Rookie California officer ambushed and killed by gunman on bicycle

first_imgUS policing Sat 12 Jan 2019 09.41 EST Share on Messenger Since you’re here… Rookie California officer ambushed and killed by gunman on bicycle A gunman on a bicycle ambushed a rookie policewoman in northern California, shooting and killing her from the shadows. He then reloaded and narrowly missed wounding others before walking home and watching the chaos he had caused, police said.The man who killed Officer Natalie Corona in the small college town of Davis on Thursday night later killed himself in a house. Police do not know the motive for the attack, police chief Darren Pytel said on Friday. The man’s name was not released.Corona, 22, died within minutes of arriving at the scene of a three-car accident. She was shot in the neck and then several other times as she lay on the ground.“We’re speculating that she never even saw him,” Pytel said.Christian Pascual, 25, was one of the drivers involved in the crash. He had handed Corona his license and she was returning it when he heard shots from close behind his right shoulder.“The person was behind me,” he told the Sacramento Bee. “When I looked up and I saw the officer on the ground, he was already walking due west … just shooting at what looked like random people to me.”The gunman shot at a firetruck, a bus and a house, pausing to reload. Nobody was wounded, although a firefighter was struck in a boot as he ran and a girl later found a bullet lodged in a textbook in her backpack, the police chief said.Shaun Kingston, 39, saw the gunman shoot at the firetruck, “dump a clip and put another one in” and begin calmly walking away. Kingston, who followed at a distance, lost him in the crowd.“He was just calm, cool and collected about it,” he said. “It was pretty damn disturbing seeing someone do that and just walk away.”Police had previous contact with the man, but nothing suspicious or indicating he had mental issues, the chief said. Last year, the man reported being a victim of a crime. The chief said that after the shooting, the killer “basically circled the block and went home”. At the rental home a few blocks away, he chatted and hung out with his roommate.“He didn’t show any sign that he was involved in the incident,” Pytel said, and even went outside to watch as police began rushing to the shooting scene. The gunman left behind a backpack that helped police track him to the house. The chief said as police began to surround it, he stepped outside wearing a bulletproof vest.“He shouted some stuff, went back in and came back out with a firearm, then went back inside, pushed a couch in front of the door and officers heard a gunshot,” Pytel said. Police sent a robotic camera in and found the gunman had shot himself in the head. Police never fired, Pytel said. They found two semi-automatic handguns in the home.The shooting devastated the Davis police department. Corona was the first officer to die in the line of duty since 1959. She had only been patrolling solo for about two weeks, the chief said, adding that from the janitor to the police chief, Corona “just wanted to be everybody’s friend, and was”.Governor Gavin Newsom issued a statement saying the officer died “protecting her community from harm”. A candlelight vigil was scheduled Saturday night.The attack occurred in a residential neighborhood near a park that hosts a farmer’s market. Residents placed flowers at a memorial outside the police department, where flags flew at half-staff. Corona’s colleagues, family and friends mourned a vibrant life.“She was the best of us,” said Officer Mike Yu, after placing a “Blue Lives Matter” flag at the crime scene, about a mile from the police station.As the eldest of four daughters, Corona grew up dreaming of becoming a law enforcement officer like her father, said her cousin, Emily Gomez, 26.“I don’t remember her talking about anything else than wanting to become an officer,” said Gomez, who said her cousin was an athletic star in high school, excelling in volleyball, basketball and track and grew up in a tight-knit family in the town of Arbuckle.Corona’s father, Jose Merced Corona, spent 26 years as a Colusa county sheriff’s sergeant before retiring and getting elected to the county’s board of supervisors last November. Her mother is a first-grade teacher, and two cousins are also in law enforcement, Gomez said. Corona graduated from the Sacramento Police Academy last July and completed her training just before Christmas, officials said.“She was very proud,” her father told Fox40-TV, choking back tears. “She would come home, she would be beaming. She died doing what she wanted to do, what she loved.”He pinned the badge on his daughter at her swearing-in ceremony in August. Share via Email Share on Twitter US crime Shares6161 Share on Twitter Gun crime This article is more than 6 months old Share on LinkedIn This article is more than 6 months old Topics Associated Press in Davis, California … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. 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Trump is no friend to Britain time to give him and his

