Professor reflects on HHS bill reform, election implications

first_imgPresident Barack Obama announced a compromise in the Affordable Care Act Friday, mandating that insurance companies, not religious institutions, will be responsible for providing free preventive care to women. Such a move comes with significant political implications, former political columnist for the South Bend Tribune and Journalism professor Jack Colwell said. “[Obama] certainly had politics in mind, just as his critics had politics in mind,” he said. “This is a presidential election year so everything he does is going to be, in some respects, political.” Under the original plan announced Jan. 20, religious institutions would not be exempt from providing preventive healthcare, including contraceptives, in their minimum insurance package. The Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) granted these institutions a year to comply with the legislation’s specifications. Colwell said Friday’s move was seen as an accommodation to the religious institutions that were concerned about providing these services. The move by the president will be successful in controlling any lasting political damage, though the damage could have easily been avoided, Colwell said. “I think initially the president was hurt somewhat by [this],” he said. “Why on earth they thought it would take a year to reach a compromise nobody seems to understand. “That sounds like bureaucracy in the Health and Human Services Department. When the pressure was on, they quickly reached a compromise.” Colwell said Obama’s conciliation was made with a specific group of American voters in mind. “I think what he was doing was going after Catholic voters who were understandably upset about the first decision that was made … there was a lot of dissatisfaction,” he said. The Catholic portion of the American population was a group Obama could not risk losing in November’s presidential election, Colwell said. “There are a lot of Catholic officials and voters who tend to support him,” he said. “If he was going to alienate some of them, that could have a big effect on the election.” Colwell said Friday’s compromise should be effective enough to satisfy this group of voters. “I think he did [enough]. It seems to be a reasonable accommodation,” Colwell said. “In fact, it is so reasonable you have to wonder why that wasn’t the plan in the first place.” At the same time, the new plan still allows for women to receive cost-free preventive healthcare such as contraceptives. Colwell said that without this concession, Obama would have risked alienating another block of voters. “Also, it has continued to make sure there would be birth control free of charge available to all women,” he said. “If he had gone back on that, that would have cost him a lot of votes from women who think that is very important.” The original decision to have religiously affiliated institutions provide preventive health services drew the ire of Catholic bishops. Colwell said Obama made the compromise with political allies in mind. “I don’t think there was so much concern with the bishops as it was about some of the people who have tended to support President Obama and the healthcare legislation,” Colwell said. “Some of them were upset and he was in danger of losing support.” These supporters include Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bob Casey (D-Pennsylvania.) However, Colwell said Obama did not risk losing support from Sister Carol Keehan of the Catholic Health Organization. “She has been a supporter of the president on healthcare matters,” he said. Despite reaching a compromise Friday, Colwell said Republican presidential candidates would not agree with any accommodation Obama proposes. Taking this approach runs the risk of driving female voters away from the Republican Party, Colwell said. “They have a real danger. If the Republican nominee is seen as opposed to birth control, then that’s a big, big plus for Obama in the election,” Colwell said. “There already is a gender gap where women tend to vote more Democratic … and if the Republican nominee would seem as opposed to contraceptives, that gap would be even wider and it would be harmful to the Republican nominee.” Colwell said the party is also making a gamble by shifting the focus away from economic issues. Doing so could change the dynamic of the election. “Republicans have wanted this election to be a referendum on the economy and how the president was handling that and budget issues,” he said. “They have tended to put some of the social issues on the back burner … now suddenly they are moving into some of those cultural issues. Maybe that will help them, but it does take some of the focus off the economic issues.” Colwell said that while the mandate seemed to initially hurt Obama politically, Friday’s accommodation could ultimately have beneficial implications. “Initially it was a negative,” he said. “It could turn out to be a positive if the Republican nominee is seen as opposing contraceptive devices. Also, it might help him focusing on what the healthcare legislation does.” Colwell said since many American’s don’t know what the Affordable Care Act does, Friday’s compromise may shed light on the positive aspects of one of Obama’s signature legislative accomplishments. “Now there is a lot of focus on what it would provide for women — free access to contraception,” he said. “It’s focusing on this as a preventive measure, something that can hold down medical costs. If people focus on that and agree with that, then it could be a plus for [Obama.]” Colwell said discussion of the subject would die down and only resurface if the Republican presidential candidate pursued the matter. “I think it’s probably one of those issues that erupted and captured all of the headlines for several weeks,” he said. “I think it will simmer down some. It will basically be up to the Republican presidential candidate and Republican leadership in Congress if they want to pursue this.”last_img read more

