Breakfast at Tiffany’s Star Matt Barber on Making His West End Debut & Catching Up with Downton Abbey Co-Star Lily James

first_imgMatt Barber in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s'(Photo: Sean Ebsworth Barnes) Breakfast at Tiffany’s is rarely long absent from the stage, or so it seems. Recent London and New York productions in 2009 and 2013 are now followed by yet another incarnation of the classic Truman Capote tale, this one starting previews June 30 at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. Pixie Lott inherits Audrey Hepburn’s 1961 screen role as Holly Golightly, with Downton Abbey alumnus Matt Barber as the young writer who falls under her spell. caught the engaging Barber for a chat while he was driving to an evening performance during the show’s pre-West End tour.How does is feel to be a part of such a time-honored title as Breakfast at Tiffany’s?It’s a fantastic, astonishing opportunity for me as an actor. I get to play these two characters side by side [at different points in the writer Fred’s life] and literally stepping between them mid-sentence so that you see [Fred] 15 years further down the line when he’s established and has had success and made a bit of cash and also when he’s young and unformed, like a sort of grasshopper.Are you excited to make your West End debut?Absolutely! Even having done Downton Abbey, this feels like a new pinnacle: the opportunity to play a lead onstage and particularly at the Haymarket, which is such a beautiful place. It sort of leaves me speechless.How are you, an Englishman, coping with a demanding American accent?Well, this guy is from the South, for sure, but I’m certainly not hitting up the southern accent too heavily. My feeling is that for an English audience that would be just another obstacle. My interest, in any case, is more in the types of characters and how they sound rather than where they’re actually from. I remember at university people’s accents changing from when they started [college] to when they finished.Previous stage versions of this story have featured onstage nudity.We’ve got a bathtub scene as well, but it’s bloody quick and it’s not about getting naked. If you go that route, then that becomes the thing everyone remembers and talks about. This isn’t like [the Peter Shaffer play] Equus, where you can’t get away with not doing [stage nudity] because it’s a fundamental part of the story; here, you can deal with it with a bit of smoke and mirrors, and the audience experience is exactly the same.What do you find intriguing about your character’s dynamic with Holly?The thing with Fred is that he desperately wants to be at the center of his own story, but whenever Holly’s around, he just can’t be because she’s so much more everything than he could possibly be.It’s funny you call him Fred because, in the 2009 London production, he went by the name of William.They must have made the choice to give him an identity in exactly the same way that we sort of haven’t. I think we decided that we might as well call him Fred because that’s what everyone else calls him: the key point is that he knows who he is, especially once he’s older.This is a different text from that earlier London staging: you’re using the Richard Greenberg version that was seen on Broadway on 2013.We’ve also done a lot more work on the text, not to mention that we will have had 14 weeks on tour before we hit London. I feel like the difficulty is staying true to Truman Capote’s book while still turning it into a play. The book is very wordy, very descriptive, and we’ve really tried to strip it back so that the story is as clear as possible.It’s no secret that you’re playing a version of Capote himself.Very much so. This is really Capote writing about his younger self—this young writer who hasn’t had any success and doesn’t know where his sexuality sits and is caught up in this massive explosion of life, which is the girl who lives downstairs.Which brings us to your leading lady, Pixie Lott, in a role immortalized onscreen by Audrey Hepburn.The thing with Pixie is that she’s got obviously the star quality you need to draw upon in a role like this, which is that she is completely intoxicating for any male that comes anywhere near her. You need somebody who has this quality that when they walk into a room, all heads turn—it’s like in Downton Abbey when the cameras went on Lily James [as Rose] and I found myself next to somebody you might link to Marilyn Monroe or, indeed, Hepburn.Lily James will be appearing minutes away from you throughout the summer in Romeo and Juliet. Will you be hanging out between shows?Well, all that was rather a long time ago, and I haven’t actually spoken to [James] in a while, but I’m looking forward to catching up with her.What about the legacy for you of Downton, in which you played the aristocratic Atticus Aldridge?That was an incredible experience and it remains an incredible experience even though it’s over. Everyone was working very hard and at the top of their game. That said, it’s not as if I was suddenly swamped by people as a result of it; it wasn’t a significant profile-builder in that way. The benefit was far more just from the job and the experience.Still, you must feel as if your career is well on its way.Well, I’d love to feel as if I was even off the starting block, to be honest with you. But I’m absolutely adoring now being onstage and feel as if I want to do a healthy mix of everything. View Commentslast_img read more

