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Martin Heuberger a new German NT coach – Brand after Brand

← Previous Story Davor Dominikovic in US Ivry Next Story → After 17 years Atletico Madrid plays handball! DHBMartin Heuberger DHB decided that a new coach of the National team become Martin Heuberger (47), who was assistant of Heiner Brand for a while. Heuberger has a lot of success with a Junior national team, winning one gold at the WC and two at the EURO competition.Despite media stories that big chances for overtaking German bench has Dagur Sigurdson or Velimir Petkovic, DHB decided to give a chance to Heuberger.  There is no doubt that influence on this decision has Heiner Brand, who will after 14 years take a job of the Manager in Federation.photo: DHB.DE

Womens OG 2012 Round 3 Korea took point against Norway

← Previous Story Men’s OG 2012 (Round 2 – Group A): Easy wins for Sweden and France! Next Story → End of SAGA: Laszlo Nagy in MKB Veszprem – NOW! In the Day 3 of the Women’s Olympic Tournament in London, handball fans will see this matches: Norway – Korea 27:27 (13:15) 11:15 Montenegro – Angola14:15 Sweden – France16:15 Great Britain – Brazil19:30 Spain – Denmark21:15 Russia – Croatia Korea VS Norway

GERMAN BLOG Michael Biegler is innocent

germanyhandball germanQatar 2015qatar 2015 handball The news that shock the handball world came three days ago from Zagreb where the IHF council made a decision to call Germany instead of Australia at the World Championship in Qatar. Rumours that Germans will be given the chance to access the Olympic Games in Rio, as a way for in the strongest European economy and richest handball market to keep attention to our sport, gave its confirmation even before the spring of 2016. Germany was given the “shortcut”, without depending on wins or losses, which is a precedent in the world of handball. As a precedent it is very dangerous, because if it becomes a habit, then handball will surely be kept on a distance from world’s biggest sports – basketball, football, volleyball and similar, in which such things are not possible.Germany is at the Qatar WC! How it got there, it’s hard to forget. Handball needs Germany, because of the world’s strongest league, army of fans from 7 to 77 and sponsors, but also Polish NT head-coach Michael Biegler needs to be relieved from the guilty of having murdered German handball, which followed him after the June playoffs, and German handball have to decide itself, what to do from now on. The status of handball’s “most hated nation” right now, which will be awaited with whistles and jeers, might change Germany’s national team players – to the better and to better results. As, for example, the German football players, that the whole world admires. If Germany wants to have any significance in international handball, and not including host-nation medals, Germans will have to solve some things in their own house.Amongst all, they will have to give chance to younger players to become stars – for which they have the potential. As long as German national teams that play in Kiel serve as, more or less, towel-bringers such as Dominik Klein and Tobias Reichmann before him, when not even one back from the two top clubs in Germany – THW Kiel or Rhein-Neckar Lowen does not have German passport, it is illusion to expect Germany to have world-class team. Someone needs to let know the top clubs that it is in their interest to make top players for the national team, because only that way in the total counts – from scores and popularity of handball – Germany can have use of it.For as long as the Golden juniors and cadets of the German handball are lost in the smaller clubs (usually second league) or have to go abroad to show their potential, there won’t be a serious national team of Germany. Is the solution to limit the number of foreign players – that’s best known to those who each January and June helplessly put hands on their head wondering of the scores…For a long time Germany had a problem with its’ stars, who lost the motivation to play for the national team (Pascal Hens for example). Often overvalued due to the success in 2007, these stars turned their back to the national team, from whose’ success made their money and status, often exaggerated in correlation to the real value. It seems, they only understood this year, how serious the situation is. No more success, no more money… The handball league pays the most quality coaches, had the weakest link in Martin Heuberger. Not even Heiner Brandt had a solution before him, and gave the “wheel” of the sinking ship to his assistant. The new coach has to be a name that inspires and gives the glimmer of hope for better tomorrow.Tomorrow which will mean that no one needs to be put on “breathing apparatus”. ← Previous Story Men’s U20 EURO 2014: Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Spain – favorites! Next Story → Christian Gaudin is new HSV head-coach! read more