Fly Fishing the Space Between Seasons

first_imgYou immediately know when the perfect cast is made for it is not felt at all. The split second it lasts is an out of body experience where you observe yourself from afar, perhaps standing patiently on the bank beneath the farmer’s shade tree as the line whips with an effortless roll across the water to the place you want it to go. You always hope for a bite but the elation brought on by the cast provides its own pleasure, for in that moment, you truly let go. Noah has already succeeded in hooking four trout. Confident that he has beaten his old man, he changes roles from angler to our crew’s designated “fish holder,” a title he proudly announces which is approved with a quick nod by Max and I. Consensus works well in tight quarters along the South Holston, especially with an eight-year-old who is now pleasantly distracted by a turkey sandwich that Max had stashed in the cooler. I am grateful for Max. He will make a good father one day.  I hear his compliment and am grateful, but do not turn around, knowing he is now watching intently for a fish as we wait in silence. Everything is calm and bright. From where I stand, keeping my balance, the water reveals massive boulders that look as if they could easily slice our small vessel in two. We are floating above the fortress where the trout invisibly linger. Not long after hearing that story, another guide went back to the same spot, hooking it again and validating our claim. Yet the old fish, smart in sense and defensive of its territory had other ideas and again went free. As far as we know, it has eluded the touch of human hands and is still there today. A quintessential fishing story, this is what has formed a close bond amongst us; and Max, Noah, and I always tell it every year before the new day begins. Whether we are in waders or on a float trip, it has become our crew’s shared tradition. “That fish gave you the middle fin!”  For one writer, a float trip down eastern Tennessee’s South Holston River provides reflection as he finds patience in letting go and peace in realizing his son is growing up. I’m glad our crew is together again; the familiarity welcome after an eventful year. Life is never static; there is no pause button and I am reminded of that with each trout’s bite and our conversation in the boat. Max will be asking his girlfriend to marry him in a few days and I am sure he is reflecting on it as he ties a mayfly. I was his age when I asked my wife to marry me, and wish I knew how to fly fish then. I would have been quite happy to take a float trip on the river to reflect. Like I am sure it will be for him, it was the best decision I ever made and the proof is the laughing boy sitting in back of the boat. This time well spent I hope will last just a little bit longer. When I am able, time spent fly fishing the waters of eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains is how I like to transition between seasons. It provides the space for personal reflection and an opportunity to let go and renew. I’ve learned to cast well enough now to keep my flies from twisting up; at least most of the time. On occasion, they will catch on a submerged log and I will swear to my son that I’ve got a big one on the line and the adrenaline will pump and I will fight and really believe that there is a trout on the other end. Noah always laughs when this happens. It is infectious and fun to listen to. When I am really dramatic, he will do it until his belly aches too much to continue and then will settle back in his chair, feet hanging carefree off the back of the boat awaiting his next catch.  