Part-time employees: Smart play or added expense?

first_imgby: Philippe AsselinRecently someone shared with me their teenage son averages over $20 an hour working part time bussing tables at the local BBQ place—and he receives some optional benefit offerings plus half-price food (I hear they even have fried corn nuggets!) Oddly, they are still taking applications even though they pay at that rate. I can meet you there later today . . . PM me . .  .Does $20 an hour to bus tables sound like a lot of money—or maybe too much money? More than your part time or even full-time employees are making? Perhaps so—but more interesting to me is that they are still hiring in a town with moderate to higher unemployment levels and low overall wages compared to the national averages for financial institutions. (89% of the average to be exact) So is $20/hour actually high enough if they are still looking for more help? Will he quit and go to work at a financial institution for $12 an hour? Maybe after he graduates? Probably not, as this all-star athlete and student maintains the same “show me the money” mantra as many of his peers. It’s great to be at the age of perceived invincibility!It would seem the best scenario would be to have all full time employees with full benefits, as many companies with a sound compensation philosophy experience lower turnover with full time employees (part time employee turnover is almost three times higher, as noted by the Hay Group Study in an article published by Fortune in September of 2013 titled “How Costco Saves Taxpayers Money.”) Typically the full-time employees are career-minded and seek long-term, stable employment, especially during economic downturns as fear grips their hearts. Often the most marketable employees consider trading up for more compensation and benefits, as they believe and typically can find employment anywhere. If this is true, would all employee turnover be detrimental? Or only when we lose the “playmakers” on the team?Unfortunately most businesses do not have a constant and consistent rate of work coming in, especially businesses open to the public, as they are at the mercy of those they serve. Technology investments that theoretically increase efficiencies often compound the challenges. This makes the need for part- or peak-time employees paramount to some successful businesses, as the down time for full-time employees can be very costly if they are left to invent work on their own. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Do you know how to make the most of a merger?

first_imgMany credit unions are undertaking mergers these days to grow. In fact, an average of 300 mergers are completed in the credit union industry annually, plus many more opportunities are in discussion or in progress.Whether you’re in process on a merger or just thinking about one, the desired end game is the same: to ensure the resulting organization is not just bigger, but better, than either CU was on its own.How can credit unions make a bigger and better merged CU a consistent outcome of merger activity? Just as having a process aids decision-making, having knowledge of merger best practices and how to apply them can only boost success. That’s why CUES has partnered with the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business to offer Mergers & Acquisitions Institute, June 27-30, 2016.Besides that I’m a Chicago native and earned my MBA at Booth in 1993, I’m excited to see this school come to my hometown because of the world-class faculty at the University of Chicago. I believe they are eminently qualified to help credit union leaders turn merger theory into effective practice.Steve Morrissette, adjunct associate professor of strategic management, brings 25 years of real-world experience in mergers and acquisitions and banking, plus 10 years of research on M&A to the lecture hall. Marc Knez, clinical professor of strategic management, specializes in bridging the gap between academic research and applied decision-making. And, for added perspective, he’s currently on the board of directors of a financial institution.Morrissette and Knez will lead participants through a case-study based curriculum covering how to develop an analytical framework for integrating the various stages of an acquisition, estimate the real cost of a merger or acquisition, and implement a strategy for integration and restructuring. During the hands-on part of the course, you’ll create a profit and loss benchmark and positioning map as well as a strategy map.CUES’s mission is to provide outstanding professional development opportunities for credit union leaders. But our vision is that this learning will help leaders strengthen credit unions and our industry. Mergers & Acquisitions Institute will play an important role in bringing this vision to life. 82SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Pembroke Since joining CUES in March 2013, John Pembroke has played a leadership role in developing and launching a new direction in CUES’ strategy, branding and culture. Under his guidance, CUES … Web: Detailslast_img read more