first_img gabie1 …or maybe up 🙂 AJVC1991 1 Jun 2019 23:29 Facebook Report Facebook Report Share on Facebook 11 12 Trump is a clinical narcissist… something Japan know very well.. and cater to superbly. If you want to talk to THE Donald…, be nice and wear kid gloves… he LOVES it :). (And doesn’t mind the artifice… horses for courses)???? Report ManuelSantiago | Pick Reason (optional) Share on Facebook Reply comment That’s something someone becoming increasingly irrelevant would say. 1 Jun 2019 22:55 Loading comments… Trouble loading? I think the Polish were pretty awesome. Got the enigma machine and had the best pilots! MarkB35 Facebook Facebook Twitter Twitter Report Trump’s disruptive, adversarial “America First” approach to key foreign policy issues is a particular problem for Britain. Foreign Office diplomats past and present recently assured the House of Lords select committee on international relations that healthy long-term ties did not depend solely on individual presidents or prime ministers. Like all things in life, Trump, too, would pass.But that serious damage has already been done is not in dispute. “The US has taken a number of high-profile unilateral foreign policy decisions that are contrary to the interests of the UK,” the committee said in a report, UK Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order, debated in the Lords last month.“US withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate change, the Iran nuclear deal and the United Nations human rights council, and the imposition of trade tariffs on its allies, undermine efforts to tackle pressing global challenges of critical importance to the UK.”The list of joint policy positions smashed by Trump’s wrecking ball is, in fact, much longer, and fundamentally challenges long-established British policies, interests and values. In the Middle East alone, the list includes impetuous US threats to wage war on Iran; unbalanced attempts to impose a settlement on Palestine, bypassing UN resolutions; a free hand for Washington’s autocratic Arab proxies in Yemen, Libya and Sudan; and an uncoordinated troop withdrawal from Syria, undertaken even as Isis regroups.In terms of multilateral institutions and international law, the Trump effect has been similarly chilling for Britain. Nato, the linchpin of UK security, has been persistently undermined; Russia’s malign activities go largely unpunished. The UN security council and UN agencies are subverted or ignored. The global nuclear non-proliferation regime has been weakened as Trump tears up arms control treaties and upgrades weapons. And the International Criminal Court, which Britain helped create, has been effectively outlawed by Washington.In all of this, the vaunted “special relationship” has been of little use in mitigating behaviour that is destructive of what used to be called shared values. In truth, Britain hardly dares breathe a word. Are Trump’s Muslim travel ban, his heartless persecution of migrants at the Mexico border, his coddling of Saudi Arabia’s murderous regime, his war on abortion rights, and his flirtation with Europe’s hard-right populists all actions that Britain supports? It’s hard to say, given Whitehall’s silence.When a British general in Baghdad recently contradicted the White House’s unproven claims to have covert intelligence about an “imminent” Iranian attack, Jeremy Hunt, the foreign secretary, buckled under pressure from Washington and disowned him. The climbdown was consistent with decades of kowtowing that has encouraged, for example, Trump’s blatant interference in domestic British politics.The all-party House of Lords report was Pompeo-like in its bluntness. The US would remain an important ally, it said, but Britain must understand that, in many respects, it could no longer be trusted; that on key issues, the Trump administration actively opposes the UK; that Britain should find new allies, such as India; and that it must not be sucked into a confrontation with China.Is Washington’s shift permanent, or merely a blip? Probably the former. “Clearly, our American allies themselves are conscious that their own primacy, their unipolar moment, is now ended,” David Howell, a former Conservative minister and committee chairman, told the Lords. “This changed approach is deadly serious for us here. It means that the areas where our interests diverge from America’s are multiplying.”Faced with exceptional Trump-era arrogance and ignorance – and unfavourable, seismic shifts in the global power balance– a weakened Britain needs the mutual support and solidarity of its democratic European partners more now than probably at any time in its history. It’s plain that knee-jerk subservience to an increasingly antagonistic, ill-led US distorts Britain’s sense of self and hinders its efforts to make its way in a changing world.Trump, no friend of ours, should be given the heave-ho. It is time to take back control. Reply Reply Reply 13 14 Mike Pompeo has ‘thrust a well-aimed dagger into the heart of the special relationship’.Photograph: Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images Twitter Share on Facebook Twitter | Pick Report John Bolton , must be salivating at the prospect of running roughshod over a meekly compliant new Tory PM . My god what a sorry flaming country we have turned into . Reply If a foreign leader interferes in UK election candidates, he should be welcomed as a guest and nobody should tell him about a special relationship. He can talk about Mullah regime change but asking the UK to support Johnson is an insult to a country which has ruled half the world in our lifetime and democracy with maturity. He talks a lot of bullshxt but although he uses the kind word for Britain compared to Germany and some other countries, we should not be fooled. America first for him means America only. Share Share on Twitter recommendations Show 25 | Pick Bangorstu Share macjackb GLT24 Share 10 11 | Pick 1 Share Share on Facebook 4 Twitter Twitter whataboutnecho 1 Jun 2019 23:14 1 Jun 2019 22:46 This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. Facebook Share on Facebook 18 19 1 Jun 2019 23:12 Reply Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Facebook Report Trump only cares about Trump. He is already screwing America so why does anybody think he will not screw us. Guardian Today: the headlines, the analysis, the debate – sent direct to you Do malignant narcissists have any friends? Twitter Share on Facebook Support The Guardian Share on Twitter 4 5 Twitter 4 5 Share on Messenger 8 9 Share The British mouse is in the fangs of a big fat (orange) cat, and too many in the country haven’t realised yet that what they think of as affectionate play amongst equals is nothing more than foreplay. We’d better wake up before a sad pile of bones and a few fur balls are all that’s left of us. Share Reply Share on Twitter Facebook Share on WhatsApp Close report comment form Share on Twitter Share Share on Facebook Report Share on Facebook Joe Dert Share on Facebook Report Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Share on Facebook 1 Jun 2019 23:14 Share on Facebook 1 Jun 2019 22:59 | Pick Share Share on Facebook Twitter Share on Twitter Share 103 104 thebuyer MarkB35 Share on Twitter 1 Jun 2019 22:57 Share on Twitter Share on Twitter 10 11 Trump is no friend to Britain: time to give him and his foreign policy the heave-ho unthreaded Share Share on Twitter The Con Don does not represent the United States of America for the vast majority of people, gabiel. He represents the worst of us. He will be removed in the next election if not before. Share on Twitter Order by oldest 72 73 Reply 1 Jun 2019 22:58 1 Jun 2019 23:29 And we’re committed to giving them £100s of billions for a Cold War submarine nuclear missile system that can only be targeted using their satellites. Brilliant. Reply Fingers crossed. 6 7 Reply Reuse this content,View all comments > Twitter 8 9 Share on Twitter Facebook You think Trump defends his predecessors? Twitter 47 48 Reply Facebook Reply Share on Facebook Facebook Share on Twitter Mike Pompeo Show 6 more replies Share on Facebook Reply Share Twitter Report Share on Facebook 1 2 1 2 Show 7 more replies Telvannah Twitter Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share Reply Report 1 Jun 2019 22:52 Peter Patrick 0 1 Whatever7483 Last modified on Mon 3 Jun 2019 07.03 EDT | Pick Share on Twitter Twitter 4 5 Report Facebook Reply 1 Jun 2019 22:47 Facebook Share on Facebook Fishgirl23 Share on Twitter leftylass62 Facebook Facebook Share Share on Facebook Report Reply tommcormack29 Share via Email Twitter Bangorstu | Pick Twitter gabie1 Twitter Share on Twitter Twitter | Pick Share on Twitter We should be sending up the RAF to escort his jumbo jet away and it he refused… Shoot it down. Share on Facebook 2 Trump must be confronted and made to accept that the US is no longer the sole world power. His foreign policy is reckless. The way he has ripped up the Iran agreement is proof.The way he treats Europe is proof.The way he treats China and Mexico is proof.He sells and provides all the weapons Saudi-Arabia requires. We can only guess where else he is meddling in secret, Israel, Venezuela for sure. And the US is changing into a bigot nation where one can carry as many gunsas possibly and see misogyny and anti-abortion laws prosper. Report Facebook Share | Pick | Pick | Pick Needn’t bother, it’s a Boeing aircraft, it will likely fall out of the sky without any help. | Pick 1 Jun 2019 22:47 Peter Patrick | Pick Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Maybot would reply strong n stable Share on Facebook 1 Jun 2019 22:46 Facebook Facebook Share Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Report Hmmmmm…… Compared to…. Stuart Parker 1 Jun 2019 22:43 GLT24 Facebook Share | Pick 1 2 Share on Twitter He only loves NIgel and Boris as arranged by Murdoch so don’t kid yourself about anyone else. Facebook Share on Twitter Report Reply BoneyOCoonassa AJVC1991 This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. Share on Twitter Facebook Report Facebook Reply Reply h1ghrank1 Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Twitter Twitter Report Reply Twitter strasbourgist Doxfordignition oldest 1 Jun 2019 22:43 4 5 Reply Share on Facebook Peter Patrick Twitter Share on Facebook 112 113 Indeed, But, unless I’ve missed something, they were all democratically elected. They may have had outside assistance. They may have tried to pull up the ladder afterwards. And I know that Trump polled far fewer votes than Clinton, but he won in accordance with the rules. The leaders only became leaders with their peoples’ consent 🙁 1 Jun 2019 23:02 tommcormack29 83 84 Wrong type of Intelligence. This is the processes to get the most out of the smallest information from a variety of sources. It is a quality of the few not the many as uncovered by the Bletchley Park screening process. It is not class or political party dependent. Chashurley Twitter tommcormack29 Share Share on Facebook Reply Share on Facebook Show 2 more replies Twitter tommcormack29 Share on Pinterest Report | Pick If it’s Pence he’s a total ALEC, and a trade deal will be even worse for GB. Share Share on Twitter Facebook Share on Twitter It is insanity. Facebook 10 11 Share on Twitter Share on Twitter 17 18 | Pick Reply Share Share on Twitter Share …something Megan could learn from. some people are so rude and ignorant on the internet…now ..where is the down pointing arrow???? Share on Twitter Facebook Scattitude Democratically elected but authoritarians and autocrats,all damaging civic rights and their countries citizens. This is the sad result when the electorate fall for populist propaganda. Democracies need to be vigilant of rat-catchers and far-right forces. 6 7 MarkB35 19 20 Facebook 1 Jun 2019 23:18 34 35 8 9 … | Pick Twitter | Pick EamonnStircock 7 8 Erik Frederiksen | Pick Trump isn’t forever John Fewings 1 Jun 2019 23:05 | Pick 1 Twitter Facebook Gelion Twitter | Pick nonanon1 Twitter 34 35 Report Share on Twitter 1 Jun 2019 22:59 Share Twitter AJVC1991 Share on Twitter Jump to comment Oh for goodness sake Reply Reply innriver Our greatest ally when the chips were down (horrible phrase) was in fact the Soviet Union. The Americans charged us for being their proxy between 1939 and 1941. Report Reply Report Share 1 Jun 2019 23:08 Share on Twitter Report Twitter Report Facebook strasbourgist Facebook 1 Jun 2019 22:54 Reply Share on Facebook 1 Jun 2019 22:54 Facebook | Pick GlobalViewpoint Report Share 1 Jun 2019 22:59 Children in camps in the US.. | Pick Shares731731 Report Bangorstu Bolton = Mr Pastry. Share Share 10 11 Facebook Reply Share 2 Jun 2019 0:13 Twitter StrongMachine | Pick Share on Facebook strasbourgist Facebook 1 Jun 2019 23:24 Reply Reply | Pick 4 | Pick | Pick 1 2 Email (optional) Fishgirl23 1 Jun 2019 22:50 GlobalViewpoint 7 8 Twitter Share Share via Email Share on Facebook | Pick Share Facebook Report 50 Report Twitter There is no such thing as a “clinical narcissist”. You would probably mean “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”. But also he isn’t. You’re not qualified to diagnose him. And no-one is qualified to diagnose him based on rumours off the internet. Twitter 88 89 “If we had confidence that the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so”Mueller Oh dear, hardly a ringing endorsement. I wonder how many Trump supporters would let someone babysit their kid if the person was investigated and the conclusion was “If we had confidence that he/she was not a child abuser, we would have said so”? Report Mike Pompeo Share Twitter | Pick Twitter Gelion Share on Twitter Facebook If I was standing next to him, I would be fighting the urge to run away before I was felt up. Last time he was here, Maybot played perfect power politics with a bright red suit. That would have put anyone else in their place, but not him. Red is the colour of danger as well as energy, strength, power and determination. He probably just saw it as a way for her to show she loved him. Share on Facebook Report Share Twitter 1 Jun 2019 22:51 Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Reply h1ghrank1 ghstwrtrx7 Share 1 Jun 2019 23:44 Share on Facebook Read more 1 Jun 2019 22:53 At least Corbyn has refused to have anything to do with him, its a shame others dont have the balls.Nice shoehorn anyway. Share on Twitter WordChazer 59 60 Gelion Share 1 Jun 2019 23:04 Report Report corneilius Share So, expressing horror in the face of villainy is worse than the villainy itself? Curious set of ethics you have there. 15 16 bluetoonboy However 5 years of JC and its all up in smoke. British/ English Intelligence 1558 to 2121 RIP. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Reply | Pick Facebook thebuyer 65 66 Share Show 1 more reply | Pick Reply To be fair the UK has also been threatened by the Chinese if we don’t use Huawei..via an ambassador claiming the million Uighur prisoners incarcerated there were all undertaking voluntary job training… Trump isn’t forever and the US has proved a reasonably good ally… certainly more so when the chips were down than the Europeans. That said, interfering with domestic political issues and insulting the royal family should mean his invitation for a state visit should be revoked. If he can’t behave himself, he isn’t welcome. Facebook Share on Facebook Report Twitter 15 16 Facebook Twitter Facebook Reply | Pick 1 Jun 2019 23:03 bluetoonboy 1 Jun 2019 22:51 11 12 Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Twitter | Pick nonanon1 bluetoonboy | Pick Share next 1 Jun 2019 22:52 Facebook 2 Jun 2019 0:51 Facebook 13 14 Share Facebook Twitter 13 14 Share Share on Twitter FrankDenny Reply Share on Twitter Report Bolton has no agenda and the Uk has no issue to discuss, another strawman Share Reply 16 17 EamonnStircock Amanzim Share 5 6 Reply Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Facebook 2 Jun 2019 0:06 Foreign policy Facebook Report | Pick Please select Personal abuse Off topic Legal issue Trolling Hate speech Offensive/Threatening language Copyright Spam Other Amanzim | Pick Share on Facebook Obama interfered in the Brexit referendum. Reply Share | Pick Facebook Share on Twitter Facebook 1 Jun 2019 22:36 | Pick Report Peter Patrick Share on Facebook Waitingforamission Facebook Reply 1 Jun 2019 22:48 Share on Facebook The shame is sometimes too much. Former colleagues from around the world are looking on in horror as a once decent country descends into a tory inspired abyss. However, my former Danish Captain has said I am welcome to bunk down in Copenhagen when the fires start. I feel so sad for the young of this country. 