The sunsets as we drive home and even though it’s been hours, I still feel the river beneath me, my legs nor senses fully adjusted yet to land. The ride across the Piedmont of central North Carolina has rocked the fish holder to sleep. Tonight, after I’ve carried him upstairs to his room, I’ll sip wine from a red Dixie cup and reflect on the day well spent. I prefer the cup to the glass. After a fishing trip, it is much more suitable for the occasion. Next year, I doubt I’ll be able to carry my son upstairs; he’ll have to walk. After all, the seasons will have changed, and before long, both of us will be toasting one another with those cups following another day on the South Holston. I have never written about fly fishing and it is probably because I am not always patient when I am on the water. The trout are. They wait and I am convinced they scheme. Noah can match their patience and thus always has more luck than I. In fact, his first time out three years ago along a narrow stream in Boone, North Carolina he hooked what our friend and guide, Max, and I estimated to be almost a two-foot trout lingering in a dark pool. When it jumped, Noah, then five years old, bravely held on while it fought hard, its beauty revealed in the split second it spent in the air, glistening sunlight through the trees hitting its rainbow before it broke away. “Great cast, dad!”  It’s not even been an hour and this has already become a popular saying in our boat as we drift down Tennessee’s South Holston River, just outside Bristol. A good sign as it means the fish are biting; a frustrating one because they are prevailing. All I can do is chuckle at Noah’s comment knowing full well I will soon hear it again. He’s enjoying keeping score. Boys do that when they compete: nag, laugh, repeat; much like the proud magpie now in pursuit, calling to our boat from the water’s edge. In that pleasant distraction, another bites and I am once again too slow to set the hook as I listen to the boy and the magpie’s duet. With a smirk on my face, I recast. The thrill of small rapids suddenly gives way to a vast sheet of still glass. Max drops anchor. We have an audience. From beneath a shade tree, a farmer sits on a stool resting, watching us intently, his old pickup parked a few feet away. On the other side, a shy doe partially hidden by brush takes a cautious drink in the mid-day heat. With the sun climbing higher overhead, I know our time on the river is drawing to a close. Nate Goetz is a writer residing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. For the last three years, he has gone on an annual fly fishing trip with his son, Noah, and wise guide and friend, Max Beck, from Due South Outfitters in Boone, NC. His work appears regularly in the digital wine magazine, The Vintner Project. As the landing comes into sight, Max asks if I want to stop one more time before calling it a day but I am content with this last catch. I feel patient again, restored, my practice complete. Noah is dangling his feet over the side of the boat again with a satisfied gaze fixed back upriver toward the place where we started. I realize that has been his vantage point throughout our trip and he too has been letting go. Like each trout released today, the boy is in tune with the river’s movement, and I have finally joined him.  Max’s command breaks the serenity. The fish jumps just inches above the water, all muscle, ready for a fight. As we spar, I cut my fingers on the line pulling it closer, the trout immediately gaining my respect. Max readies the net while Noah scans the water preparing to hold the fish. Finally, I lift it enough so Max can remove the fly. Now in captivity, it is feisty, an energetic spirit with clear, healthy eyes and rainbow. Gingerly, I present our worthy opponent to Noah and in his hands, the trout calms as he whispers a kind word to it before gently releasing the fish into the water where it disappears. With the act complete, it is time to move with the river again. “Set! Set! Set!”  Upon my casting arm is the red delineating mark of sun where my sleeve has been rolled up since morning. I am happily burned, sweaty, yet my face is cooled by the breeze off the six miles of water we have already covered. In these moments spent fly fishing the space between seasons, I reconnect with the natural flow of things, reminded once again that life is not necessarily predictable. That is why I am here today. last_img read more