FDA approves refrigerated form of FluMist

first_imgJan 9, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a refrigerated form of FluMist, the nasal-spray influenza vaccine, which should be more convenient for providers than the current formulation, MedImmune Inc. announced yesterday.FluMist, a live attenuated vaccine first approved in 2003, is currently approved for use in healthy children and adults from ages 5 to 49 years.The new formulation will allow healthcare providers to store the vaccine in a refrigerator rather than a freezer as now required, said Frank M. Malinoski, MD, PhD, senior vice president of medical and scientific affairs at MedImmune, based in Gaithersburg, Md.”We recognize that the frozen storage presented difficulties for some physician practices as well as for providers who administer vaccine in places like schools, pharmacies, and grocery stores, and we are confident that this improvement will enhance access to this important vaccine,” he said in a news release.The new FluMist formulation, known in clinical studies as cold adapted influenza vaccine trivalent (CAIV-T), will be available for the 2007-08 flu season. MedImmune said the frozen and refrigerated formulations are free of preservatives, including thimerosal.In July 2006 MedImmune asked the FDA to expand the age indication for the vaccine to children as young as 1 year who do not have a history of wheezing or asthma. If the FDA approves the request, MedImmune said, production of CAIV-T would be increased for the 2007-08 season. The company said it hopes to ship its first doses in time for physicians to begin vaccinating patients as early as August.Phase 3 trial results that MedImmune submitted to the FDA in 2006 showed that FluMist was 55% more effective than an injectable vaccine in children aged 6 months to about 5 years, according to the MedImmune release. FluMist was more effective against flu viruses both well-matched and poorly matched to the vaccine in the 2004-05 flu season.However, a study in the Dec 14, 2006, issue of the New England Journal of Medicine suggested that in adults, FluMist was less effective against type B influenza than the injected vaccine in the 2004-05 season. Both vaccines had similar efficacy against influenza A in adults.See also:Jan 8 MedImmune press releaseMay 17 CIDRAP News story “Study: FluMist works better than shots in kids under 5″Ohmit SE, Victor JC, Rotthoff JR, et al. Prevention of antigenically drifted influenza by inactivated and live attenuated vaccines. N Engl J Med 2006;355(24):2513-22 [Full text]last_img read more

In Jerusalem, Christians mark a sombre Easter

first_imgEggs on the table and a toy rabbit on the dresser — with a few decorations, Palestinian Christian Sawsan Bitar attempts to salvage some normality from an Easter overshadowed by coronavirus.In the Christian quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City that Bitar calls home, roads are deserted and most shops have been closed for two weeks.  All cultural sites in the Holy Land are shuttered, regardless of their religious affiliation, as authorities seek to forestall the spread of the deadly respiratory disease. Christians will be prevented from congregating for the Easter service, whether this coming Sunday — as in the case of Bitar and fellow Catholic worshippers — or a week later on April 19, in line with the Orthodox Easter.Despite wars and uprisings, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built on the site where Christians believe Jesus was crucified and resurrected, has not been closed over Easter for at least a century, according to Palestinian historian Johnny Mansour.Bitar, who is in her sixties, says it is “depressing” that she will not be able to celebrate Easter in church.Israel — which in 1967 occupied east Jerusalem and later annexed it — has confirmed over 9,700 coronavirus infections, with 79 dead from the respiratory disease.  On the Palestinian side, more than 250 cases have been confirmed, with one death.Jerusalem is usually the vibrant heart of global Easter celebrations.Last year, more than 25,000 people gathered near the Holy Sepulchre to attend Palm Sunday mass, which marks the start of the Easter week.This year, the cobbled streets of the Christian quarter were silent and its dozens of churches were empty for Palm Sunday on April 5.A lookalike of Jesus, with long hair, a white tunic and bare feet, praying with his bible on the steps of the church of the Sepulchre, cut a lonely figure. Behind the heavy wooden doors of this holiest of Christian places, there were only 15 members of the clergy in attendance, said Ibrahim Shomali, spokesman for the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem.Online mass “But despite the difficult circumstances, there can be positives,” Shomali told AFP.Streaming the mass direct online, 60,000 people watched, he said.This Sunday, Easter mass will be broadcast on television and on social networks. Only six monks will be present in the church, Shomali said.Watching the mass online will be the only way Francis Gharfah will celebrate Easter this year.A Palestinian from east Jerusalem, he left his usual decorations in their boxes and chose not to prepare traditional pastries.”The situation is dramatic,” he told AFP, saying he fears for his job at an NGO due to the virus.He was “very touched” by the images of Pope Francis celebrating Palm Sunday in an empty Saint Peter’s Basilica, accompanied only by a few religious men and women — each of them perched on separate benches.”People are thirsty for spirituality,” said Shomali, who finds great solace in a “return of faith” in this dark time.Bitar attempts to remain upbeat. “Everything happens for a reason. I hope that we will be different people, that we will appreciate things differently” once the coronavirus crisis ends.To mark this Easter, Bitar laid out a cloth printed with small yellow chicks and multi-coloured eggs at the entrance to her home.Her family has created an improvised photo studio, her daughter and grandchildren squeezing into pictures surrounded by a rabbit and flowers.But all the photos in the world will not be the same as attending church for Easter. “We live five minutes from the Holy Sepulchre and we cannot go there,” she said sadly. “It breaks my heart.”Topics :last_img read more

