating Cable …… Avail the Discount onthis Report @ MineralInsulated Heating Cable ConstantWattage Heating Cable KingManufacturing Urecon The endusers/applications and product categories analysis: The majorplayers profiled in this report include: Wuhu Jiahong In this report, the Global Electric Heating Cable Market is valued at USD XX million in 2019 and is projected to reach USD XX million by the end of 2023, growing at a CAGR of XX% during the period 2019 to 2023. Thermon SunTouch Residential AoqiElectric Commercial Isopad On the basison the end users/applications, this report focuses on the status and outlookfor major applications/end users, sales volume, market share and growth rate ofElectric Heating Cable for each application, including- …… Raychem Chromalox On the basisof product, this report displays the sales volume, revenue (Million USD),product price, market share and growth rate of each type, primarily split into- 5933 NE WinSivers Drive, #205, Portland, Elthermlast_img read more