5 ways to improve member education delivery

first_img 28SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Kwesi Charles Kwesi Charles is the founder of CredUView Consulting & Cooperative Capital Limited. A Finance Professional and Video Gamer at heart, CredUView works with Credit Unions, Banks and Other financial institutions … Details Member Education plays a fundamental role in any credit union…everyone would agree! My question to you though is HOW ARE YOU EDUCATING YOUR MEMBERS? and my second question would be ARE YOU EDUCATING YOUR MEMBERS ON THE OPERATIONAL FUNCTIONS OF THE CREDIT UNION? I have written previously on the critical importance of the Education Committee’s role. If the education committee isn’t optimal, the organization will be at a disadvantage. Education delivery is also connected to the strategy of the marketing department. Use education to: P1: Develop the members as part of your core CU philosophy – CU Hierarchy of NeedsP2: Position the organization in the mind of the members.Humans crave knowledge…….use it to your advantage. Education empowers…Education creates opportunities!!! Think of upskilling members which then leads to wealth creation which leads to increased business for the CU and the operating community. Remember the relevance of the CU is LESS about your financial products, ANYBODY could offer that….it’s more about you helping/advance your members which includes your financial products! Every credit union OUGHT TO HAVE A LINKED Educational Development Strategy beyond that of just the act of delivering the education. Think of it as a school with a career guidance department. The Digital Era has provided countless opportunities for learning in the forms of blogging, video content, webinars, online learning, email listing, etc. The digital era has also changed methods of communication which is connected to our foundation as humans – learning through visual [memes, infographics]. These forms now have a wider reach and in most instances cheaper. As you aim to establish your position in the minds of the members, how are you using these digital platforms to educate your members? By educating I mean on various topics which are seen as important. Given the range of membership demographics, I would suggest a mix of physical and digital learning. Digital allows greater flexibility and it aids in you building around the member. Digital Learning MUST be a KEY PART OF YOUR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION STRATEGY Here are some points to note:P1: If ALL of your member learning opportunities are physical, its directly correlated to WHO is on your education committee in addition to the overall lack of digital thrust of your organization which can be tied to where it begins – The Boardroom. Don’t let digital just be an app or website or being on a Social Media Channel. It’s much deeper! Learning/Teaching is a major opportunity.P2: There are countless websites/Instagram Pages/Thought Leaders which/who provide usable nuggets to engage to teach your audience via your social platforms. For Finance, there is Business Insider, Investing Simple, Business Advice Daily, Entrepreneurship Facts, Inc, Mottley Fool & Harvard Business Review to name a view. DONT USE YOUR SOCIAL TO ONLY PUSH PRODUCT TO MEMBERS!!!!!…….. Empower, Teach and even Edutertain!  I’ve noticed in Trinidad and Tobago, Works Credit Union has embarked on an infographic learning/empowerment via their social platforms using information from some of the pages mentioned above which is commendable. I’ve noticed the increased engagement! Sometimes you don’t have to recreate the wheel. There is readily available information. Let’s GO WORKS CU #worksuniversityP3: Physical Learning is Cost Heavy with many limitations. As the CU grows, ALWAYS AIM to align yourself with a like organization who can take you to the future. If your Learning Partner doesn’t have a digital presence….have a second think. The future doesn’t regress and you need to save cost with increased delivery.P4: If you don’t know where to start…… can have a discussion with me. Here is the thing. There are content creators/bloggers/teachers/thought leaders/experts etc. who already provide digital learning. Establish a partnership to deliver learning to your members. There are platforms such as Google Trends, keywordseverywhere,Buzzsumo, Answerthepublic and Ubersuggest which give you insights in terms of what people are searching for, talking about, the best platform to engage, etc. If you realize Video Production Using Smartphones is buzzing……offer that! Remember it’s not about you, it’s about the current and future member!P5: Offer Your Staff Paid Rewards to Deliver Learning Based on Skillset – My question to this is why not? If your staff members are skilled in something which can be offered to your members…. utilize them!I do trust that you can use member education to not only enhance member knowledge but also build loyalty and brand awareness as your CU competes in the era of exponential noise.last_img read more

Taking pensions is flawed public policy

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion The 2017 general election is over. There’s lots to talk about. I heard a collective gasp from Facebook friends when I said I was voting no on Proposition 2. “Why wouldn‘t you, a long time researcher of police violence, want public officials, police, to forfeit their pensions for being convicted of a serious crime?” My response: Proposition 1 for a Constitutional Convention should be recognized as an attempted “administrative coup.”Proposition 3 was a way to facilitate future land grabs to turn peoples’ land and potentially their homes over to politicos. I vehemently refused to vote “yes” on Proposition 2 — an assault on civil service workers’ pensions and civil service protections. Be aware that Proposition 2 will: Dilute civil servants’ benefits through judicial decisions and weaken legislation that protects government workers from officials’ political aspirations and vendettas. As an end run around civil service legal protections and benefits, it will hurt government workers and their families. Pensions are family-earned, not the sole possession of one worker. Ask those who have gone through a divorce.It is not a resource for closing a government’s annual budget gap. As an extra-legal pension grab, Proposition 2 will let governments control your savings for their benefit.States and municipalities already routinely use pension funds to cover holes in their budgets. State and local governments let pension funds go into arrears, or they borrow against your pension, and pension managers’ bad investments erode workers’ pensions.A government’s confiscating an alleged “criminal’s” pensions threatens all government workers. Eyes and ears Schenectady. You wanted Proposition 2; now our leaders need watching.Martha K. HugginsSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationMotorcyclist injured in Thursday afternoon Schenectady crashSchenectady’s Lucas Rodriguez forging his own path in dance, theater, musiclast_img read more