2 3 Sat 1 Jun 2019 10.13 EDT Trump’s reply would be… “what does narcissistic mean?” Share on Facebook Share Share Cavirac 1 2 Reply 8 9 Facebook | Pick Share on Twitter Share | Pick | Pick This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. Densher 1 Jun 2019 22:52 Show 2 more replies Report Report Waitingforamission GlobalViewpoint 84 85 Share on LinkedIn bluetoonboy Is there really any purpose to incestantly railing against Trump than to strike a pose of virtue? This has been going on for three years now and solves nothing. The centre-left has not learned a single lesson. The reaction against Trump is worse and more unhinged than Trump himself. Twitter Report Share on Facebook Share Twitter Share on Twitter Share Add Putin and Jinping. Jinping may be the worst; there is no way of getting rid of him, bar his death. Much the same for Putin, no matter the rules in Russia. Share on Facebook mutie Does avoiding antagonising him mean we end up supporting him in another US desert war, this time with Iran? Would you be okay with that? Threads collapsed Reply Share on Facebook 3 4 John Fewings Report Reply Reply Reply Share on Twitter 8 9 23 24 1 Jun 2019 23:29 John Fewings Reply Report Report Share on Facebook Erik Frederiksen Brexiters feel more comfortable being told what to do by Washington, they don’t mind playing poodle to Trump. They really hate the idea of being equal partners with the rest of Europe though…. Personally I would say it’s better to be an EU member than a US poodle. | Pick Share Twitter Reply 1 Jun 2019 22:45 17 18 Share on Facebook Facebook Share Agreed. Now it will simply be a subservient new 51st California-size market. Perverse exceptionalism on both sides encouraging this. Report Show 2 more replies Share 1 Jun 2019 22:52 Facebook 1 Jun 2019 22:54 Donald Trump has publicly insulted the Prince of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with this revolting, salacious remarks about the late Princess of Wales, the Duchess of Cambridge, and most recently the Duchess of Sussex. He has done it deliberately to dare someone to confront him with his attitude to women in general and the named women in particular, knowing full well that he about to be the guest of… 129 130 1 Jun 2019 23:53 Reply Of course they do, our very own Mr Farage who cares so much about our sovereignty and independence, springs to mind. Ad that other champion of independent UK, Mr Johnson. The whole Brexit Party loves Mr Trump, patriots that they are. Reply Twitter | Pick Share Share on Twitter Report 1 Jun 2019 22:57 Donald Trump | Pick 25 Report Reply Scattitude HB2019 | Pick Report Share strasbourgist Twitter Contradict yourself a bit, don’t you? Sign in or create your Guardian account to recommend a comment 1 Jun 2019 23:07 | Pick gabie1 Reply Reply Trident does not use GPS. Share Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Report Report njglea gabie1 Trump is in a league of his own when it comes to worst Presidents but the UK government must try and get on with him. An antagonist approach will just make him more dangerous and unpredictable.Corbyn planning to boycott the trip is not a surprise as he is as unfit for office as Trump but I’m surprised Vince Cable is indulging in juvenile virtue signalling. 2 Jun 2019 0:27 1 Jun 2019 23:23 Report 22 23 Twitter Share 1 Jun 2019 23:57 Show 8 more replies 158 159 214 215 You must not disrespect him, they DM readers say so. strasbourgist You state that MI6 will be left in the cold. You completely misunderstand the UKs capability. WW2 was won with US industrial might and British intelligence. The Cold War likewise. While our Intelligence assets, which are a product of history, location and past practices and are declining. They are still formidable. For example we know far more about the Russian Collusion with Trump then the Americans do! However 5 years of JC and its all up in smoke. British/ English Intelligence 1558 to 2121 RIP. Share Twitter Reply Reply LoveTheEu Twitter Reply | Pick | Pick | Pick Facebook Share newest Report | Pick Stuart Parker Twitter Twitter Facebook DCarter | Pick Share Very true, but I’m sure the next idiot that moves into the WH will be just as stupid, just as ill informed, just as unreliable and just as impotent as Trump. America’s problems go well beyond their illiterate and obnoxious leader, changing deck chairs on the Titanic doesn’t change anything. Trump, no friend of ours, should be given the heave-ho. Let’s use the Corbyn Brexit strategy – smile politely, make a few deep but meaningless remarks, and wait for the next administration. 6 7 Facebook | Pick Share on Twitter Comments 724 1 Jun 2019 22:49 Ah, the na na ni na nah-ness of you post reminds me that it’s half term. You should be outside, playing in the sunshine, not ruining your eyesight in front of a computer engaging in grown up stuff. Now, off you go you young scallywag, enjoy your youth. >Bolton has no agenda Did you type that with a straight face? Share on Twitter EamonnStircock Twitter | Pick Facebook Correct! And he will happily screw Boris over and over again, if the tories are dumb enough to make him leader. The thinking will no doubt go if Trump endorses Boris then WTO Brexit with chlorinated chicken trade deal will show brexit is a great success first trade deal! Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Reply | Pick Report Share on Twitter Report GlobalViewpoint Share on Twitter Share on Facebook DirtWorshiper 1 Jun 2019 22:57 Scattitude 5 6 Reply Report strasbourgist Share on Facebook Whatever7483 Report Share on Facebook Show 5 more replies Facebook | Pick Share on Twitter mutie Share on Twitter Facebook next Share Share on Twitter Report The US will come into more conflict with the EU and China as time goes on and Britain can gain from siding with the US.. 2 3 The US’s disruptive America First approach is not one Britain can support any longer Share Let’s give the biggest welcome to the best idiot residing across the pond on his visit to the UK. An idiot of a president who blamed bone spurs as a reason for not fighting in the Vietnam war. Yellow chicken. And now families of those who fought in the war must stand behind a wall prohibiting their participation. A man idiot Manfant, locking children in cages. An idiot seeking war, World War 3. An idiot of all mother of idiots, against LGBTQ community, against women’s rights to abortion. An idiot who is turning into a Big Orange Mac with each day. Keep Trump out of UK politics. Take him down and show how he has embraces the rhetoric of 1930’s Europe. A dangerous Idiot. Respect. Respect what exactly? He has disrespected the office of president and so by rights the brute should be disrespected. Be prepared: Bangorstu 4 5 1 Jun 2019 23:02 Report backem 3 | Pick Twitter Show 20 more replies Share on Twitter Share Share on Twitter Facebook 3 Facebook Whatever7483 Share on Twitter Reply Reply 28 29 1 Jun 2019 23:15 Twitter Share on Twitter LoveTheEu | Pick Share LeftOrRightSameShite 1 Jun 2019 23:10 | Pick 90 91 1 Jun 2019 22:52 Facebook Twitter Erik Frederiksen Share Reply Share 1 Jun 2019 23:05 Report Reply | Pick Share on Facebook Facebook 1 Jun 2019 22:51 54 55 Report Share on Facebook No. They don’t want friends, they are only interested in others to the extent to which it furthers their sense of control and self-importance. | Pick Share on Twitter Reply Guardian Pick Share on Twitter Facebook 1 Jun 2019 23:11 1 Jun 2019 22:39 Reply Share Twitter Robert McCutcheon It is not class or political party dependent. Report Share on Twitter 0 1 HB2019 Share on Twitter 1 Jun 2019 23:05 GlobalViewpoint 2 Jun 2019 0:31 0 1 100 Twitter Share on Twitter Share on Twitter 6 7 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Facebook To a narcissist, relationships are only entered into for what they can get out of them, once they cease to get admiration/ praise/ meaningless sex, then they end the relationship. So no, Narcissists dont have friends, just people they use. Report Share on Twitter Reply Twitter Share on Facebook Twitter Report Facebook 25 26 Facebook Share | Pick Share on Twitter Twitter | Pick “The US has an obligation to ensure the places where we operate [are] within trusted networks, and that is what we will do,” 3 4 The Observer Share on Twitter Reply Reply Simon Tisdall | Pick Twitter Good luck counting on getting anything from the US that does not primarily serve its own purpose The Observer GlobalViewpoint 2 Jun 2019 0:43 His foreign policy is reckless. The way he has ripped up the Iran agreement is proof.The way he treats Europe is proof.The way he treats China and Mexico is proof.He sells and provides all the weapons Saudi-Arabia requires. We can only guess where else he is meddling in secret, Israel, Venezuela for sure. Trump has his part in the rambunctiousness of these malign activities – and more besides – but US form on foreign policy since WWII rather suggests it would all happen anyway (UK obediently in tow), just not so overtly and on on Twitter! But as the article dutifully reminds us “Russia malign activities go largely unpunished” – apart from all the sanctions on them of course… Report Share on Twitter Twitter 1 Jun 2019 22:51 Reply | Pick Share on Facebook Twitter | Pick Britain had value to the US when it was a full member of the EU. The US could use Britain as an intermediary to influence European policy. Now that Brexit is happening along with Trump’s outright hostility to the European project the UK’s value to the US is greatly diminished. As for turning to the US as a partner remember Obama’s warning. “If the UK wants a free trade deal, it will have to wait at the end of the line” Trump hopefully won’t be around forever but the damage Brexit will do to Britain’s international standing may be permanent. To Brexit will demand huge costs, yet what have you got for it? Nothing. innriver Reply The left in the UK never have any sense of proportion. Occupying Tibet, Crimea 1 Jun 2019 22:52 A world led by the likes of Trump, Farage, BoJo, Bolsonaro, Orban & Erdoğan What a dreadful prospect. The fight for liberal democracies, working together in unions, has never been more needed. Reply Facebook Facebook Twitter 45 46 Share on Facebook Report All 1 Jun 2019 23:01 MarkB35 1 Jun 2019 23:34 Report More important even: “Trump-Putin is no friend of the EU”. To the contrary, Trump-Putin wants to divide and destroy the EU. The UK must choise what their values are. Reply … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. 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Trump’s Chinese, EU and Mexican tariffs are also hurting US consumers. A large % of the US population – if not 50%, certainly 30 – 40%, have always been strongly “Conservative” / Alt Right. Share GlobalViewpoint paestum69 44 45 Share | Pick For one minute I would like to inhabit the body of Theresa May and stand at the podium next to Trump in front of the world’s media.I would ask ask him are you really a thick narcissistic fuckwit or are you just a conman and puppet of the military industrial complex? Share on Facebook Reply Share on Facebook h1ghrank1 Show 9 more replies Twitter | Pick Share on Facebook Twitter 1 Jun 2019 23:18 Whatever7483 1 Jun 2019 22:50 Reply Facebook Having become the laughing stock of the so-called free world, our “intelligence” seems just a little bit tarnished nowadays… | Pick Share on Facebook “Is there really any purpose to incestantly railing against Trump than to strike a pose of virtue?” Trump genuinely angers people – e.g. his sympathising with Far Right marchers who then drove over and killed a protestor, his supporting of Hard Brexiteer politicians when demonstrably the UK does not want that (from the last 2 x elections they certainly don’t, as Remainer parties won out). So that’s why most people post against him. GlobalViewpoint Share on Facebook 1 Jun 2019 22:50 Report I would rather see principled Politicians standing by what they believe and not appeasing him for who he is. Corbyn is right to refuse to attend a state banquet where it is nessarcary to stand and honour him and raise a glass to him for who and what he is . And do you think any Tories attending are fit to Govern ? Look at the last nine years of their pathetic rule ! Twitter Reply Report Reply Twitter Twitter Share on Twitter | Pick As usual, Mike Pompeo was brutally frank. Speaking in London last month, the US secretary of state warned that future bilateral intelligence sharing would be at risk if Britain allowed the Chinese telecoms giant Huawei access to its new 5G rollout. “The US has an obligation to ensure the places where we operate [are] within trusted networks, and that is what we will do,” he said.The issue might appear arcane. But Pompeo’s threat, which Donald Trump will reiterate during his state visit, beginning on Monday, sent a chill through the diplomatic, defence and security establishment. In an age of rapidly diminishing influence, Britain still prides itself on its intelligence gathering, counter-terrorism and counter-espionage capability, as well as agencies such as GCHQ and its new offshoot, the National Cyber Security Centre.This capability is recognised and respected – and is a main reason why Washington maintains a close alliance. Britain brings something substantial to the top table – and that helps secure its place there. By publicly questioning this collaboration, Pompeo thrust a well-aimed dagger into the heart of the “special relationship”.He surely knows retaliatory US curbs on reciprocal intelligence sharing would deal a severe blow to Britain’s reputation as an in-the-loop country. MI6 could find itself out in the cold. And one of the last remaining justifications for 75 years of meekly doing Washington’s bidding would be blown away.Trump and Pompeo’s crude attempts to dictate terms is of a piece with a dramatic deterioration in US-UK diplomatic and security relations across multiple fronts. One obvious cause is Trump’s corrosive behaviour. But the crisis is also rooted in profound political shifts in both countries – and in an international order that is increasingly spinning beyond their control. Wonder if our principled politicians will express their admiration of Robert Mueller during Trump’s visit? May have to rely on the royals for that. KatieL 2 3 Foolishly he did, yes. Share on Facebook 1 Jun 2019 22:54 … | Pick 2 3 Facebook Share on Twitter Show 1 more reply Reply Report Share Report trojunhorse99 Facebook Share on Twitter | Pick Report Share Share on Twitter Twitter 2 Jun 2019 0:42 Share on Twitter forageforfood Since you’re here… 1 Jun 2019 h1ghrank1 Share Share Share Facebook 1 Jun 2019 22:53 Facebook Topics Report GlobalViewpoint 1 Jun 2019 22:52 Twitter | Pick Twitter Siding with? Kowtowing to, you mean. What was that about Brexit and sovereignty? Orwell was right, once again. 10 11 Share 10 11 I’m quite happy for Farage and Boris to fawn over Trump, because it so clearly exposes the delusion we’d have any influence in a post-brexit world. Even those not interested in politics can understand who’s in charge here. Another plus is Corbyn’s Labour party will expose themselves as the sort of annoying students whose sit-down protest makes you miss your flight. He should visit more often. Share on Twitter | Pick Share on Facebook Report America even under Trump is well up on your list of friends, beneath the EU and other anglosphere nations.But well above ME, friend or foe, as they destroy the place. China the new imperialists and many other lesser players.The left in the UK never have any sense of proportion. Occupying Tibet, Crimea, displacing 10 million people operating genocides and mass concentration camps appear to be ‘trumped’ by endless hot air about walls, pussies and anti-diplomacy Whatever7483 1 Jun 2019 23:24 Report Whatever7483 Facebook Share Facebook Report Share on Facebook Peter Patrick 1 Jun 2019 22:56 Erik Frederiksen innriver 2 Share Facebook collapsed Twitter Peter Patrick Sorry there was an error. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact Userhelp Show 6 more replies LoveTheEu 2 3 whataboutnecho gabie1 comments (724)Sign in or create your Guardian account to join the discussion. View more commentslast_img read more