HRK Izvidjac Ljubuski are new BIH champions

HRK Izvidjac Ljubuski 1.Izvidac5401151:13912 3.Vogosca5203143:1276 Bosnia and Herzegovina got the new handball rulers. After two years of RK Borac Banja Luka domination, the team with the strong tradition, HRK Izvidjač from Ljubuški, the small place where stars like Mirko Alilović or Denis Buntić were born, won the Championship race.That is the first national title for Ljubuški after 11 years, the fifth in club’s history.Izvidjač beat RK Vogošća 29:23 in the decisive match, while the old champions RK Borac Banja Luka beat Maglaj 40:27, but only for a chance to win the second place with an away victory in the last match of the season in Vogošća.STANDINGS: 4.Maglaj5113131:1684 2.Borac5212142:1337 ← Previous Story Dejan Manaskov to Rhein Neckar Lowen Next Story → TWO ANGLES of the last battle for Poland read more

Hergeirsson announces Norwegian squad for EHF EURO 2016

Norway handballThorir Hergeirsson ← Previous Story Lions beat Zagreb in thriller Next Story → Significant win of TATRAN over Medvedi in Chekhov Norwegian coach Thorir Hergeirsson announced squad for the upcoming European Championship in Sweden. The bronze medal winners at Olympic Games in Rio would like to stay at the TOP of the European handball after success in Croatia 2014.Norwegian squad:Goalkeepers:Kari Aalvik Grimsbø, Györi Audi ETO (født 04.01.85) (Kamper/Mål: 145/000)Silje Solberg, Issy Paris (16.06.90) (091/000)Players:Marit Malm Frafjord, Larvik HK (25.11.85) (186/367)Vilde Mortensen Ingstad, Team Esbjerg (18.12.94) (023/020)Nora Mørk, Györi Audi ETO (05.04.91) (085/391)Amanda Kurtovic, Larvik HK (25.07.91) (081/207)Stine Ruscetta Skogrand, Silkeborg (03.03.93) (035/063)Silje Waade, Byåsen Elite (20.03.94) (003/007)Kjerstin Boge Solaas, Tertnes Elite (31.12.97) (003/003)Marta Tomac, Våg Vipers (20.09.90) (022/025)Emilie Hegh Arntzen, Byåsen Elite (01.01.94) (042/040)Veronica E. Kristiansen, FC Midtjylland (10.07.90) (081/238)Stine Bredal Oftedal, Issy Paris (25.09.91) (123/258)Camilla Herrem, HC Vardar (08.10.86), 195/521)Sanna Solberg, Larvik HK (16.06.90) (084/147)Malin Aune, Oppsal IF (04.03.95) (011/010) read more

BOMB Fuchse Berlin sign Stipe Mandalinic

Fuchse BerlinPetar NenadicStipe Mandalinic ← Previous Story ROMANIA: Steaua beat Dinamo Bucuresti to overtake first place Next Story → Duenas takes Brazilian girls to WCh 2017 The TOP scorer of the VELUX EHF Champions League, Stipe Mandalinic, will be the new member of Fuchse Berlin starting from January 1, 2018! The 25-years old left back shooter from RK PPD Zagreb, signed six months contract with the German team with possibility to stay longer with Velimir Petkovic squad.Mandalinic has to become a replacement for Petar Nenadic, who will join Telekom Veszprem next winter.