Capiz resident stabbed to death in Balasan

first_imgMontaño said the victim was not in theBalasan police station’s drug list./PN “We believe that at least four personskilled the victim. We are conducting an investigation to know the motive,” saidMontaño. The police has one person of interestbut declined to identify this individual. It is looking for witnesses. Bargo, a gay man, was last seen alivewalking with four companions on the night of Dec. 30, according to Balasanpolice station investigator Police Staff Sergeant Bryan Montaño. He failed togo home. ILOILO City – A 23-year-old residentof Barangay San Pedro, Pilar, Capiz was found dead with multiple stab wounds onthe body in Barangay Dolores, Balasan, Iloilo on Dec. 31. Two pairs slippers and a lighter werefound near where Bargo’s body was found. Joemarie Bargo’s body was found in arice field at around 7:30 a.m. His neck was also slashed.last_img read more

Passi sanitary landfill to operate by March 15

first_imgThe facility is aPassi City public-private partnership project with BEST, which will operate itfor seven years. “The tipping feewill still depend on the distance of the towns,” said Palmares./PN “I-clarify ko lang daya nga sanitary landfill indi typical kag conventional ngawaste materials i-dump lang diri. There will be segregation,”stressed Palmares. According to MayorStephen Palmares of Passi City, representatives of Basic Environment SystemsTechnologies, Inc. (BEST) that is currently constructing the facility, thefirst cell would already be completed and ready to accommodate waste by March15. ILOILO – StartingMarch 15 this year, 29 local government units (LGUs) will dispose their wasteat the 12-hectare P308-million integrated waste management facility in BarangayAglalana, Passi City. A sanitary landfilluses an engineered method of waste disposal where waste are buried undergroundor in a large pile being controlled and monitored. The bottom of the landfillhas a network of plumbing, serves as collection system for liquids to avoidleakages of leachates from the landfill that harms the waterways. Constructionstarted last October 2019.center_img The sanitarylandfill could accommodate between 200 to 375 tons of residual waste per day. The sanitarylandfill is in compliance with the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of2000, said Vice Mayor Jesry Palmares. “It’s a goodstrategy to construct environmentally-friendly solid waste managementfacilities that could save other towns that have problems with waste disposal,”said Gov. Arthur Defensor Jr. during its groundbreaking in Octoberlast year. The following LGUssigned a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the city government of Passi forthis last month: Badiangan, Bingawan, Cabatuan, Calinog, Janiuay, Mina,Pototan, Anilao, Banate, Barotac Nuevo, Dingle, Dueñas, Dumangas, San Enrique,Ajuy, Balasan, Barotac Viejo, Batad, Carles, Concepcion, Estancia, Lemery, SanDionisio, San Rafael, Sara, Oton, Santa Barbara, Leganes, and Zarraga. Once operational,Passi City will have an 18 percent share in the net income as well as in thetipping fee.last_img read more

Nadal will not defend US Open amid Covid-19 concerns

first_imgReigning champion, Rafael Nadal, slammed the “barbaric” tennis schedule as he decided not to defend his US Open title due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Nadal’s involvement at Flushing Meadows was already in doubt over his fears surrounding his safety and he has now confirmed he will not take part in New York. He took to Twitter on Tuesday evening to make the bombshell announcement. Spaniard Nadal, 34, wrote: “After many thoughts, I have decided not to play this year’s US Open. “The situation is very complicated worldwide, the Covid-19 cases are increasing, it looks like we still don’t have control of it. “We know that the reduced tennis calendar is barbaric this year after four months stopped with no play, I understand and thank for the efforts they are putting in to make it happen. “We have just seen the announcement of Madrid not being played this year. “All my respects to the USTA, the US Open organisers and the ATP for trying to put the event together for the players and the fans around the world through TV. “This is a decision I never wanted to take but I have decided to follow my heart this time and for the time being I rather not travel.” After many thoughts, I have decided not to play this year’s US Open. The situation is very complicated worldwide, the COVID-19 cases are increasing, it looks like we still don’t have control of it. The US Open is scheduled to take place between August 31 and September 13. Loading… Promoted Content5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksA Runner Uses Strava App To Create Amazing Pieces Of Running Art8 Things About Ancient Egypt That We Don’t Yet KnowThe World’s 7 Most Spectacular Railway Stations10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoIs This The Most Delicious Food In The World?17 Mind-Blowing Makeovers By Makeup Artist Vanessa DavisBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The UniverseA Hurricane Can Be As Powerful As 10 Atomic Bombs7 Universities In The World With The Highest Market Value5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parkscenter_img But Nadal follows the likes of world No1 Ash Barty and Nick Kyrgios in skipping the first Grand Slam back after the tennis season was suspended due to the global pandemic. read also:Inside Nadal’s new £4.5m luxury yacht with waterfall-fed spa pool That is despite the fact glory at the US Open would have tied him level with Roger Federer on a record 20 singles majors. World’s  No2 is a four-time champion in the Big Apple, winning the title in 2010, 2013, 2017 and 2019 – beating Daniil Medvedev in last year’s final. However, he missed the chance to defend his crown in 2014 due to injury. Nadal is the first male champion to choose not to defend the singles title at Flushing Meadows since American Pete Sampras, who retired the year after winning in 2002. In June, Nadal expressed his concerns about flying to the US unless it is safe to do so. And it is clear he still feels his safety cannot be guaranteed if he travels because the virus continues to claim hundreds of lives in the country every day. Hours earlier, the ATP and WTA confirmed the Madrid Open had been scrapped due to a localised spike in Covid-19 cases. Nadal had planned to play in Masters 1000 event in the Spanish capital, which starts the day after the US Open final. That would have made ideal preparation for the rearranged French Open, which he is looking to win for a record-extending 13th time. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more