SnapType for Occupational Therapy version 20

first_imgA couple months ago, I wrote about SnapType, a free iPad application that helps individuals who struggle with handwriting.  Last week, the developer released version 2.0, offering several new features.10 new and improved features in version 2.0:Import images from your deviceEmail and print from directly within the appCrop imagesRotate imagesWork in landscape modeChoose between multiple text colorsStore and work on more than one document at a timeConvert images to black and white for better printingShare your creations as an image or PDFShare your creations as a SnapType document, which allows others to open and edit them on their devicesCheck out what people are saying to Amberlynn Gifford, the woman who made this app a reality:“Dear Amberlynn, thank you so much for creating this app. You have changed the way my 12 year old son with dyspraxia functions in school. He is more independent and I cannot thank you enough. Please continue to help kids like my son. You are changing lives. Thank you.”“I just wanted to personally thank you for creating it, as this is an app that I use nearly every day with my son to do his homework. You have created an app with a simple interface, but with an incredibly powerful impact. Thank you.”SnapType 2.0 remains free, but there is an in-app purchase available for power users: SnapType Pro for $4.99.  The Pro version enables users to work on multiple documents and also access the whiteboard feature which turns documents into simplified black and white images, to save ink when printing.Have an Android device?  The developer is already working on an Android version.  Follow SnapType on Facebook or Twitter to receive updates!Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint Related6 Android Apps for Special NeedsJuly 1, 2015In “Apps”Productivity Apps by SmileApril 17, 2019In “Accessibility”ATU281 – Bridging Apps with Cristen ReatOctober 14, 2016In “Assistive Technology Update”last_img read more

Unika Releases New Sales Enablement Solution Designed to Help Sales Teams Work, the next-generation of Knowledge Management & Sales Enablement, announced the release of its new Sales Enablement solution, designed to help organizations mature their sales enablement processes. Unika’s Sales Enablement solution provides sales teams with a single platform to get instant access to deal winning information, help deliver an effective onboarding process, continuously train sales reps, enhance content visibility, and ultimately help organizations sell more.Unika integrates knowledge from systems of record (email, CRM, business apps, etc.) and presents this information in a unified platform, accessible to both sales and marketing departments. With Unika, sales teams can reduce time searching for relevant assets, leverage existing knowledge to eliminate rework, and find internal subject matter experts to help answer hard questions. Unika differentiates itself from other sales enablement solutions with an AI-Assistant that can help salespeople in research scenarios, train reps on standardized sales procedures, or find knowledge across corporate systems.Marketing Technology News: Nextiva Business Suites Mark a New Era in Business Communications“Unika helps organizations enhance sales efficiencies by capturing and sharing the kind of knowledge that email and traditional communication channels don’t offer,” said Jason Noble, president of Unika. “We built Unika from the ground up to offer rich configuration and extensibility that allows organizations to establish collaborative pursuit teams, leverage deal winning insights, uncover internal knowledge, and establish best-practices specific to their culture.”As a recognized leading Knowledge Management solution by KMWorld, Unika is designed to help organizations overcome the challenges of capturing, accessing, and sharing knowledge. Unika empowers salespeople with the information they need to maximize interactions with customers. Sales leadership can use Unika to foster a culture of learning by delivering knowledge campaigns to their teams, while tracking engagement analytics. Marketing teams can store their best assets in Unika’s AI-enabled repository, helping sellers discover information that is typically buried across multiple systems.Marketing Technology News: Everything You Want to Know About Microsoft AdvertisingWhen asked why Unika is considered one of the top sales tools of 2019, Nancy Nardin, founder of Smart Selling Tools said, “Unika’s product functionality and advanced AI capabilities address many of the evolving sales enablement requirements of Sales and Marketing teams. Unika makes it easy for sales teams to capture and find knowledge, helping to maximize rep productivity and re-focus efforts on customer engagement.”Unika’s Sales Enablement solution can help:promote selling best practicesonboard new Sales hiresfind internal expertspublish and discovery assetsand establish sales team consistencyMarketing Technology News: Adstream Launches New Project to Help Solve $80 Billion of Global Ad and Marketing Inefficiencies Unika Releases New Sales Enablement Solution Designed to Help Sales Teams Work Smarter and Sell More PRNewswireMay 10, 2019, 3:59 pmMay 10, 2019 AIcrmKnowledge ManagementMarketing TechnologyNewsSales Previous ArticleMarTech Interview with Yash Madhusudhan, CEO and Co-Founder, FyleNext ArticleMozilla’s Voice Data Crowdsourcing Project Common Voice Launches in Simplified Chinese Mandarinlast_img read more