GERMANY 2017 Polish girls win President Cup Romania 10th

← Previous Story Japan and South Korea lose extra-time battles Next Story → WORLD HANDBALL PLAYER 2017 – Arpad Sterbik! Here is the final placement of the Women’s World Championship 2017 in Germany.9. Serbia10. Romania11. Spain12. Germany13. Korea14. Slovenia15. Hungary16. Japan17. Poland18. Brazil19. Angola20. Cameroon21. Paraguay22. China23. Argentina24. Tunisia

Egypt looking for a new headcoach – Ragab resigns

Egypt now looking for a new head-coach of the Men’s national team. Marwan Ragab resigned after losing final match of the African Championship against Tunisia 24:26.Ragab was five years in charge of the most successful African handball nation. ← Previous Story Veszprem under pressure, Vranjes: We gonna run from now on Next Story → THW Kiel: Christian Zeitz suspended!

TOP 5 goals of EHF Champions League 20182019 Round 6

EHF Champions League 2018/2019 Here is the TOP 5 goals of the VELUX EHF Champions League 2018/2019 Round 6.Enjoy…PHOTO: Jozo Cabraja ← Previous Story Barca routine success against poor Kielce defense Next Story → WOMEN’S EHF CL: Rostov Don and Brest Bretagne join Gyor at TOP 12

A perfect operation Costa Concordia pulled upright off Italian coast overnight PICS

first_imgThe Costa Concordia is seen after it was lifted uprightENGINEERS HAVE DECLARED success after the Costa Concordia cruise ship was pulled completely upright during a complicated, 19-hour operation to wrench it from its side where it capsized last year off Tuscany, an unprecedented feat that sets the stage for it to be towed away next year.The submerged side of the Concordia suffered significant damage during 20 months bearing the weight of the ship and the operation to right it, officials said. That damage must be repaired to stabilise the ship so it can be towed and turned into scrap.Shortly after 4 am, a foghorn wailed off Giglio Island and the head of Italy’s Civil Protection agency, Franco Gabrielli, announced that the ship had reached vertical and that the operation to rotate it — known in nautical terms as parbuckling — was complete.“We completed the parbuckling operation a few minutes ago the way we thought it would happen and the way we hoped it would happen,” said Franco Porcellacchia, project manager for the Concordia’s owner, Costa Crociere SpA.“A perfect operation, I must say,” with no environmental spill detected so far, he said.Applause rang out among firefighters in the tent where the project engineers made the announcement.An hour later, Nick Sloane, the South African chief salvage master, received a hero’s welcome as he came ashore from the barge that had served as the floating command control room for the operation.“Brilliant! Perfetto,” Sloane said, using some of the Italian he has learned over the past year on Giglio preparing for the operation. “It was a struggle, a bit of a roller coaster. But for the whole team it was fantastic.”The Concordia slammed into a reef off Giglio Island on 13 January, 2012, after the captain brought it too close to shore. The cruise ship drifted, listed and capsized just off the island’s port, killing 32 people. Two bodies were never recovered.The operation to right it had been expected to take no more than 12 hours, but dragged on after some initial delays and maintenance on the vast system of steel cables, pulleys and counterweights that were used to roll the 115,000-ton, half-submerged carcass of steel upright.The final phase of the rotation went remarkably fast as gravity began to kick in and pull the ship toward its normal vertical position. Parbuckling is a standard operation to right capsized ships. But never before had it been used on such a huge cruise liner.The Concordia is expected to be floated away from Giglio in the spring and turned into scrap. The aim was to right it intact, to prevent the leakage of potentially toxic waste into the pristine waters around Giglio, which is located in a marine sanctuary.Sloane said an initial inspection of the starboard side, covered in brown slime from its 20 months underwater perched on a jagged reef, indicated serious damage that must be fixed in the coming weeks and months. The damage he said was caused by the capsizing, bearing 20 months of the ship’s weight and the operation to rotate the ship.“We have to do a really detailed inspection of the damage,” to determine how to shore it up so it can withstand towing. But Sloane seemed confident: “She was strong enough to come up like this, she’s strong enough to be towed.”The starboard side of the ship, which was raised 65 degrees in the operation, must be stabilized to enable crews to attach empty tanks on the side that will later be used to help float the vessel away.Such tanks were affixed to the exposed, port side of the ship and were filled with water in the later phases of the rotation to help pull the port side down.The ship must be made strong enough to withstand the winter storm season, when high seas and gusts will likely buffet the 300-meter (1,000-foot) long liner.Helping the Concordia to weather the winter and stabilise it is an artificial platform on the seabed that was constructed to support the ship’s flat keel.About an hour before the rotation was complete, observers said the ship seemed to suddenly settle down upon its new perch, with a clear brown-green line of algae drawn across its front delineating the half of the liner that had been underwater and the half that was exposed.Mayor Sergio Ortelli said the island felt a wave of relief as soon as the Concordia was freed from the reef in the initial hours of the operation. But he said there was also the realisation that two bodies still have yet to be found, with a fresh search to be launched now that the ship is upright.“While there is happiness today, there is no triumphalism,” he told The Associated Press.The Concordia’s captain is on trial for alleged manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and abandoning the ship during the chaotic and delayed evacuation.Captain Francesco Schettino claims the reef wasn’t on the nautical charts for the liner’s weeklong Mediterranean cruise.Five other Costa employees were convicted of manslaughter in a plea bargain and were sentenced to less than three years apiece.Pics: AP Photo/Andrew MedichinYESTERDAY: Storm delays huge operation to raise Costa Concordialast_img read more