Keep your eyes on Shoretire, Newcastle great Clark tells Man Utd fans

first_imgNewcastle United great, Lee Clark, has told Manchester United fans to keep an eye on their teenage, Geordie Shola Shoretire. For last week’s Under-23 defeat to Leicester City, the 16-year-old Shoretire was handed a debut in the second half. The midfielder made his debut in the UEFA Youth League last year at the age of 14. Shoretire also captained England U16 to victory over Denmark in 2019. Clark knows all about Shoretire with son Bobby Clark playing in the same England junior and youth teams. Bobby is rapidly progressing through Newcastle’s academy and like Shoretire, big things are being tipped for the teenage attacker. Writing in his column for, Clark admits there was a little frustration when first learning of Shoretire and how Manchester United had managed to nick the youngster away from under the noses of Newcastle. However, he also understands the opportunity such a move can offer. Clark explained: “I’ve watched Shola Shoretire when my son Bobby has been down at the academy at Newcastle and played against Man Utd in the years above.Advertisement read also:Man Utd wonderkid, Shoretire likened to Jay-Jay Okocha “Shola is an unbelievable young talent with fantastic ability. Great pace, great movement. He made his debut this week for the U23s having just turned 16. He’s not the biggest but he’s powerful and I know the people at United are excited. “But what they do at United is they don’t go overboard officially about players, they keep it in house and under wraps. But they will know they’ve got a special young talent in their hands without a doubt. “At first when I heard about him a couple of years ago, I was initially frustrated that Newcastle lost out on one of their own, but it was a scenario that couldn’t be helped with his parents being offered jobs down in the Manchester area which they had to take. Unfortunately, there’s nothing Newcastle could have done about that.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… center_img Promoted ContentBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made6 Incredibly Strange Facts About Hurricanes11 Strange Facts About Your Favorite TV ShowsA Hurricane Can Be As Powerful As 10 Atomic Bombs18 Cities With Neverending Tourist-FlowYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of Anime8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its GrowthBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?Who Earns More Than Ronaldo?Couples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable WayThe Highest Paid Football Players In The Worldlast_img read more