Influenster Solution Demonstrates Impact of PeertoPeer Recommendations in Driving Sales Conversion

first_imgIn Study Conducted by IRI, Sales Lift Beats Benchmarks for Digital CampaignsInfluenster, the leading product discovery and reviews platform, featuring 35 million+ reviews written by 5 million+ members, shared the results of third-party research fielded by IRI, demonstrating the value of peer-to-peer recommendations in driving conversion. The research, conducted on behalf of a well-known global color cosmetics brand, reveals how ratings, reviews and user-generated content can drive an increase in incremental sales and highlights the importance of ratings and reviews in the purchasing decisions of everyday consumers. As many brands struggle with measuring the impact of influence in a marketing landscape, where trust in traditional advertising and even big-name social influencers continues to decline, these findings are an important proof-point demonstrating the enduring power of word-of-mouth.The Influenster campaign included: hyper-targeted sampling to 2,000 females (aged 18-30, with 1,000+ social media followers and living in brand key markets, Dallas and San Francisco); dedicated email communication to recipients; and inspirational branded content to Influenster fans and followers. Recipients were encouraged to share their honest opinions on the products sampled, whether via reviews or social media content. Product reviews generated by the campaign, written on Influenster, were also syndicated to brand and retail sites. Post-campaign, the brand lift study conducted by IRI revealed that, in the two key test markets:The Influenster campaign drove a 44% higher sales lift for the featured products vs. the IRI benchmark for average digital campaigns in BeautyThe Influenster campaign drove a 69% higher sales lift for the product categories [in which the sampled products compete] vs. the IRI benchmark for average digital campaigns in Beauty, demonstrating a positive halo effectMarketing Technology News: ListenFirst’s State of Social TV Report Provides Key Insights To Boost Strategy Performance“These results are particularly exciting, given the lack of an industry standard to measure the power of influence. As an innovator in the space and the largest micro-influencer network in the world, Influenster is proud to pioneer research that proves activating your key consumer base at scale has significant brand-building and sales potential,” says Laura Brinker, SVP Marketing, Influenster.Additional results of the campaign include:Social posts: 360 Facebook posts, 430 Instagram posts, 420 Instagram stories, 320 Snapchat stories, 950 Twitter postsProduct reviews: 1,200+ product reviews on Influenster (syndicated to brand and retail sites, tool)Impressions: 15.7 million total impressions (+ impressions from reviews on retailers)Purchase interest: 73% of campaign participants, amongst those who answered a post-campaign survey, said they were very or somewhat likely to purchase something from the brand in the next six monthsMarketing Technology News: Comscore Expands Partnership with Lockwood Broadcast Group to Exclusive Measurement Deal“The online shopping experience is quickly evolving, impacted by numerous influences, including recommendations, customer reviews and photos, before making a purchase,” says Nishat Mehta, president of the IRI Media Center of Excellence. “Helping to improve this experience is why we wanted to team up with Influenster to pinpoint exactly what is most important to consumers in their buying decisions.”“It’s heartening to see these results because they demonstrate the opportunity for brands to engage the highly-empowered consumers who come to Influenster to share their product feedback and experiences,” says Elizabeth Scherle, co-founder and president, Influenster. “Through the strength of our community, we can create a groundswell of consumer buzz and reviews, which this study proves more effective than typical digital campaigns in driving both product and sub-category sales.”She adds, “Outside of our brand campaigns, our 5 million members leave 1 million organic, unsolicited reviews every month, and we enable brands to syndicate this content to their brand and retailer sites through our ReviewSource service or populate targeted digital and social media units with UGC – both also proven to drive conversion.”Marketing Technology News: Swiftpage Launches All-in-One Act! Growth Suite Sales & Marketing Platform for SMBs Elizabeth Scherleemail communicationInfluensterIRImarketing landscapeMarketing TechnologyNews Previous ArticleWebscale Raises $14 Million in Series B Funding to Redefine Digital Commerce in the CloudNext ArticleInvoca Named a Hot Vendor in Conversational Intelligence by Aragon Research Influenster Solution Demonstrates Impact of Peer-to-Peer Recommendations in Driving Sales Conversion PRNewswireMay 16, 2019, 5:02 pmMay 16, 2019 last_img read more

Scientists Create Airplane That Can Land Itself on Any Runway

first_img J.K. Rowling Confirms a Hermione Theory We Suspected All Along Sun Baby From ‘Teletubbies’ Is 22 Now & Unrecognizably Gorgeous 10 Comments Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Cartoon Episodes So Controversial They Were Banned Popular Memes That Completely Destroyed Innocent Lives You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Cars are getting reasonably good at driving themselves, but what about airplanes? Autopilot has existed for years, but a team of researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has developed the most autonomous airplane yet. The automated landing system called C2Land uses computer vision to identify the runway and guide the plane down for a safe landing. Commercial planes currently have a system called the Instrument Landing System (ILS), which can be useful when pilots can’t make visual contact with a runway. It relies on radio signals on the ground and on-board receivers to determine the plane’s position, but C2Land doesn’t need that infrastructure. Not all runways and airports will have costly hardware installed, but C2Land doesn’t need anything on the ground other than a runway. That could make it practical for use at smaller and more remote airports where expensive ILS hardware is impractical. C2Land uses GPS for flight control along with a computer vision system. The cameras operate in both visible and infrared, allowing the system to function even in low-visibility conditions. The computer finds the outline of the runway and determines where the plane needs to end up. Combined with current airspeed and altitude, the system can calculate a virtual glide path for a perfect landing. The team explained the system in a series of three papers, but nothing drives home the point like a real-world test. They equipped a Diamond DA42 propeller aircraft with the C2Land system and stuck a test pilot behind the controls. Pilot Thomas Wimmer took the plane up and pointed in the general vicinity of the airstrip, but from there it was all up to the computer. You can see the entire landing, along with the computer’s image recognition, in the video above. Wimmer doesn’t have to take control of the aircraft at all during landing. This isn’t technically the first autonomous landing ever — Boeing accomplished that with a prototype commuter aircraft. However, that was a VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) vehicle. The TUM system works with the aircraft in service today. Vision-assisted navigation systems like C2Land could become standard in the future, but this one is still just an experiment. Still, the researchers must be confident to put a human aboard the plane and turn the controls over to an algorithm.Now read:The BlackFly Is a Flying Car That Doesn’t Require a Pilot’s LicenseBoeing’s Own Engineers May Have Been Unaware of 737 Max ProblemsNASA, MIT Design Hollow Morphing Airplane Wing ‘Inside Out’ Things Your Kids Will Never Pick Up On Scientists Create Airplane That Can Land Itself on Any Runway Huge Scandals That Rocked The History Channel This ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Star is Breathtaking in Reality By Ryan Whitwam on July 9, 2019 at 7:18 am You Have To Read This Before You See ‘Zombieland 2’ Tagged In scienceaiairplanesflightaircraftcomputer vision Post a Comment 10 Commentslast_img read more