Indonesia must ratify nuclear weapons treaty to bolster global efforts

first_imgJakarta has yet to ratify the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) even after signing it three years ago, a fact that is not lost on Muhadi Sugiono, a campaigner for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).“Indonesia has always pushed for nuclear disarmament, but when there is an [option] to take concrete steps, the decision doesn’t come as quickly as its commitment,” the Gadjah Mada University lecturer told The Jakarta Post on Thursday.Muhadi suggested that Indonesia’s position as a nonpermanent member of the UN Security Council may have held back the country from ratifying the treaty or being more vocal in its stance on nuclear weapons, for fear that it would be denied support from other countries on the council. The five permanent members of the UNSC – the United States, China, France, the United Kingdom and Russia – are all nuclear weapons-wielding countries.But Muhadi insisted that ratification by Indonesia would help the cause move forward, as the treaty requires 50 signatories to bring it into force. Only 40 countries have so far ratified the agreement, even though 82 nations have signed the agreement. Indonesia should ratify a landmark United Nations treaty to consolidate its commitment to put an end to the use of nuclear weapons, a campaigner for a Nobel Prize-winning global cause demanded, as the world commemorated 75 years since the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.The world saw its last nuclear attack in Japan in 1945, when the United States dropped two atomic bombs on the two cities on Aug. 6 and 9, killing thousands of people in the span of three days.Despite having such a hard pill to swallow, a contemporary movement to rid the world of such weapons of mass destruction still lacks support from many countries, including Indonesia. Indonesia began earlier this month its presidency of the UNSC, the highest decision-making body of the UN, which is tasked with maintaining global peace and security and has the power to impose sanctions on all countries.Muhadi explained that the TPNW could be a vital tool to prevent another nuclear fallout, which not only kills but spreads deadly radiation and can conjure a nuclear winter – a period of abnormal temperature drops caused by a layer of smoke and dust in the atmosphere blocking the sun’s rays.“As long as nuclear weapons exist, there is no such thing as peace. We are still living under the shadow of nuclear weapons,” he said.Echoing a similar message, UN Secretary-General António Guterres warned on Thursday that “the only way to totally eliminate nuclear risk is to totally eliminate nuclear weapons”, as quoted by AFP in a video message commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing.Read also: Japan marks 75th anniversary of Hiroshima atomic bombingThe UN first voiced its rejection of nuclear weapons in 1946 when it called for the elimination of atomic weapons. The move was followed by the Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1968, which requires non-nuclear-weapon states to agree to never acquire nuclear weapons while nuclear-weapon states make a legal undertaking to disarm.Decades later, the UN adopted the TPNW, which prohibits nations from developing, testing, producing, acquiring, possessing, stockpiling, using or threatening to use nuclear weapons.The Indonesian Foreign Ministry’s director for international security and disarmament, Grata Endah Werdaningtyas, told the Post that the government has “rolled out a process toward a ratification of the treaty” through several “mechanisms and processes”, but made no mention of a timeline or conclusion.Grata said the government had done some stocktaking and was coordinating ministries and agencies to gauge discourse on the ratification of the treaty.“In general, there is positive support from various stakeholders at the national level, so that Indonesia can ratify the TPNW,” she said.“The Indonesian government will continue to commit to pushing for the Indonesian ratification process for the TPNW.”Indonesia’s disarmament diplomacy has seen it join 16 other countries under the Stockholm Initiative that aims for nuclear disarmament. It has also held leading roles in past high-level conferences on nuclear weapons.However, other government officials may not necessarily hold the same conviction.Read also: Time for nuclear power? Luhut tells tale of Indonesia ‘having it all’ .In February, Coordinating Maritime Affairs and Investment Minister Luhut Pandjaitan raised eyebrows when he said on the margins of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland that he was considering the possibility of a nuclear-powered Indonesia. It was unclear whether he was referring to nuclear arms or nuclear energy for electrification.“As a [former military] general, I also thought about Indonesia having nuclear power, but the President is still busy thinking of prosperity,” Luhut said at the time, referring to a conversation with an American general who was seemingly looking down on Indonesia. “I thought in my mind, maybe only if we had nuclear power it would scare you.”Topics :last_img read more