CR7 rejects Serie A honour

first_imgRelatedPosts Pirlo not out to copy anyone after Juventus’ comfortable opening win Live stream Premier League, La Liga, Serie A on Showmax Pro this weekend Juve’s Pirlo gamble makes new Serie A season the most open for years Cristiano Ronaldo has refused to wear a special Serie A badge awarded to him for winning Player of the Season last year with Juventus, in a sign of respect to his club team mates. The Portuguese supremo enjoyed a successful debut season with the Old Lady, scoring 28 goals and providing 10 assists across all competitions. His performances earned him the Player of the Season award at the conclusion of the 2018-19 campaign, as Juventus strolled to an eight consecutive league title. As reported by Marca, Serie A have introduced an initiative to recognise the efforts of the league’s best players by awarding them with special badges that are worn on their match day kits the following season. Other award winners included Inter’s Samir Handanovic (best goalkeeper), Roma’s Nicolo Zaniolo (best youngster), Napoli defender Kalidou Koulibaly (best defender), Lazio’s Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (best midfielder) and veteran striker Fabio Quagliarella (best forward). Serie A has left it to the respective award winners to decide whether to have their badges adorned on their jerseys, Ronaldo has refused to have his badge placed on the famous Juve kit, with it being reported that the 34-year-old doesn’t want to be seen as superior to his team mates. The former Manchester United and Real Madrid star has had a good start to the season for Juventus, netting in last weekend’s thrilling 4-3 win over Napoli. The reigning Serie A champions looked to be in control after their Portuguese star gave his side a three goal cushion just past the hour mark following first half strikes from Danilo and Gonzalo Higuain. However, Napoli pulled two quick fire goals back through Kostas Manolas and Hirving Lozano in the space of two minutes before Giovanni Di Lorenzo looked to have snatched Napoli a point with a late equaliser. But in time added on, Napoli’s Senegal defender Koulibaly turned the ball into his own net to gift Juve their second Serie A win of the season in front of boss Maurizio Sarri, who was watching from the stands following a bout of pneumonia. Ronaldo will now join his Portuguese team mates for their upcoming Euro 2020 qualifiers as the UEFA Nations League champions face Serbia and Lithuania in Group B.Tags: Cristiano RonaldoJuventusSamir HandanovicSerie Alast_img read more

Football News ISL 2018: FC Goa beat Kerala Blasters 3-1 in Kochi

first_imgKochi: FC Goa opened a three point lead at the top of the Indian Super League after they beat Kerala Blasters 3-1 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium here on Sunday.A Ferran Corominas double and a strike by Manvir Singh were enough for FC Goa to pick yet another three points as they are now the first team this season to score over 20 goals.Kerala Blasters pulled one back late in the game through Nikola Krcmarevic.The home side head coach David James named an all-Indian defence for the very first time with Anas Edathodika making his first start of the season.Also Read | Assembly Elections 2018: PM Narendra Modi chairs BJP CEC meeting to formulate last minute strategiesMeanwhile, Sergio Lobera opted to rest Hugo Boumous with Brandon Fernandes earning a spot in his line-up after a goal in the previous game.It took 11 minutes for the visitors to take the lead. Coro scored his seventh goal as he got on the end of a Ahmed Jahouh cross to head home as the Kerala defence was caught napping.Jahouh, Edu Bedia and Lenny Rodrigues controlled the proceedings as Kerala struggled to create a chance of note.FC Goa could have doubled their lead just before the half-time when Jahouh’s long punt found Carlos Pena who got on the end of it. Naveen Kumar came off his line and Mohammed Rakip closed the Goa left-back down and his final effort under pressure went inches wide.However, the next minute, Coro scored his second of the evening as he delicately placed the ball beyond the reach of the goalkeeper after an excellent run.After the break, Seminlen Doungel came close to pulling one back from a set-piece as his free-kick was parried way by Mohammad Nawaz by diving to his right.Read More | Pollution: Skin care tips to combat the toxins in the airJust after the hour mark, Naveen’s poor clearance was picked up by Brandon who crossed it for Coro in the box. The striker’s first attempt was blocked by a combination of Lalruattara and Anas. Off the rebound, Naveen pulled off a terrific save to deny Coro his second hat-trick of the season.Naveen once again was called into action as he just about managed to keep Hugo Boumous’ effort by conceding a corner. From the ensuing set-piece, FC Goa made it 3-0 in the 66th minute through substitute Manvir Singh as he put his height to good use from a Brandon corner.At the other end, Mohammed Ali was guilty of giving the ball away and Doungel’s right footed shot was parried away by Nawaz. C K Vineeth, who was dropped from the first team, could have had his name on the score-sheet but his shot was cleared off the line by Mourtada Fall.Against the run of play, Nikola Krcmarevic got on the end of a cross by Sandesh Jhingan in added time as he pulled one back for his side.Kerala’s poor run of form continued as they have gone six games without a win and suffered their second defeat on the trot. For all the Latest Sports News News, Football News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more