NASA Will Send Flying Dragonfly Robot to Saturns Moon Titan

first_img New TV Shows That Will Absolutely Get Canceled in 2019 By Ryan Whitwam on June 28, 2019 at 7:01 am 16 Comments Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Little Jenny From ‘Forrest Gump’ Is 34 Now and Gorgeous Little Lucy From ‘Narnia’ is Head-Turningly Gorgeous Now at 23 We Now Understand Why Sean Connery Has Disappeared Most of what we know about Saturn’s moon Titan comes from the Cassini probe, which studied it repeatedly during its 13-year mission orbiting Saturn. Cassini is gone, but Titan is going to get another robotic visitor in the coming years. NASA has given the green light to the Dragonfly mission, a project to send a multi-rotor flying vehicle to the surface of Titan. This mission is on track to make history in more ways than one. Dragonfly is part of the agency’s New Frontiers program, which also includes Jupiter probe Juno, the OSIRIS-Rex asteroid mission, and more. This mission beat out a proposed comet sample return mission to become the fourth mission in New Frontiers. Dragonfly builds on a previously discontinued concept project called Titan Saturn System Mission (TSSM) that called for a balloon probe to circumnavigate Titan. Dragonfly is more flexible — it will be able to fly to specific locations to take readings on the surface of Titan. A multi-rotor drone wouldn’t be a viable way to explore most planets and moons, but Titan stands out. It’s one of the very few objects in the solar system with a thick atmosphere, up to four times more dense than Earth’s. Scientists are also anxious to get a close look at the moon’s lakes of liquid hydrocarbons and exotic crystal formations. Titan is the only object in the solar system other than Earth with permanent bodies of liquid on the surface, and NASA also believes this organic soup could contain the building blocks of life. Titan is the best place in the solar system to study this type of prebiotic chemistry. Dragonfly will have eight rotors powered by a Radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG) similar to Curiosity, the Mars rover. NASA plans for a 2.7-year mission during which Dragonfly will move between multiple locations on Titan, covering at least 108 miles (175 kilometers). The Mars 2020 rover’s helicopter technology demonstrator will most likely be the first flying robot on another planet, but Dragonfly will be the first one to do science while flying. It will also be the most distant robotic explorer on the surface of a planet or moon. NASA is working with the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory to develop the lander, but the project is just leaving the proposal phase. Some details of the mission could still change before launch, which is scheduled for 2026. Dragonfly should arrive on Titan in 2034.Now read:Astronomers Find Evidence of Seasonal Weather on TitanTitan’s Lakes May Have ‘Bathtub Rings’ of Bizarre CrystalsNASA New Frontiers Finalists: Titan Quadcopter, Comet Sample Return Mission You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet ‘It: Chapter 2’ Director Says He’d Love To Remake This Movie 10 Scientifically Proven Side Effects of Growing a Beard The Movie That Killed Eddie Murphy’s Career NASA Will Send Flying ‘Dragonfly’ Robot to Saturn’s Moon Titan Tagged In sciencespacesaturntitandragonfly Post a Comment 16 Comments Dani From ‘Girl Next Door’ is Absolutely Gorgeous Now at 36last_img read more

Hubble Spots a Black Hole That Shouldnt Exist

first_img Proof Henry Cavill Isn’t a Very Good Dude at All Tagged In sciencespaceastronomyphysicsblack holeshubblegalaxiessupermassive black holes Post a Comment 13 Comments By Ryan Whitwam on July 13, 2019 at 8:20 am Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. We Now Understand How Curt Schilling Blew His Entire Fortune Maisie Williams’ Transformation is Turning Heads 13 Comments Hubble Spots a Black Hole That Shouldn’t Exist Popular Memes That Completely Destroyed Innocent Lives Why Jordan Peele Probably Won’t Be Directing ‘Blade’ Winnie From ‘Wonder Years’ Is 44 Now and Unrecognizably Gorgeous You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet The Most Inappropriate Comic Book Characters Ever Conventional wisdom holds that most large galaxies harbor supermassive black holes at their centers. Scientists also believe that only so-called “active” galaxies should have visible accretion disc of matter, but the Hubble Space Telescope has found one around a black hole with unusually low luminosity. This galaxy might bend the rules a bit, but it offers an opportunity to study how the theory of relativity applies in the real world. NGC 3147 is a large spiral galaxy just a bit smaller than our own Milky Way. It sits about 120 million light-years away — you’ve probably seen pictures of it because it’s quite stunning. Active galaxies like quasars are easy to spot. The matter falling into them produces emissions across the electromagnetic spectrum, and the accretion discs are quite visible. Everyone thought NGC 3147 was far too dim to have a disc of its own, but a new analysis from an international team suggests otherwise. Hubble collected data from the central black hole in NGC 3147, which has a mass about 250 million times greater than our sun. The object turns out to have a thin disc of material similar to what you’d find around an active galactic nucleus. Observations from Hubble show the disc spins at about 10 percent the speed of light. Researcher Stefano Bianchi from the Università degli Studi Roma Tre in Italy says this discovery indicates the current models for low luminosity galaxies have “clearly failed.”This discovery could have far-reaching effects on the way we model galaxies and black holes, but it also could lead to a better understanding of the physics underlying supermassive objects. The fast-moving disc combined with the low apparent brightness of NGC 3147 could make it possible to test both general and special relativity. General relativity deals with the mechanisms of gravity in the universe, and special relativity describes the relationship between space and time. Since NGC 3147 is dimmer than a typical active galaxy, we can make out the accretion disc around it much better. The disc is inside the black hole’s powerful gravity field where scientists can study the way it affects light. Based on findings in NGC 3147, astronomers may now go on the hunt for other weakly active galaxies. Some may even be closer to Earth where we can make even more precise measurements to test Einstein’s theories.Now read:Cold Quasars Could Change Our Understandings of Galactic DeathAstronomers Capture Historic First Photo of Black HoleResearchers Use Supersonic Fluid to Test Hawking’s Black Hole Theories 10 Scientifically Proven Side Effects of Growing a Beardlast_img read more

Ad Fraud to Cost North American Advertisers 100 Million a Day by

first_imgTrafficGuard and Juniper Research estimates that within the next five years, advertisers will be losing $100 million a day due to ad fraud.In a latest announcement,  Ad fraud prevention specialist TrafficGuard explained the current state of ad fraud in North America. North America is the largest digital advertising market in the world. And therefore, it is most prone to all kinds of digital ad fraud. According to TrafficGuard, North America’s average ad spend per internet user is 455% above the global average. However, with a booming digital advertising industry also comes advertising fraud. The recent profile of ad fraud in North America by TrafficGuard and Juniper Research estimates that within the next five years, advertisers will be losing $100 million a day due to ad fraud. That represents an increase of 125% since 2018 when daily losses were reported at $44 million per day. Additionally, more than 1 in 5 ad transactions will be derived from fraud by 2023.Recommended: Neustar and Freckle Partner to Provide Marketers with Actionable Privacy-Compliant, First Party Consumer DataIn the global context, North America’s forecast cost of ad fraud for 2019 at $18.7 billion represents 36% of the global loss despite being home to just 9% of the world’s internet users.“Speaking to advertisers in North America we know that ad fraud is a major pain point, not just in draining ad spend but in slowing business growth. Premium traffic sources have a finite reach but using TrafficGuard, advertisers can access alternate traffic sources confident in the knowledge that they are protected from fraud,” said Luke Taylor, COO and founder of TrafficGuard.Luke added, “We’re thrilled to be expanding our reach to North America by establishing a new office in New York City and look forward to helping businesses in the region grow.”TrafficGuard is the only fraud prevention solution to provide protection across multiple stages of the advertising journey – at the impression, click, attribution, and post-attribution levels – and has protected clients from more than 4 billion fraudulent transactions. Its real-time fraud prevention compounds advertising returns by enabling faster campaign optimization, more confident scaling and stronger network partnerships.MarTech News: Accelerators Launched for Rapid Execution and Faster Time to MarketAwareness of ad fraud in the North American market is growing. The report highlights growth in the proportion of ad spend recovered from fraud citing an increase in ad fraud awareness, along with increasing sophistication of fraud prevention as contributing factors. Where only 11% of potential loss to ad spend has been estimated to be recovered in 2019, this figure is expected to increase to almost 20% by 2023.Read Also: Beware: Ad Fraud is Not a Harmless CrimeWith its first US office now open, TrafficGuard’s team is dedicated to helping businesses in the region protect advertising spend and access new traffic sources for growth, safely.TrafficGuard has been in development since 2016. The company has quickly established itself as a fraud-prevention powerhouse protecting ad spend of high-growth tech unicorns including Asia’s GO-JEK and LATAM super-app Rappi. TrafficGuard has offices in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Croatia, and Singapore. Ad Fraud to Cost North American Advertisers $100 Million a Day by 2023 MTS Staff WriterJuly 11, 2019, 8:12 pmJuly 11, 2019 ad fraudAd SpendAdvertisingJuniper ResearchNewsTrafficGuard Previous ArticleAccelerators Launched for Rapid Execution and Faster Time to MarketNext ArticleSynergySuite Closes $6 Million Series A Led by First Analysislast_img read more