Ryanair female bishops and obese kids The week in numbers

first_imgEVERY WEEK, TheJournal.ie offers a selection of statistics and numerical nuggets to help you digest the week that has just passed.0 – The number of 1c and 2c coins being used in Wexford town as part of a Central Bank trial to see if Ireland should phase out the use of the tiny coins.0.4 – The percentage by which Ireland’s economy grew in the second quarter of this year, meaning that Ireland has technically emerged from recession this week.1 – The number of women bishops in Ireland, after the Church of Ireland appointed Reverend Pat Storey to oversee Meath and Kildare.19 – The number of hours it took to pull the submerged Costa Concordia upright during a complicated operation off the coast of Italy earlier this week. The ship will be towed away next year.25 – The percentage of three-year-olds in Ireland who are overweight or obese, according to the Growing Up in Ireland study.43 – The number of years that three teenagers had been missing from an Oklahoma town before their bodies were discovered in a submerged car in a lake on Tuesday. The three friends had disappeared after heading to a school football game.60 – The height in feet of a big yellow duck which is currently harboured in a er, harbour in Taiwan. The bath-toy replica will be on display for a month.62 – The number of years since Mayo won the All-Ireland Football Final. The team will be hoping to overcome Dublin – who last won in 2011 – in tomorrow’s final.63 – The percentage of secondary school teachers in the ASTI who voted in favour of rejecting the Haddington Road agreement on Friday, sparking the likelihood of industrial action at schools.79 – The percentage of people in Ireland who are against supporting military intervention in Syria, according to a Red C poll.188 – The amount in euros that Ryanair are to refund Dr Muhammad Taufiq Al Sattar after the Dublin-based neurosurgeon was told he would have to pay extra to switch flights during the week. He was flying to England after his wife and three sons were killed in a house fire.1,000,000,000 – The amount of money in euros the Government is hoping to get from the sale of Bord Gais Energy, which is due to be confirmed in the next three months. The money will be used to pay down debt and for job creation measures.Want more? Check out our previous ‘In numbers’ pieces >last_img read more