Gold Coast property’s stunning transformation hits the mark

first_img20 Park Ave, Broadbeach Waters is fresh to the market. Picture: rundown brick shack to floating masterpiece, this Gold Coast house looks like something from the future.Chris and Sandy Hawes are the masterminds behind the striking home at Broadbeach Waters that’s fresh to the market at $2.295 million. One of Sandy Hawes’ favourite features is the pool area. Picture:“It’s designed for a family and to have the kids’ friends come around and hang out,” she said.“I really like the pool area and the ‘wow factor’ when you first walk in and open the door.”Nick Jamieson of Belle Maison Realty Mermaid Beach is marketing the property. The bedroom has views of the water. Picture: The kitchen is a sight to behold. Picture: wood was used to create the timber screening on the second level that contributes to the floating look. “It’s from New Zealand and shipped to Holland where it’s treated and brought back to Australia,” Mrs Hawes said. “It’s an expensive timber that you don’t have to keep maintaining — it will just last.”The mother-of-four said the house was ultimately designed for easy living. No detail was spared in the build. Picture: pair, who runs Hawes Construction, have a knack of thinking outside the box and their latest build is no different. “We don’t stick to the traditional Gold Coast home as such — we like to build what we want but we do have in mind that we may resell and so we like to think about what the majority of people would want,” Mrs Hawes said.center_img The floating masterpiece at 20 Park Ave, Broadbeach Waters. Picture: Looking over the pool and back inside. Picture:“We’re always going through housing magazines, when we travel we see houses and hotels and often pick out different things like certain bathrooms.“My husband likes contemporary designs, straight lines and symmetrical designs whereas I’m a bit more flexible. “This house was more what he wanted but we are good at compromising.”More from news02:37Purchasers snap up every residence in the $40 million Siarn Palm Beach North2 hours ago02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa22 hours agoThe existing house at 20 Park Ave, Broadbeach Waters in 2013. Picture: CoreLogic.The couple bought the 771sq m block at 20 Park Ave for $675,000 in 2013 with a grand plan to knock down the existing house.“We enjoy knocking down and starting from scratch as you’ve got a clean slate and can have whatever you want,” she said. The centrepiece pool separates the living areas. Picture: enlisted Jayson Pate of Jayson Pate Design and got to work — they spent 10 months designing and building the four-bedroom residence.A media room, study, butler’s pantry, alfresco terrace with integrated barbecue kitchen, deck with arbour roof and centrepiece pool are among the luxury features.last_img read more