Election 2019 LIVE EC Bans Sidhu for 3 Days Over Warning to

first_imgHours after Priyanka Gandhi accused Smriti Irani of distributing shoes in Amethi “to insult Rahul Gandhi”, Union Textiles Minister asked why was the Congress leader acting when its Irani who has been an actor. “Actor main reh chuki hoon toh natak Priyanka ji bilkul na karein,” she said.The Congress is expected to name boxer Vijender Singh, the Beijing Olympic Games bronze medallist, as its South Delhi candidate. The party is likely to make an announcement shortly.The Election Commission has filed two FIRs against Union minister and BJP’s Asansol candidate Babul Supriyo. The first complaint has been filed for violating model code of conduct by playing the party theme song composed by him, despite poll body’s ban. The second report is in connection with snatching an EC official’s camera while he was recording Supriyo’s campaign rally.A decision on Priyanka Gandhi’s candidature from Varanasi will be announced in a day or two. In the next 24 to 48 hours, Congress sources said, the party will decide if Gandhi will be fielded against PM Modi.Addressing a rally in Maharashtra on Sunday, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) minister Pankaja Munde said that “a bomb should have been attached to Rahul Gandhi” as an answer to people who seek evidence of India’s strike in Pakistan. “We did surgical strike after cowardly attack on our soldiers. Some people ask what was surgical strike and what’s the evidence? I say we should’ve attached a bomb to Rahul Gandhi, and should have sent him to another country. Then they would have understood,” she said.Congress in-charge for east UP, Priyanka Gandhi, attacked the BJP government for “not just betraying Amethi but the entire nation”. “PM Modi has not visited a single village in Varanasi. Let them beg for votes, Amethi and Raebareli will never bow down in front of anyone,” she said.Countering PM Modi’s ‘diwali nuclear button’ comment, former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti said Pakistan has not kept their nuclear weapons for Eid. “Every other day they (Pakistan) talk about nuclear button. But that doesn’t mean they have reserved it for Eid,” she said. Addressing an election rally in Rajasthan’s Barmer town on Sunday, PM Modi had said the strategic experts earlier used to warn that Pakistan had the nuclear button. “What do we have then? Have we kept our nuclear bomb for Diwali,” he asked, while affirming that India had the capability to launch nuclear attacks from land, air and sea.Putting to rest speculation that he may be disqualified from the poll process, the Election Commission has deemed valid Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s nomination from Amethi. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an election rally referred to the Sri Lanka bomb blasts to say the situation in India was similar before the BJP came to power in 2014. Modi, who was in Maharashtra, said India’s enemies were sure that he would hunt them out and take action against them. Modi will now move to Rajasthan for rallies in Jodhpur and Udaipur.UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and eastern UP incharge Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will hold a rally in Rae Bareli, while Rahul Gandhi will address voters in Barabanki, Raebareli and Sultanpur districts. Bharatiya Janata Party chief Amit Shah at a press conference in Kolkata attacked the Mamata Banerjee government, saying voters must not live in fear and weed out the TMC. He will be covering four districts in today’s campaign — Uluberia in Howrah, Rampurhat, Krishnanagar in Nadia and Burdwan. Moreover, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will conduct simultaneous rallies in Bengal alongside Shah. Adityanath will first address the public at North 24 Parganas’ Bangaon city and then take his rallies forward to Baharampur, Burdwan Purba and Hooghly.last_img read more

In Bollywood I Didnt Want to Repeat the Mistakes I Made in

first_img Actress Taapsee Pannubadla actress taapsee pannuBadla movieGame Over First Published: June 11, 2019, 5:30 PM IST Taapsee Pannu has been the leading lady of many films in Bollywood that had a substantial scope for performance and less of antics and typical Bollywood masala. Barring Judwaa 2, Taapsee has largely focused on and can be seen in indie films that can’t be categorised as mainstream, for the choice of subject or the lack of stars. Taapsee has earned a niche for herself in doing films such as Pink, Naam Shabana, Manmarziyaan, Mulk, Badla among others.Her latest venture is a never-seen-before suspense thriller based around gaming. Titled Game Over, Taapsee features in the film as a gamer who is haunted by some otherworldly presence in her apartment, or in her mind (unclear at the moment). Game Over arrives in theaters on June 14, and in the lead up to the film’s release Taapsee shared how her journey towards success has been riddled with problems and how she emerged triumphant at the end of it all. Before entering Bollywood, Taapsee did her fair share of films in South India. Telugu film Jhummandi Naadam (2010) and Tamil film Aadukalam (2011) received good response at the box office and established her in the eyes of the film going community. She admits that she went onto to do films that “didn’t make sense to her” because “she didn’t have a sense of cinema.”In an exclusive interview with DNA, she said, “I made mistakes by choosing the kind of movies that didn’t make sense to me as I didn’t have a sense of cinema. I listened to people telling me this is what actresses do and realised it’s not working for me. There were back-to-back flops and I was considered bad luck.” She added, “I was blamed for the fate of even those films in which I had only three songs and five scenes. So, I thought if that’s the case, I might as well choose the projects that I want to do. So, from five-six movies a year in both Telugu and Tamil, I reduced it to one.”She also admitted that once she entered Bollywood with Chashme Baddoor (2013), she patiently waited for the best roles because she did not want to repeat the mistakes she made down South by choosing only “fancy films.”Game Over is directed by Ashwin Saravanan and is a Tamil-Telugu bilingual, also releasing in Hindi on June 14.last_img read more

Bond 25 is Back on Track as Daniel Craig Hits the Gym

first_img ami MalekAna de ArmasBilly MagnussenBond 25 First Published: June 16, 2019, 2:59 PM IST The new Bond film, which does not have an official title yet, is being filmed under a tentative name–Bond 25. Naomie Harris and Craig will reprise their roles from the previous Bond films. Also returning will be Léa Seydou as Dr Madeleine Swann, Ben Whishaw as Q, Rory Kinnear as Tanner, Ralph Fiennes as the M and Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter. The new cast includes Rami Malek, Dali Benssalah, Lashana Lynch, David Dencik, Billy Magnussen and Ana De Armas.Bond 25 will be co-written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and the film will release in April 2020.Follow @News18Movies for more After sustaining an injury while filming an action sequence on the sets of Bond 25, Daniel Craig is back in training mode. Craig had hurt his ankle last month, in May, and it had led to the filming and production being stalled. However, this latest picture of Craig at the gym is reassuring to say the least. In Jamaica last month, Craig reportedly tore an ankle ligament during a chase scene for Bond 25.The official James Bond Twitter shared a monochrome photograph that has Craig working out. Although the 51-year-old actor wears a cast on his left leg his dedication towards fitness is unparalleled. The post also informs us that Craig will be back on sets of Bond 25 starting next week. “#007 Daniel Craig hitting the gym hard @pinewoodstudios, prepping for shooting next week! #Bond25 Photo credit: @GregWInsight,” the image was captioned. #007 Daniel Craig hitting the gym hard @pinewoodstudios, prepping for shooting next week! #Bond25 📷 @GregWInsight— James Bond (@007) June 15, 2019center_img Craig took over as James Bond in 2005’s Casino Royale, which saw him suffer a brutal blow and two of his teeth accidentally knocked out during a stunt. He also tore a shoulder muscle and injured his ribs while shooting Quantum of Solace. last_img read more

VR tool lets you see the world through the eyes of an

first_img Editors’ Recommendations Humans have big brains. That’s what really sets us apart from other creatures in the animal kingdom. Sure, our feet are adapted for long-distance running and we can (sometimes) perform complex choreographies of social collaboration, but if it weren’t for our brains, we wouldn’t be the dominant species we are today.One of the fascinating features about the human brain is its ability to empathize, to put our minds in another person’s (or animal’s) experience. In that vein, I often wonder what it’d be like to experience the world through the highly specialized senses of another creature. What would it be like to have a dolphin’s sense of sonar, a dog’s sense of smell, or a bird’s ability to sense the Earth’s magnetic field?I’ve never thought about experiencing the world as a tarsier — tiny, night-crawling, critically endangered primates. But my interest is now piqued.Researchers at Dartmouth College have developed a virtual reality (VR) system that gives it wearers a sense of what it’s like to see the world through their highly specialized eyes.“Tarsier Goggles is a science education tool that engages students in hands-on scientific concepts in physics, perceptual science, and biology,” Samuel Gochman, a designer who led the development of Tarsier Goggles while studying at Dartmouth, told Digital Trends. The tool simulates “the vision of a primate with extreme adaptations for hunting prey in low-light conditions,” with the aim to help users grasp and appreciate a different worldview.DALI Lab, Dartmouth CollegeGochman’s goal was to take education out of the textbook, by giving students a way to engage in a more interactive learning experience. VR has been shown to have powerful effects on increasing the empathy of users, so, naturally, it provided the ideal platform for the tool.“The goal of this project is to augment the learning experience in the classroom when the topics involve concepts in optics, vision, or natural selection,” Gochman explained. “Our open-access publication includes a sample curriculum to guide teachers, and the free open-source software is available for use in any classroom with access to VR. This system could also be experienced independently or in other settings like museums.”Tarsier Goggles allows users to transport to the Bornean rainforest, one of the homes of tarsiers, where they can leap from tree to tree, navigating a maze-like environment that would be difficult for humans to see in but visible for tarsiers.A paper describing the project was published in the journal Evolution: Education and Outreach. Here are the best shows on Netflix right now (July 2019) What would it take to build a Matrix-level simulation of reality? The best apps for teachers and educators The best PSVR games available today The best PS4 gameslast_img read more

AlphaBay dark web drugs and credit card market shut down

first_imgThe closure took place last week, according to sources speaking with the Wall Street Journal. A spokesperson for the US Embassy in Bangkok told the WSJ that Canadian citizen Alexandre Cazes was arrested on July 5 and may have been extradited to the US ‘to face federal criminal charges.’ Sources say Cazes was then found hanged in his Thai jail cell this past Wednesday.The establishment of AlphaBay followed the seizure and closure of former underground dark web market Silk Road, something that itself was taken down in late 2013. AlphaBay, like Silk Road, was a Tor-based website that enabled individuals to buy and sell illegal items that spanned everything from drugs and guns to manuals on how to commit fraud.AlpahBay represented the largest dark web market since the fall of Silk Road, and allegedly peddled more than $5 million this year in stolen credit cards alone, raking in between $600k and $800k every single day. The operators allegedly made millions of dollars each year during the site’s operation. Signs of the market’s demise arose last week when AlphaBay suddenly went dark without explanation.SOURCE: Wall Street Journal Another underground dark web market was shut down, according to sources, putting an end to the illegal sale of stolen credit cards, drugs, and more. This market was called AlphaBay and it was reportedly taken down by a joint effort between official in the United States, Canada, and Thailand. A Canadian citizen was allegedly one of the people operating the website, and was found dead in his jail cell after being arrested in Thailand. Story TimelineMicrosoft wants broadband Internet through rural America by 2022How to join the Internet’s Day of Action to save Net Neutrality NOWWith new TV and AV controls, Alexa inches closer to ruling the Internet of Thingslast_img read more