Getting engaged This pink diamond ring is being auctioned at over €40m

first_imgHOPING YOUR OTHER half will pop the question soon. Well, you might want to drop some hints that there is a little auction taking place in Switzerland this November.This 59.60-carat pink internally flawless diamond is estimated to raise more than $60 million (€43,465,000).The Pink StarThe “Pink Star” is the most valuable diamond offered at auction. If it sells it will be a record price for any gemstone so far at auction,” David Bennett, chairman of Sotheby’s jewelry division in Europe and the Middle East, told Reuters.Reuters reports that the “Pink Star” was “cut and polished from a 132.5 carat rough diamond mined by De Beers somewhere in Africa in 1999, according to Sotheby’s, which said it had no information on the exact geographic origin”.Current ownerIt was first sold in 2007 and the current owner remains anonymous.This pink diamond ring is being auctioned by Sotheby’s in Geneva on November 13th.last_img read more

Holles Street Master breaks silence on topups says she was personally vilified

first_imgUpdated 11.10pmTHE MASTER OF the National Maternity Hospital Rhona Mahony has issued a statement aimed at clarifying her pay.Rhona Mahony has been the subject of intense scrutiny after newspapers earlier this week claimed she had received a €45,000 top-up to her €236,000 salary.Mahony hit back at those suggestions, saying she owed it to her family, her employers, patients and those who contribute to the hospital to clear up the matter.She says that the €45,000 were professional fees.“My remuneration as Master is strictly in line with the contract I have with the National Maternity Hospital and is exactly in compliance with public service pay requirements for my position.As a consultant obstetrician my contract allows me to provide clinical care to private patients, as is the case with all consultants in the Irish health service who have the same consultant contract as myself. She says that the €45,000 she received were professional fees and that private care is essential to the health system.“The existence of this income has been reported to the HSE in May 2012 as part of a routine confidential internal audit carried out by the HSE.To be absolutely clear, I have never received any additional remuneration from the health service or any other source, including fundraising and charitable donations.Mahony, who has been Master of the hospital since the start of 2012, says that the reaction to the story is “unwarranted”.I have been personally vilified over the last few days. This has been utterly unwarranted.Though Mahony’s statement came in a personal capacity, the National Maternity Hospital says that it is fully compliant with the public sector pay cap.The hospital’s board also defended Mahony in a statement.“No payments are made to NMH personnel from any funds raised or received as donations to the NMH or the NMH Foundation. The Board confirms that all funds so raised go directly to purchase necessary medical equipment, not provided for by allocated state funding, in order to maintain safe standards for the 9,000 babies born annually at NMH.“The Board of the NMH acknowledges the need for Dr. Mahony to issue a personal statement today in view of the unfounded and unwarranted personal attacks in the media in recent days. The Board fully endorses her statement.”Originally published 2.11pmRead: “Don’t punish sick kids” – charity warns hospitals still need help, despite top-up furoreRead: “Because I’m worth it’ culture is still alive and well’: HSE to be grilled over top-up paymentslast_img read more

VIDEO Your weekend movies scifi geeks and tanned magicians

first_imgCinema trip this weekend? TheJournal.ie brings you snippets from new releases to help you decide where to put your money…Earthbound(RippleWorldPictuers/YouTube)For fans of: Geeky sci-fi, alien encountersAvoid if: You’d rather not worry about being an alienWhat happens when you think you’re an alien? Rafe Spall plays a sci-fi fan called Joe Norman who believes he’s from outer space, but is having a tough time convincing those close to him. Is it all just fantasy though, or is there more to Joe’s claim? Filmed in Ireland, you can find out more about the film here (including Joe’s thoughts about planet Earth).RottenTomatoes.com: No reviews yet RottenTomatoes.com critics rating: 85 per cent Audience rating: 97 per cent want to seeThe Incredible Burt Wonderstone(MovieclipsCOMINGSOON/YouTube)Steves Carrell and Buscemi play perma-tanned magicians (Burt Wonderstone and Anton Marvelton, respectively) whose career is going down the pan. Jim Carrey,  meanwhile, plays their nemesis, the long-haired, buff and hip musician, who the oldies try to outdo on the magic circuit. We suspect this movie is Carrey’s. Maniac(HorrorTrailerAddict/YouTube)For fans of: Murder, blood, slasher flicksAvoid if: You prefer FrodoBut… but I thought Elijah Wood was innocent and sweet? Wrong. In this movie he plays a crazy serial killer (hence the name), who gets his kicks murdering young women. Frodo fan? Avoid. Horror fan? You’ll enjoy this one.center_img RottenTomatoes.com critic rating: 46 per cent. Audience rating 98 per cent want to seelast_img read more