Kreuz deploys Glorious vessel to inspect ONGC’s offshore jackets

first_imgSubsea services business Kreuz Subsea and consortium partner Seamec have completed the mobilization of the Kreuz Glorious vessel to start a two-year project with India’s Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC).Announcing the mobilization of the vessel on Monday, Kreuz said that the scope of work includes the inspection of 27 offshore jackets in the Mumbai High North, Mumbai High South, Heera, Neelam and Bassien assets, located off the coast of Mumbai in the Arabian Sea.Kreuz noted that the construction work barge is specifically designed to work around complex jackets which are often inaccessible by more traditionally utilized DP2 diving vessels. The Kreuz Glorious has a 1,200m2 deck area, accommodation for 304 people, and an eight-point mooring system.The campaign will see 50 personnel from Kreuz supporting in project management roles as well as performing offshore construction tasks.In September 2018, the Government of India approved fiscal incentives to attract investments and technology to improve recovery from oil fields. This move is expected to lead hydrocarbon production worth more than $700 billion in the next 20 years, Kreuz said.AJ Jain, chief executive officer of Kreuz Subsea, commented: “While we have supported ONGC for several years as a subcontractor, this project marks the first direct contract we have secured with the company.”He added: “India has always been a key growth area for the business and with the recently approved government fiscal incentives expected to drive production, this provides ongoing prospects for global service providers like Kreuz Subsea.”It is worth mentioning that Kreuz Subsea in early 2018 was awarded a contract to mobilize five vessels to deliver subsea completion works for Indian multi-national conglomerate, Larsen & Toubro (L&T).last_img read more

IRS Scam Continues To Appear Locally

first_imgUpon investigation police found a Middle Eastern male had called the resident, advising he was with the Internal Revenue Service. He subsequently advised the resident that they were in violation of U.S. Law. Police said the male admitted it was a scam and he’d made contact from an international phone number. Police would like to warn residents not to answer phone calls from 301-812-4171. Police obtained the male’s phone number and contacted him. After a brief conversation, police said the male identified himself as Special Agent Eric Foster. Also, police urge residents not to provide any information to callers who claim to be with the IRS until they receive verification. Police would like to provide the correct, local IRS phone number, which is 412-395-5667.Click here for additional tips from Sgt. Kevin Turner with Greendale Police that can help in protecting against this type of scam. BATESVILLE – A local resident received a scary voicemail and after some research we were able to link the phone number with other scam reports across the country.The citizen said the voicemail was from a man identifying himself as Eric Foster, a representative from the IRS Criminal Enforcement division with a request she call back.The caller had a Middle Eastern accent and called from phone number (301) 812-4171.  That area code is associated with Maryland and Washington D.C.We’re told by the citizen that she did not call back and that appears to be a wise decision. View the similarities in our report and this article from Pennsylvania website – Lawrence Township police would like to warn the public about a phone scam after receiving a complaint from a resident.last_img read more

Man U recruit goalkeeper coach

first_imgRelatedPosts UEFA Nations League: Spain’s Gaya nets late goal to snatch draw with Germany ‘Strong’ De Gea under no extra pressure from Man U, says Solskjaer De Gea should save Chelsea’s second goal 100 times out of 100 – Solskjaer Manchester United have brought in Burnley goalkeeping coach Craig Mawson to work with David de Gea. The 40-year-old has been drafted in to replace Emilio Alvarez, who left earlier this year, and link up with United’s senior keeper coach Richard Hartis. De Gea has been under scrutiny recently after a couple of costly mistakes and has strong competition from Sergio Romero and Lee Grant, while Dean Henderson has been impressing on loan at Sheffield United. Mawson did not have the most distinguished career as a player, appearing predominantly for Morecambe, Halifax and Hereford United. However, he has developed a strong reputation for his coaching ability while working with Burnley’s academy. He won the FA’s goalkeeping coach of the year in 2015 and has been working with Sean Dyche’s first team also. Mawson watched United’s win over Burnley at the weekend and is linking up with his new club this week.Tags: Craig MawsonDavid De GeaEmilio AlvarezRichard HartisSergio Romerolast_img read more