Facebook toughens ad rules after Russian manipulation

first_imgFacebook had already adjusted its policies back in October 2017, changing the way it handles its advertisements so that only those “authorized” were allowed to run electoral ads on either Facebook or Instagram. Today, though, it’s tightening the rules even further. Now, anybody that wants to show what are being referred to as “issue ads” will also need to be authorized first. What constitutes an “issue ad”? Facebook says it’s working on a list of those issues with third-parties, though it’ll be an evolving list over time. Think along the lines of political hot-topics, however, likely to include things like immigration and gun control. The authorization process will include confirming each advertiser’s identity and location. Meanwhile, there’ll also be new labeling, indicating both that it’s a “Political Ad” and detailing who it was “paid for by” in the timeline. “These are designed to increase transparency and accountability,” Facebook says, “as well as prevent election interference.”AdChoices广告Still, there’s always the chance that even with enhanced rules, a few rogue adverts could get through – or bypass the authorization process by pretending to be a regular ad. Facebook says it’s investing in artificial intelligence – along with more human moderators – which will be monitoring for content that should be labeled but isn’t. There’s also the option to report an ad from your timeline. Although the focus of election manipulation has been in the US, with Russian agencies believed to have used Facebook – among other means – to promote then-presidential-candidate Donald Trump, Facebook is also testing new safety features elsewhere. In Canada, for example, it has a “view ads” feature that shows all the advertising that a Facebook Page is running. The company says that should go live worldwide in June 2018. At the same time, Facebook plans to release a public and searchable political ads archive. That will combine all the “Political Ad” tagged content, with the original imagery and text along with how much was spent on it and the demographic audience details. Finally, anybody trying to manage a Facebook Page with a large number of followers is going to need to verify their identify. If they don’t, they won’t be able to post. “This will make it much harder for people to administer a Page using a fake account, which is strictly against our policies,” Facebook points out.According to Facebook, it started tests of the political and issue ad authorization process this week. The new labels, meanwhile, will begin to roll out later this spring, though initially only for those in the US. Facebook is updating its Ads and Pages rules to make them more transparent, in the aftermath of Russian adverts designed to manipulate the 2016 US election. The social network has faced considerable criticism from several quarters over how easily foreign bad actors were able to buy targeted advertising and attempt to use it in order to shape political opinion. Story TimelineFacebook’s fake news fight takes publisher check nationwideFacebook says its changing its policies and wants your feedbackFacebook to restrict data accessed by third-party appslast_img read more

Pocophone F1 defies durability expectations

first_imgThe Pocophone F1 is unabashedly plastic, at least on its back and sides. It does employ a few painting tricks to mimic the look of metal but paint is no match for blades. Or sharp keys in your pocket for that matter. Good thing Xiaomi ships the phone with a free gel case in every box.The display, thankfully, doesn’t have had a cheap layer of plastic. Instead, Xiaomi has generously opted for Gorilla Glass on top, making it impervious to most scratches. Quite surprisingly, it even outdoes other OEMs by using plastic on the fingerprint scanner, removing any worry about scratched sensors on the back.But as Zack Nelson himself says, the most important test these days is the bend test. And, fortunately, the Pocophone passes with flying colors. Despite the plastic back and sides, the phone only flexes a bit but locks out and returns to form immediately.AdChoices广告Of course, the Pocophone F1 still misses out on a few features in exchange for the less than $400 price tag. On the durability side, you don’t get dust and waterproofing, for example. But other than that, this cheap premium phone will last your longer than many not so cheap premium phones, even some from Xiaomi as well. This year has seen a lot of interesting smartphones come to market, some of which seem straight out of science fiction. Almost all of these interesting phones, however, were made for those with deep pockets. All save for one. The Pocophone F1, a.k.a. POCO F1 in India, is interesting because of how it undercuts even OnePlus in terms of flagship features at half the price. But is it the stereotypical “you get what you pay for” cheap phone? YouTube channel JerryRigEverything puts the phone through the wringer to bring us that answer. Story TimelinePOCOPHONE F1 global rollout: why it mattersPOCO F1 teardown will make you wish other phones are like itPocophone F1 first impressions: We go macrolast_img read more

OnePlus 7 durability test seems on par with the hype

first_imgCompared to Samsung’s and Huawei’s events, OnePlus’ unveiling of the OnePlus 7 Pro is almost low-key. Just like in its early days, it is relying on word of mouth and the Internet to get its point across and it’s turning out to be an effective strategy. Early reviews are already flooding the Web and we now even have a very early durability test from JerryRigEverything that could ease some worries about the phone’s special features. Story TimelineOnePlus 7 Pro: Pricing, Specifications, and ReleaseOnePlus 7 Pro Review: A hero phone with a price to match At this point, it seems that the scratch and bend tests are the most boring parts of the video. Still, it has to be done. For science! The screen starts to scratch at a level 6, consistent with most glass screens and the elevating camera lens is protected by the same glass. In short, it’s not going to get dinged up even if you manage to elevate and retract it 300,000 times.The phone does show a bit of flex when bent but returns to normal. This is particularly important given how the popup camera could have introduced some structural instability. Then again, the now curved edge screen could have offset that and added some rigidity.Curiously, the burn tests yield something actually interesting this time around. It didn’t show any burn marks even after more than 50 seconds of direct lighter fire. That’s quite unusual and very impressive for an AMOLED screen. Especially one that has a 90 Hz refresh rate.AdChoices广告As for that camera, it requires a greater amount of force to push it back in manually and OnePlus even added a failsafe fall detection feature to retract the camera before it hits the ground. Suffice it say, even Zack Nelson is impressed and, hopefully, that won’t change in the days and weeks ahead.last_img read more

Porsche 718 hybrid sees another EV flavor join Taycan

first_imgPorsche may be readying the all-electric Taycan sports sedan and an electric Macan crossover too, but its core sports car range won’t be forgotten when it comes to electrification. Having already experimented with a prototype electric Porsche Cayman coupe, the automaker has confirmed another experiment is in the pipeline. Story TimelinePorsche Mission E Cross Turismo EV production gets go-aheadPorsche and BMW show off ultra-fast EV charging stations that fully charge in 15-minutesThe new Porsche Macan will be an all-electric SUV The electric 718 was unveiled back in 2017, as an early indication of what electrification could bring to performance driving. Rather than being a compromise in the name of economy and emissions, Porsche argued, the Cayman e-volution concept represented the best of electric motors – and previewed new, super-fast charging systems. Indeed, though the 3.3 second 0-62 mph dash was impressive, the big news about the Cayman e-volution was how rapidly its batteries could be topped up. With 800 volt and 320 kW support, the so-called Porsche Turbo Charging system could supplement traditional EV chargers. Porsche envisaged the accumulator-based system as slotting into areas where regular power distribution infrastructure might not support those normal chargers. Much to the dismay of would-be electric Cayman buyers, Porsche made it clear there were no plans to put the car into production, at least as it was shown in concept form. Less than two years on, though, with 800V and 320+ kW charging support showing up from Electrify America among other networks, Porsche has a new prototype to play with. That’s a hybrid Porsche 718 – it’s unclear whether it’s a Boxster or a Cayman – CEO Oliver Blume confirmed to Autocar UK. “We have prototypes of the 718 running in electric now, and a hybrid prototype is being built,” the chief executive said. “If you look to the next generation of those cars it is possible, although it is not clear whether it would be plug-in hybrid or hybrid.”Porsche, like other sports car manufacturers, has been cautious about shifting too quickly to electrification in its performance series. No automaker has any qualms about the acceleration and potential for speed that an electric drivetrain offers. After all, with instantaneous torque and no multi-gear transmission to consider, EVs can easily be faster 0-60 than their gasoline counterparts. Where they still need work, though, is practicality – albeit practicality viewed through the lens of a performance vehicle. Delivering crazy levels of horsepower and torque through electric motors isn’t a challenge, but in doing so you’ll rapidly drain a car’s battery. Buyers, such automakers argue, won’t be willing to punctuate their track day fun, or their mountain road jaunts, multiple times through the day to sit by a charger for an hour or more. A hybrid 718 could address some of those concerns. Indeed, Porsche has already shown with cars like the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo that combining gas and electric with a focus on eager drivers is an excellent recipe. While the Panamera can be plugged in to charge up, it can also use its gasoline engine to aggressively run as a generator while on the move, topping up the batteries. That electric power is then used to maximize acceleration. Porsche – like all of the constituent automakers of the VW Group – is gung-ho on pure electric cars. Demand for the Taycan has already prompted an expansion of production, before a single vehicle has come off the line, or indeed the full specifications have been revealed. Months ahead of it arriving in dealerships, it’s hard to argue that the Taycan isn’t already a success. No single electrification strategy is necessarily the best route, though. While Porsche is coy on exactly where its EV sports car strategy lies – and Blume declined to confirm whether the upcoming 918 Spyder hypercar would be purely electric or something else – the reality seems to be that the manufacturer is planning multiple approaches. The Taycan, when it arrives later in the year, will only be the first of those.last_img read more