Spurs battle to claim crucial point against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge

first_imgYouTube: VideoFootballHD3The Togo striker picked the ball up inside his own half, turned and ran at the Chelsea defence. Adebayor grew in confidence as they continued to back off and from outside the penalty area curled a shot past Petr Cech and into the top corner.Ramires fired Chelsea back into lead five minutes before half-time after excellent work from Torres for the hosts. The Spaniard drifted past a couple of challenges on the right-hand side before playing a neat pass behind the Tottenham defence, Ramires raced through the gap between the two central defenders to meet the ball and fired first time beyond Hugo Lloris.The hosts came out for the second-half keen to secure the points as quickly as possible but Tottenham defended resolutely and threatened themselves. On the hour mark as the visitors struggled to create a chance from a corner, Chelsea broke on the counter attack with Mata.He was caught by Kyle Walker but played a pass into the unmarked Ramires who looked certain to score, however he slipped at the crucial moment and the chance was gone.Andre Villas-Boas made changes late in the game and with 10 minutes to play one of those substitutes, Sigurdsson, brought Tottenham level.Benoit Assou-Ekotto played a ball into Adebayor, the striker produced a sumptuous backheel to find Sigurdsson and he fired beyond Cech into the far corner to earn the visitors a point.Remember betting on all these guys to be the next United boss over the past 10 years?Manchester United fans fear for future, says supporters group chief A LATE GYLFI Sigurdsson equaliser earned Tottenham a crucial point in the race for a top-four finish with a 2-2 draw with Chelsea tonight.The hosts grabbed an early lead through their young Brazilian Oscar as he met a Gary Cahill header at the back post.A wonder goal from Emmanuel Adebayor brought Tottenham level but sloppy defending just before half-time allowed Ramires to score his fifth league goal of the season. Chelsea looked on course to seal the win but with 10 minutes remaining substitute Sigurdsson finished smartly to earn a share of the points.With fourth place in the Premier League up for grabs, the game began at a frantic pace with Tottenham looking to use the pace of Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon on either wing to stretch the Chelsea defence.However, from an 11th-minute Juan Mata corner, Chelsea took the lead through Oscar. Cahill rose above the Tottenham defence to meet the Spaniard’s delivery, his header flew towards goal and an unmarked Oscar pounced at the back post to head home his 12th goal of the season.The visitors had struggled to get into the game but midway through the first-half a fantastic run and finish from Adebayor brought them level.last_img read more

Why do soft drinks cost more than beer in Irish pubs

first_imgIF YOU’RE A non-drinker or have ever been on anti-biotics, had kids in a pub or been a designated driver, you may have baulked at the price of soft drinks in Irish pubs.The national average price for beer is €4.67, but filling a pint glass with fizzy orange can cost upwards of a fiver, with plenty of space for ice.A report of tonight’s Consumer Show on RTÉ One (8.30pm) looks at the disparity in pricing between the two drinks.The report calculated that the average mark up for publicans is 98 per cent on a pint of lager but it’s a much heftier 407 per cent on a 200ml bottle of soft drinks.Fionnuala Sheehan from MEAS (Mature Enjoyment of Alcohol in Society) says that the pricing of soft drinks affects drinking patterns.“Our message to consumers is about thinking about the amount that they drink and slowing down then the pace at which they drink that alcohol. And the ways you can do that is by interspersing your alcoholic drinks with water or with soft drinks or non-alcoholic cocktails.“We would be keen that there would be a good choice offered to the consumer and they wouldn’t feel that the pricing of soft drinks is a disincentive to them.” Source: RTÉ – Ireland’s National Television and Radio Broadcaster/YouTubeSo, why the difference? It seems nobody really knows.The Vintners Federation of Ireland, the trade body representing most pubs in Ireland, said its members offer a variety of options to consumers and a wide range of prices starting at €1.80 for a pub standard bottle.Chief Executive Padraig Cribben said: “The consumer will make their choice as to what is good value for them and what is not.“What’s really important for the consumer is the experience and the consumer is a lot more discerning about the quality of the experience than the actual prices being charged.”Publican Gillian Prendergast from Murphy’s in Rathmines, agreed that prices across the pub trade are too high.“I can understand why (publicans) charge what they charge, because there are huge operating costs in running a pub. But on the other side if you are a customer coming into a pub to have a soft drink, or for example a rock shandy which can cost €5, it is very expensive.”Read: Buckfast is going to be sold in cans for the first time*Read: This is what €850,000 worth of tobacco and 60 litres of un-distilled alcohol looks likelast_img read more

Good news as autism help dog found alive and well

first_imgAFTER A TENSE 24-hour search, autism assistance dog Darcy has been found in Ennis.The good news comes after a major panic among the dog’s owners and charity group Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland.The black Labrador became separated from his family while out on a walk yesterday morning and could not be found anywhere during the day, despite an extensive search.Ennis dog warden Frankie stayed up overnight to continue the operation and Darcy was eventually found in an abandoned house in the area. He is said to be doing well and is not injured.“He was spooked by something and charged off,” explained owner Miriam Coptu, who was delighted that the family dog was en route to their home as she spoke to TheJournal.ie.Darcy came to live with them last August and has made a dramatic difference to the daily life of her eight-year-old daughter.Sadia lives with autism and is non-verbal.“She has come along a lot since Darcy,” explains Miriam. “He interacts with her. She communicates with him in her own way. She now has two-word sentences such as ‘Come inside’ and ‘Darcy Jump’.“It is amazing to see these things. He is a big part of our lives now.”Darcy will be taken to the vet for a full checkup but first he will be reunited with Sadia.What is an autism assistance dog?Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland provides highly-trained assistance dogs to children with autism free of charge. The charity was established in 2010 and relies on volunteer trainers and fundraisers.When a puppy is born, it is placed with a volunteer family which cares for it in their home for the first year. It is taken to places that it needs to be able to deal with when it becomes an assistance dog and gets used to wearing a red worker’s jacket. When it is about one, it is returned to the organisation for formal training with assistance dog trainer Nuala Geraghty for four to five months.“Their role is mainly about the safety of the child,” Geraghty told TheJournal.ie. “The child wears a belt, which is attached to the jacket of the dog. Often, children with autism have no sense of danger and can bolt across roads etc. This keeps them safe and allows parents to relax, giving the child some independence.“They make going outside a much more relaxing event. Life is more stressful and families often stop going out as a unit. This maintains safety and reduces anxiety.”As well as the more practical role, assistance dogs also become a friend to the child with autism.“They are a source of comfort,” continued Geraghty. “A constant friend in a home environment. A lot of the time, these children might not have friends.”Learn more about Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland here. Ray Charles is the blind golden retriever you’re about to fall in love withlast_img read more

We need your help to save my boy father of child who

first_imgRead: Terminally ill teenager reaches goal of raising £1 million for cancer charity>Read: #NoMakeupSelfie donations double overnight to over €475k> GAVIN GLYNN IS a 4-year-old boy from Greystones who needs life saving cancer treatment in America.He was diagnosed with cancer at just 17 months and has battled the illness for almost three years.His family were recently told that there are no more treatment options in Ireland.Gavin’s last hope is to travel to Texas for the pioneering surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center.Gavins father John Glynn explained how there’s no other option for his son: “Our last chance is to travel to Texas for treatment.”His family are trying to raise the €350,000 that the treatment will cost.John said that “luckily Gavin likes airplanes and can’t wait to take off in a jumbo jet.We need your help to get there, we need your help to save my boy. Source: Thinkhouse/YouTubeA text line has been set up where you can donate €4 by texting Gavin to 50300 and a selfie campaign where you take a pic with your children with the hashtag #myboy.You can also donate to Gavin’s fund by going to this page. #myboy text gavin to 50300 and donate €4 to this amazing little boy!!!! pic.twitter.com/VOlo88FaFN— Sarah Messitt (@sarahmessitt) June 17, 2014 Source: Sarah Messitt/Twitterlast_img read more

American Apparel apologises for mistaking image of Challenger disaster for clouds

first_img The original picture of the tragedy. Source: dullhunk via Creative CommonsIn a tweeted statement, American Apparel blamed the mishap on an employee who “was born after the tragedy and was unaware of the event”.“The image was re-blogged in error by one of our international social media employees.” Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet The offending artwork, an edited image of a NASA shot of the disaster, posted by Tumblr user plzstic. Source: Original: Duncan Hall via Flickr/Creative CommonsAMERICAN APPAREL HAS apologised for posting a stylised image of the 1986 Challenger Disaster, confusing it with clouds.The fashion giant sparked outrage after it reblogged the image on its Tumblr page with the hashtags “smoke” and “clouds”.Seven people died when the space shuttle Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its flight after a seal on a booster rocket failed.The disaster grounded the entire space shuttle fleet for several years.center_img The struggling label recently fired its founder and chief executive as part of an “investigation into alleged misconduct”.Canadian Dov Charney has been suspended and will be let go in the next 30 days, the company said in a statement.Charney, who was known for sometimes walking around his factories in his underpants, has been accused of sexual harassment by several of his own employees.Read: Struggling label American Apparel has fired its founder and CEO over allegations of misconduct >last_img read more

Second Ebola death confirmed in Nigeria as Spain plans evacuation of sick

first_imgHere’s everything we know about the ‘secret serum’ used to treat an American with Ebola > Meanwhile, Spanish authorities are preparing to evacuate a Spanish missionary who has been diagnosed with the highly contagious disease.The Spanish government said today that it will send an air force plane to Liberia to evacuate a 75-year-old Catholic priest for treatment back in Spain. However, Spain’s health ministry said earlier today that no decision had been made on where the priest would be treated.The US recently brought two Americans who were infected with Ebola while caring for patients in Liberia back to the US for quarantined treatment under the supervision of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.The organisation has stressed that bringing the two patients into the US does not pose any threat to public health in America:- Additional reporting by the AFPRead: World Bank pledges $200 million to help fight Ebola >Video: What exactly is the Ebola virus? > NIGERIAN HEALTH OFFICIALS today confirmed five new cases of Ebola in Lagos and a second death from the virus.The latest confirmation beings the total number of Ebola cases in Nigeria to seven.Since the latest outbreak of the disease in March, almost 900 people have died and over 1,600 people have been infected in West Africa.Health minister Onyebuchi Chukw said that “all the Nigerians diagnosed with EBV were primary contacts” of Patrick Sawyer, who worked for Liberia’s finance ministry and recently died from the disease.Sawyer contracted the disease from his sister, who he cared for during her illness, before travelling to Nigeria for work. He died in quarantine on 25 July and medical staff who had contact with him have been either quarantined or placed under medical supervision. Source: WHO/Twittercenter_img There is no evidence base that #homeopathy can cure #Ebola. Severely ill patients require intensive supportive care http://t.co/itpATExjBk— World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) July 31, 2014 There is no vaccine or cure for Ebola, but the latest outbreak has increased pressure to develop a treatment or a vaccination. The World Health Organisation has emphasised that homeopathy cannot cure the viral disease, which first appeared in the 1970s and has a case fatality rate of up to 90%.last_img read more